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RUSH:  There’s some other really good stuff out there, too, like Fidel Castro’s funeral. (laughing) Hell didn’t even want the guy! His funeral procession jeep broke down on the way to the burial.  Did you hear about this?  You didn’t hear about this?  The vehicle that was an army jeep. It was a jeep that’s got this flatbed. A cheap, 1950s military truck that the Vietcong would have discarded, is probably what it was, and they’ve got Castro’s ashes in there, his remains, and it was a funeral procession.

I think… I didn’t… This is from prior reporting. I think he was gonna be buried or at least the funeral in Santiago de Cuba, which is way, way down there by Guantanamo.  It’s about as far from Havana as you can get.  Now, I don’t know if that’s where this happened.  But the thing broke down and soldiers had to push it — literally push it through the streets.  What in the world, folks, could be more symbolic of Fidel Castro and the revolution than the funeral procession breaking down?

There were a bunch of funny tweets. One of them: “Who says the embargo didn’t work?  They couldn’t even find a hearse to get Castro’s remains to the official communist burial ground.” He was cremated, by the way.  I think they still had a procession, funeral and so forth. You couldn’t get anything more — I think, just juicily, delectably — symbolic than that.  Breitbart had the story.  Oh, “A Russian-made jeep carrying the ashes of Fidel Castro broke down in the middle of his funeral procession on Saturday, forcing soldiers to push the vehicle until it could be repaired.  Nearly every major news website buried the news…”

That’s why you didn’t hear about it, Snerdley. They buried the news out there.  “Fox News reported the breakdown of the jeep in the midst of adoring crowds chanting, ‘Long live Fidel’ was symbolic of the dual nature of Castro’s Cuba.  While his legacy inspires fierce adulation by many of the nation’s citizens,” what a crock, “others continue to grumble about Cuba’s autocratic government, inefficient bureaucracy, and stagnant economy.” The Wall Street Journal had more details on the breakdown.  

“After a final farewell early in the week at the Revolutionary Square in Havana, the former president’s remains placed in a small glass-encased casket began moving east in a cross-country cortege through towns, countries, and a listless countryside.  The state called it the ‘the caravan of liberty…'”  (laughing)  I wonder if they’d had Free Health Care signs on the side of the hearse.  “The world comes here for free health care,” maybe pictures of Sean Penn and Beyonce in tears.  

“The state called it ‘the Caravan of Liberty,’ the same name the guerrillas called the journey that they made from Santiago de Cuba to Havana to topple the Batista Regime.” I knew it was Santiago de Cuba.  “It didn’t all go well despite the state’s attention to details.  The soldiers were forced to push the jeep towing the remains when it broke down, fitting for a country where vehicles creak a little…”

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