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RUSH: The Rush Revere Time-Travel Adventures with Exceptional Americans series, we’re up to book five now, and for the past — I think it’s the last couple of years on the New York Times best-seller list each individual book was not rated, not ranked, because it was part of a series, and we were not the only ones so categorized. Any other series in the children’s or young adults category that was part of a series, the whole series was tabulated but not individual books. The reason for that goes back to Harry Potter.

The Harry Potter books just dominated everything when they came out, and there was a time where every Harry Potter book occupied a spot in the top 10, so the New York Times decided to consolidate all of these into a series. So there was the Harry Potter series, the Rush Revere series, the wacky kid series, whatever the series was. And I was just informed yesterday that the New York Times has changed again, and they have gone back to listing individual titles in their top 10 in what’s called the children’s best-seller’s list.

I need to specify, these are not children’s books per se. These are hardcover novels. They’re not picture books. They’re not coloring books. They are actual substantive historical novels that have as their purpose the teaching of the truth of the founding of the United States of America to do battle with what’s occurring in the public schools. You know, the greatest illustration that I can think of of where that’s gone wrong is nobody knows what the Electoral College is for.

We had a call yesterday, very nice woman who has four kids, one of them a Millennial, the oldest was a Millennial, and they just couldn’t understand what the Electoral College was for. To them the popular vote should determine the winner of every election, not just the president but every election. And the fact that it doesn’t determine the winner of the presidential election, there was nothing she could tell them. She tried everything to explain the Electoral College to them but she couldn’t convince them so she called me to ask two things.

She wanted to know why in the presidential election in every state we can’t apportion states like we do during primaries. I told her the answer to that, and then I gave her some helpful behinds in explaining to her children why the Electoral College was a brilliant construction. Now, it’s not taught. The founding of this country isn’t taught. American history for real is not taught. It has been is replaced by a multicultural curriculum. And the primary textbook used in American history today, in high school especially, is written by a Marxist by the name of Howard Zinn.

It really is criminal what American history has become in the public school system all over, kindergarten on up. And the proof of this is how few people understand the Electoral College. And the reason they misunderstand or don’t even know the Electoral College is because they don’t know — you’re gonna laugh — they don’t know that the United States is not a democracy. If you don’t know that, if you can’t understand why the U.S. is not a democracy, you will never understand the Electoral College. If you think the United States is structured so that in every vote the majority rules, and that’s what a democracy is, you’ll never understand the Electoral College.

Well, even though we haven’t written about the Electoral College yet in the Rush Revere series, we are tackling the actual history of the United States and the founders, and we started with the Pilgrims. And the most recent book, Rush Revere and the Presidency, is about the first presidency, and that’s George Washington and how that all came to be after the Revolutionary War, after the Declaration of Independence.

Because what’s taught now in schools is the United States is guilty of things. The United States is guilty of discrimination. It’s guilty of persecution, guilty of racism, sexism. The history curriculum does not teach the virtues of America, does not teach the greatness of America because it doesn’t assume that there is much. It instructs young people with what’s wrong with their country from the viewpoint of people who don’t like America to begin with.

And that’s why we’re doing the Rush Revere Time-Travel Adventures with Exceptional Americans series. The fifth book just hit on November 27th or 24th, I forget which. We had a record number of pre-orders, and now it’s flowing, flying off the shelves. And we learn the New York Times is ranking the books now once again individually. And I got a note yesterday from Mitchell Ivers, the publisher who informed me that we’re gonna debut at number four. Debut, for those of you in Rio Linda. We’re gonna debut at number four with this book.

But what happens here with each release of a Rush Revere book, the previous books all start selling again. The Brave Pilgrims, the first book. As usual, there’s a bunch of Harry Potter books in front of us. So debuting at number four here with virtually no mention of it except here on this program. I mean, it’s all you people. And I can’t tell you how thankful we are. Because this is a labor of love for us combined with a deep commitment to do what we can to get the truth of this country’s founding and the greatness of this country into the minds of as many young people as we can.

And this book, as I say, these books are not written for five-year-olds or six-year-olds. We even have adults, parents and grandparents who read these books with their kids who tell us they’re learning things they didn’t know because of what they were taught, things they were taught. So it’s a golden opportunity for us, and we’ve just had such success with these books. And as you know, I don’t do signings, and I don’t promote the book on other programs, go on TV. It’s just here that I talk about it. You all make it all happen. I just needed to take some time here to once again thank you so much. For those of you new and tuning in who may not even know about this, I wanted to alert you to it. But for those of you who are regular members of the audience, I wanted to again thank you for what you are making happen, making our effort successful.

We donate all kinds of books to homeschool groups. We donate ’em to public libraries. We’re doing everything we can to get this book as widely distributed as we can so as to counter the drivel that passes for American history today. And this whole Electoral College confusion, you can trace it directly to how American history is taught and how it is misunderstood. How the entire electoral process is misunderstood and how so many people don’t even know what a republic is versus a democracy. They really think a democracy is majority rule and that’s what we have here, that democracy is morality, and it isn’t.

One of greatest illustrations, you want pure democracy, try this. We have a group of people. We have four — it’s gonna be an extreme example, but this is how people remember. You have seven people in a room. Four men, three women. One of the men raises his hand, “I submit that we all have sex with the women.” Put it up for vote. The three women say no, the four men say yes, guess what happens? In a democracy, the women submit. They lost.

Well, obviously, that’s not what we have here. We do not have a democracy in that sense. Democracy pure majority rule. We have protections against such tyranny, which is what that is, Democratic tyranny. You can have tyranny with democracy. That’s why the founding of this country and the assembly of it is so, so brilliant, but it’s not taught, and we are attempting to do so with the Rush Revere Time-Travel Adventures with Exceptional Americans and of course RushLimbaugh.com.

Let me grab the cover of the book. Here’s the cover of the new book. I never even think to do that. I’m trying to get it shining there in the light. Rush Revere and the Presidency. Now, these books, for those of you new, the history in these books, we have a talking horse that time travels. Rush Revere — me — I’m a substitute teacher. It’s my horse. We can time travel anywhere we want in American history. The horse has that magic.

So in this book, one of the kids, one of the students in the history class is running for class president, for all the wrong reasons. He wants to be cool, wants to be hip, wants to be popular, and Rush Revere — me — recognizes the problem. And so we time travel back and have the presidency explained by George Washington. So we take the historical event of Washington’s presidency, and we explain it by taking the reader right to it and immersing the reader in the event to make it interesting, to make it real and then relate it to modern day in terms of class president, the vehicle that we chose.

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