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RUSH:  Grab audio sound bite number two.  You might remember a discussion we had on this program after the Hamilton cast dissed Mike Pence when he was in the audience for a performance.  Last night on Tucker Carlson Tonight, the Fox News Channel, he spoke with a law professor at George Washington University by the name of Jeffrey Rosen, and he’d had an op-ed in the New York Times, “States’ Rights for the Left.”  Everybody’s worried about how does the left deal with Trump.  What do they do?  Democrats have been emaciated. 

They have no — no — power in the states anymore.  They don’t have any control. No governorships, or very few, no state legislatures, and everybody’s saying, “How are the Democrats gonna battle Trump?” This guy had an op-ed in the New York Times that Tucker Carlson wanted to talk to him about. So the question is, “My entire lifetime the left has derided the idea of states’ rights because they’re big, big federal government people.  They want the states to be totally subservient to the federal government.  Here you come saying Democrats need to start advocating for states’ rights.  What are you talking about?” 

ROSEN:  From the time of the founding until the New Deal, it was the Democrats who were the party of small government — of Jefferson, of farmers and producers — and it was Republicans who were the party of Big Government. And Hamilton… I thought Rush Limbaugh was correct to call out the cast of Hamilton for, you know, attacking Donald Trump, ’cause, as Limbaugh said, Donald Trump is Hamilton the same way that a lot of Democrats have embraced Hamilton.  So this old Jeffersonian tradition has been forgotten to a large degree. 

RUSH:  Well, now, when I saw that on the audio sound bite roster, I said, “Hmm. I need to go back and check exactly what he heard me say.”  So I went back to it.  It was November 21st, and I remember it well.  The cast of Hamilton we later learned had not even registered to vote. Well, they hadn’t voted. I think only a couple of them had ever registered to vote back in 2006, and they lecture Pence from the stage after a performance telling Pence they’re very scared, they’re very worried because Trump doesn’t seem to respect gay marriage, the gay lifestyle, transgender choices of bathrooms and stuff. 

Trump’s just a great danger, and here they are extolling the virtues of Hamilton, and I pointed out that when you get down to it, Donald Trump is Hamilton.  Did you know that Alexander Hamilton was an immigration hawk?  He was.  He thought there should be a test to make sure only certain kinds of people were allowed entry, to emigrate to United States.  Here these people portray it… I made the point: They don’t even know who Hamilton is.  They know their lines and they know their press clippings. 

But they don’t even know the guy that they are celebrating and lionizing here, Alexander Hamilton, because Donald Trump in many ways is Alexander Hamilton.  Thomas Jefferson… This law professor’s right.  Thomas Jefferson and John Adams did not like Hamilton at all.  They were agrarians, farmers, big believers in states’ rights, and Alexander Hamilton didn’t want anybody getting in the country he didn’t approve of.  He founded the New York Post, born out of wedlock in the Caribbean, grew up in St. Kitts.  

In modern-day terms, he come from a broken family. It was in the Dutch West Indies where he grew up.  It was just uncanny how similar to Alexander Hamilton in many ways — not all, but many ways — Donald Trump is.  And this dummkopf cast pontificating… I mean, it was clear ignorance on parade.  And it was condescending preaching as though they’re the experts.  It’s like all actors who play roles.  They think they become experts in whatever person or situation they’re portraying, and in many cases they don’t know jack. 

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