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RUSH:  What’s that?  No, no, no.  No doubt in my mind.  No, no.  The Jill Stein recount is Hillary Clinton.  It’s the Clinton campaign.  The people bought and paid for to disrupt Trump’s rallies, the Clinton campaign.  Why is Jill Stein not recounting votes for her?  She’s a Green Party candidate and she’s concerned with the vote totals for Hillary?  There’s no question Hillary’s behind this.  There’s no question the Democrats are behind it.  

And look, folks, there’s no question either that they have a dream.  The dream would be upsetting Trump and having some magic happen so that he doesn’t win the Electoral College and that Hillary does.  That’s just way, way out there, nothing more than a pipe dream.  What they’re really in the process of doing is delegitimizing everything about Trump, delegitimizing the election and his upcoming administration.  That’s exactly what they’re doing.  That’s all they know.  

That’s what they did after Bush in Florida in 2000.  The only thing they know how to do after they lose an election, pure and simple, because they didn’t lose. Even though they have been repudiated totally, even though they have been sent packing, their agenda, the Barack Obama agenda has been totally repudiated, Big Government.  This was an ideological election.  Big Government was sent packing.  Administrative, big, in-the-way government was sent packing, but they can’t admit that, and they will not admit that to themselves.  

They lost because Trump’s a liar. They lost because the voters are stupid. They lost because whatever reason they want to concoct, but it’s not because of them or their policies.  And the way they will march forward is to do everything they can to delegitimize the results of the election and what comes from it. So the election itself gets delegitimized, i.e., with the recount.  They can change Trump’s electoral count, that would give them a leg up in what they could claim is an illegitimate election, and then his administration and to say that he’s not got the mandate to do anything that he’s doing.  “This is not what the people voted for. The people didn’t vote for this,” and that’s all they’ve got in their arsenal now.  

Proof of that is that they leave in leadership positions Nancy Pelosi and they’re gonna go out and get this guy Ellison to be the head of the Democrat National Committee?  I mean these people are in a time warp locked and loaded 30, 40 years ago with a playbook that has not been updated since then.  They’ve got nothing. It is amazing what one election has demonstrated.  And what has been demonstrated is the gigantic illusion we were all living.  

The illusion was that the Democrats and all of their corrupt cultural rot had become the majority of thinking in this country and that we and our values, our cultural inclinations and desires and our political desires, that had become the minority, that we were losing the country as founded, that the people of this country no longer wanted the America that was founded.  That was the illusion and we’ve lived it for eight years.  

How many people called here asking me, “Rush, is it time to panic?  Have we lost the country?”  That was the illusion that was created.  The power of the media, coupled with the racial component of a president making any legitimate criticism of him impossible, paralyzed.  The illusion continued.  We were losing the country, were at our wits’ end about it, it was panic time for many, many people and it turns out the Democrat Party and what they believe is not representative of a majority of thought in this country and really wasn’t even close to it.  

originalNow, I know some you, “But, Rush, the popular vote, you can’t say this, you’ve gotta be honest.”  I can say this.  The popular vote, Hillary’s advantage in the popular vote comes from California, and California is not America.  I’m talking attitudinally, talking politically, California, they’re talking about recession, I mean, these people are kooks out there.  But California as it exists politically is not in stride with the bulk of the United States.   

I’m not saying they should secede or anything. Don’t infer things I’m not saying here, but a case can be made, we were living an illusion.  And this election, one election, it was actually three, but we didn’t see it.  Well, that’s not true, we saw it, it didn’t register.  We saw all the seats the Democrats lost in 2010: 900.  We saw all the seats they lost in 2012.  Obama wins the presidency, but they lost more seats, in the House, in the Senate, governorships.  In 2014 they lost again.  They’re down 15, 1,600 seats, if you go down to the level of mayor.  

And then in this election, they lose big.  So it’s actually 2010, ’12, ’14, 16, it’s four elections.  So it’s been happening right in front of our face.  But because Obama and the media appeared to be running the country, it didn’t seem to matter that we were.  And couple that with the fact that our party didn’t even act like an opposition party, we were living an illusion.  And it took one election to expose it.  

Well, the Democrats now know that the illusion is up.  And they have become delusional in refusing to admit it.  And the evidence of that is they stick with Pelosi. You know what the average age — now, this is, to me, a relevant point because the Democrat Party, if you look at people who claim to be Democrats, they’re young, they are hip, they’re Hollywood types, they’re Silicon Valley types, they’re techies, many in the performing arts, you know, all of the pop culture aspects that appear to define our national culture, they’re all Democrats.  And they’re mostly Millennials, maybe Gen Y.  And yet the average age of Democrat leadership in the House and Senate is 76 years old.  The average age.  It’s Jurassic Park, folks.  

The Democrat Party with all these young hipsters out there have as its leaders Jurassic Park dinosaurs.  And what interests me about that is that all these young hipsters who constantly run around and talk about how old and tired and fuddy-duddy Republicans are, are being led by a bunch of old, tired fuddy-duddy get-off-my-lawn types.  I think it’s fascinating what this election has exposed.  It’s one of the Bill Gates teachable moments in my life.  

You stop and think of the contrast.  Going into the election, how many of you — be honest — how many of you thought this was it. Hillary wins, they got the Supreme Court, what’s gonna be the point?  What’s going to be the point?  They’re gonna continue to muck up the schools. They’re gonna own the academy. They’re gonna own books, movies, TV shows. They’re gonna continue their assault on religion. Hillary’s gonna be president and everything she believes is cockamamie out 180 degrees out of phase, it’s over.  You’re figuring it’s over for 25 years with the Supreme Court appointments alone that she’s gonna get, not to mention the judges that they already have at various federal, district court levels.  

originalBe honest.  How many of you thought this was it?  I mean, the U.S. as we knew it, Obama’s transformation was unstoppable.  On Election Day.  Now, I know many of you today will tell me, “I knew he was gonna win, Rush. I could see it out there. I saw those crowds.”  Yeah, I agree, I was one who thought Trump — I said back in March or April of this year that I could foresee a Trump big win, landslide.  But, let’s face it, most people were scared to death and were praying.  That’s how desperate it was.  

And here comes the election.  And what does the election expose?  It exposes that every cockamamie thing we fear could have happened if they had won.  But one election where they lose exposes just how delicately balanced was their position.  They were actually in a fragile state, the left was.  It turns out that their loss, their defeat in this election, is something that’s going to give them problems like it would have been ours for years and years and years.  This is not a one-off where they’ll get it back in the next midterms and the next presidential.  They’ve got too much to regroup.  They’ve got too many seats to rewin.  They’ve got too much ground to pick up.  

Because it wasn’t just this election that exposed how they have been governing against the will of the people.  It’s the last four elections.  And I’m including even the Obama presidential elections, ’cause his vote totals were based on him and him alone.  But his party, he never had coattails, not to speak of.  And they didn’t think Trump did, but he ended up having them.  

So to me it is an amazing illustration of the delusion we were living and how precariously perched the Democrats have been all this time.  Contrary to being entrenched and unmovable and a climbing, expanding, dominating power, they weren’t that.  That was just the illusion.  And losing, as I say, a bunch of elections, but this presidential election was the tipping point and just demonstrated the dire straits they were actually in.  

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