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You know, folks, I’ve been waiting for this story to be written. The Hill is reporting that Democrat Party donors are in a funk. They “feel like their money got burned” on Hillary’s losing campaign.

But it’s not just their lost millions. Other things that happened during the campaign are bugging them, too. Like WikiLeaks. Some big party donors now think their names and info are in the hands of the Russians (laughing), Russian intelligence. A DNC official told The Hill: “They’re upset about the election, and there was significant trauma surrounding the Russians. They’re upset and they’re tired.”

Well, that’s understandable. And, given the content of the leaked DNC emails, they’ve got to be pretty ticked off. Because Hillary’s campaign team talked about some big donors like they were total idiots and spoiled brats. Hillary’s people used them for their money and treated them like dirt behind their backs.

And we’re not talking about chump change here. I mean, these donors gave Hillary Clinton over half a billion dollars, only to lose the White House to a guy they were told could never win — a total political novice who spent a fraction of what Hillary spent, and cleaned her clock in the Electoral College.

If you think these donors are tired, angry, and upset, just think how the donors to the Clinton Crime Family Foundation are feeling. Let me tell you, those people are not smiling either. They got burned, too — and for a lot more money than these locoweeds that donated to Hillary and the DNC.

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