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Okay, so, over the weekend, the Pentagon announced the release of a Gitmo terrorist. That leaves 59 still behind bars at Guantanamo Bay. Now, another 20 have been approved for release by the Obama. As we know from hard experience, once released, some of them will be back on the battlefield trying to kill us.

The West African nation of Cape Verde is the destination for the latest freed terrorist. He was captured in Pakistan with other terrorists. But we’re told he’s a “low-level militant” with only terrorist “basic training.” So it’s okay for him to be released, I guess so he can finish his advanced terrorist training with his buddies.

CBS reports that many of the terrorists still at Club Gitmo were closely following the presidential election. David Remes, a lawyer for one of the terrorists, told CBS his client is afraid that once Trump takes office, the prison doors at Gitmo will slam shut.

The laywer said his terrorist-client told him the detainees were “on edge” on election night. As the tide turned toward Trump’s victory, many of them “thought that it was the end of the world.” They felt so miserable that many of them requested tranquilizers and sleeping pills “because they were so distraught.” Ha!

That’s just like liberals here! The terrorists at Gitmo believed the polls. They thought Hillary was a lock, which must have been good for them. But when she lost, their dreams were shattered. What the hell does that say?

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