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RUSH: Here’s Major Garrett CBS This Morning talking about Trump’s Carrier deal and how it’s eclipsing things.

GARRETT: Carrier gives the president-elect an economic victory in the heartland, one that aides say is likely to eclipse all speculation, fevered and otherwise, about future cabinet picks and the scrutiny of not-so-populist cabinet secretaries nominated so far.

RUSH: All right, fine. I have to address this. Trump supposedly is violating promises he made by not selecting populist cabinet members? Has Trump ever called himself a populist? Who has? He never has. Whose calling him a populist? Well, not just the Drive-Bys. But some of the Never Trumpers are calling him a populist, and they’re using it derisively. And so now Trump is picking people that a lot of Republicans might pick for their cabinet and all of a sudden Trump is a traitor?

You people, Trump’s supporters do not see it the way — I’m amazed that professional journalists and observers still do not understand who it is that makes up the Trump support base and what it is they like about him. They think it’s all a bunch of populists, a bunch of alt-righters who are demanding fellow populists everywhere in the cabinet? It’s their imagination. Trump’s never said anything like that. He’s always said he’s gonna have killer people in his cabinet, and that’s what he’s doing, economic killer people.


RUSH: One thing here before we get back to the phones on business. There’s a new poll out today from Gallup: “U.S. Economic Confidence Highest in Nine Years.” And, by the way, it’s the highest since Gallup has been polling this. A lot of other people have been polling consumer confidence longer than Gallup, but Gallup’s nine years, and this is the highest in their history. From the article: “Americans expressed more positivity about the U.S. economy last week than they have at any other time during the nine years that Gallup has been tracking the U.S. Economic Confidence Index.

“Americans’ confidence in the economy recently shifted from negative to positive territory after Donald Trump was elected president three weeks ago.” As far as Trump’s cabinet’s concerned, he’s picking experts. He’s picking successful people. Obama has picked amateurs! He has picked theoreticians, people that hang around sipping whisky at four o’clock in the afternoon, adult beverages in the faculty lounge wringing they are hands over how stupid everybody outside the faculty lounge is.

Not one person in Obama’s cabinet has ever had a job outside of the academy or a think tank or in Washington, and that’s not an exaggeration. Not one person. And, by the way, what theories do they have? What theories do the Obama cabinet have? Well, the American private sector is unfair, unjust, and immoral because it’s got corporations in it who kill their customers, who rape people on price and so forth and so these people come out and “level playing field.” All Obama has is a bunch of punishers at his Department of Justice, people like Lois Lerner at the IRS.

But this business about populism is so instructive. You must understand things going in, if you want to understand my explanation here. First thing: Populism = Evil to the people accusing Trump of being one. Populism is bad. Populism is idiots running the show! Populism is not conservatism, it’s not liberalism. It’s a made up of selfish people economically, and it’s bad. Populism is really, really bad — and Trump is a populist, ’cause he’s not a conservative, he’s not a liberal, and there are a lot of conservatives who do not want populism confused with conservatism at all.

And they’re right; it isn’t conservatism.

So here come these critics who still haven’t figured out who Trump’s support base is. They still don’t know why these people support Trump, and the reason they don’t is they are part of the problem, and they do not think they are the problem. They remain smartest people in the world, in their minds. The media, theoreticians at think tanks and in the academy. They have this contemptible air of superiority about them, and in circumstances like this one when they lose elections, it’s like Obama. It’s not him, it’s Fox News!

And to his cabinet or other theoreticians, it’s not them; it’s the stupidity of the American people for falling for a scam artist like Trump. And in fact what’s happened here is that the actual policies of all of these theoreticians and academicians is just been obliterated. The entire Democrat Party agenda, led by Barack Obama specifically, has been sent packing. Look, the Obama administration are running around now and the Democrats — you can see some of their strategists on TV — wringing their hands over, “How in the world did we lose the white working class voters? Oh, my God!”

Well, they did it on purpose! The Washington Post columnist in November of 2011 gave up the ghost. He wrote an article, a column that ran in the Washington Post — Thomas B. Edsall — and he explained how the Democrat Party, the Obama administration had decided, strategically, to abandon the white working class in favor of a giant constituency made up of every minority group they could think of. Gays, lesbians, transgenders, one-armed amputees in Soho, you name it. Whatever the minority group was, they were gonna go for it and to hell with the white working class.

You know why? I’ll give you three guesses. Racism, racism, racism. They’re engaging in racism. Resentment, resentment, resentment. Who’s responsible for the state of this country, in their minds? The white working class! The white working class is where the bigotry is, it’s where the racism is, sexism. To hell with them. So Obama and the Democrats decided, screw ’em. Who do you think the bitter clingers are? Who do you think Obama’s talking about when he talks about the bitter clingers?

When things aren’t going well they grab their Bibles, they grab their guns, and they grab their Jack Daniels! Who’s he talking about? Who’s Hillary talking about when she talks about the nation of deplorables? And now the Democrats, after they lost the election, are running around wringing their hands over the white working class. What do you expect them to do when you spend eight years insulting them and blaming them? So Trump’s got ’em, and now, “It has to be populism. It has to be deceit. It has to be scam-artistry because these people are our natural supporters.” No, you told them to go take a hike, and they heard you, plain as day.

And so now, having lost that base, the Reagan Democrats — having lost the base that they reclaimed after Reagan left office, they’ve lost the base — now it’s Fox News’s fault. It’s talk radio’s fault. It’s talk radio and Fox News lying to the white working class about how bad a guy Obama is, how dangerous Obama is. Nobody has to tell ’em; they know. Their jobs are gone. Their futures are gone. Their grandkids are gone. Their culture is gone! Their culture? They have been targeted as what’s wrong with the country, and they don’t think they are.

They think they’re the backbone of America. It’s the Democrats that pick sides, the Democrats that don’t unify. It’s the Democrats that point fingers of blame and divide people and have an us-versus-them type mentality as the setup, and they’ve done it by accepting all these various minorities that they define. They’ve combined ’em into one giant coalition against the white working class, and that’s what the Democrat Party became! The white working class… The elite rich whites, they’re okay, ’cause a lot of them are liberal Democrats.

They give the Democrats money and they’re on Wall Street and they’re in Hollywood. They’re cool. They’re fine. They’re sophisticated. They drink Johnny Walker Blue or Glenmorangie. They don’t drink Jack Daniels! They’re not driving around in pickup trucks with a gun rack the black market and getting to church on Saturday night for a front pew seat. They don’t go to church. They make fun of the people that go to church. That’s the people the Democrats like on the white side, and it’s come back to bite ’em. So now it’s Fox News’ fault.

So these people are running around trying to impunte Trump by saying, “He’s populist and his supporters are populists — and populists are uneducated, unsophisticated fools!” Populists is a new name for the white working class the Democrats told to take a hike. So now they’re trying to tell these people that Trump is betraying them by not putting populists in his cabinet. Trump’s never called himself a populist and he’s never said he was gonna have populists in his cabinet. He said he was gonna have killer, accomplished people in his cabinet. He was gonna have people like him, people that built businesses, people who have succeeded in life.

He’s gonna put them in there, people that know how to do it. That’s what he’s done. The Drive-Bys run around saying, “He’s not populist! He’s not choosing populists! Trump is betraying and lying to his own people!” He’s not lying to anybody. His supporters don’t feel betrayed. His supporters are euphoric, his supporters are ecstatic, and these people — the defiance, the obstinance, the refusal on their part to even try to understand this, is mind-boggling to me.

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