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RUSH:  Ladies and gentlemen, on WBZ-TV Boston, this program, you and me, have been defamed.  This program was portrayed on WBZ-TV Boston as fake news.  Well, that may not be the quite accurate way to say it.  The Boston CBS affiliate did a report claiming that I am getting angry calls, so many angry calls from you about Trump backtracking on promises that I felt compelled to push back.  

This is fake news from the blue states.  I asked Snerdley, because my memory is we haven’t had any ticked off callers here. We haven’t had any Trumpists call here upset about what Trump’s doing. We haven’t had a single call. I think we had a woman last week upset that Trump was talking to Romney, but other than that, I haven’t had any calls, we haven’t had any calls from people who think that Trump has double-crossed them.  Where does this stuff come from?  Let us listen to the actual audio sound bite.  It was Friday on WBZ Eyeball TV news co-anchor Paula Ebben speaking with the political analyst Jon Keller on the Trump transition. 

And Paula Ebben, the co-infobabe, said, “We have seen Donald Trump make a lot of promises and then back off a few of them to some extent since he won.”  This is the day after the Carrier jobs were saved.  This is the day after Trump’s big thank-you rally in Cincinnati where nobody was mad.  This is the next day and she says, “We’ve seen Donald Trump make a lot of promises and then back off of few of them to some extent since he won the election.”

KELLER:  Some in the Trump camp claim his supporters never really took those promises literally.  It’s the president-elect himself has been raising eyebrows by amending or outright discarding key pledges. 

EBBEN:  Not everyone thinks that his voters are going to be okay with it. 

KELLER:  Some of them certainly are not okay with it, Paula.  Rush Limbaugh has been getting so many angry calls on his radio talk show about this, he felt compelled to push back.  Check this out. 

RUSH ARCHIVE:  They want you thinking Trump’s abandoning you and they want you thinking Trump’s no different than any other person that’s ever been elected. They want you to think you’ve just fallen for the biggest trick in the history of tricks. They want you thinking that Trump’s no different than the average, ordinary politician that you hate.  And I’m telling you, do not believe them. 

KELLER:  Not quite sure who “they” is.  I think it’s maybe us in the media. 

largeRUSH:  Yeah, right.  That comment of mine is so taken out of context. It had nothing to do with people calling here.  It had to do with the news.  It had to do with news stories, people in the Drive-Bys trying to convince Trump voters that he is double-crossing them, and I was warning them against it, as you well know, my friends, as regular listeners to the program.  

I’ve recently suggested that when it comes to news about Trump your first instinctive reaction is not to believe it, just don’t believe it, particularly if it’s from the New York Times.  Do not believe it, and then check it. It’s tough to do.  It’s tough to immediately — everybody wants to believe what they read no matter where it’s published. That’s the human nature tendency.  

But that had nothing to do with angry callers.  That comment was about news stories that I had seen trying to drive a wedge between trump and his supporters by claiming that he was breaking promises and claiming that he was backtracking.  I have made it clear to people that it’s not time to have that kind of reaction at all.  

Let’s go to the next sound bite.  This is last Wednesdays where I told you that Trump thinks the establishment is clueless.  Actually, let’s hold off on this because this actually goes with the Taiwan story, which I’ll get into here in due course.  

But you wonder, somebody at WBZ-TV had to give them this idea, had to hear that excerpt of me not knowing that I was talking about the news media.  I wasn’t pushing back on Trump and Trump supporters.  Snerdley, check my memory here, you screen the calls.  Have we had any calls from angry Trumpists feeling like they’re being double-crossed out there?  All right.  I didn’t think so, either.  

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