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RUSH:  Punta Gorda, Florida.  Mike, great to have you on the program.  How are you doing, sir? 

CALLER:  Hi, Rush.  Thank you for taking my phone call. 

RUSH:  You bet, sir. 

CALLER:  I am 60 years old and I have been waiting for 27-some-odd years for someone like Mr. Trump.  The man is brilliant.  I voted for Ross Perot back in the late eighties.  He told us, do not do NAFTA, and I listened to him.  I can’t believe the American people have been duped so many years.  He said do not do it, it’s gonna ruin us.  

RUSH:  (imitating Perot) He called it “that giant sucking sound, Larry, that giant sucking sound from Mexico, Larry, taking all our jobs.” 

CALLER:  That’s the man, that’s the man.  I went to school with Marty Meehan, I believe he went to Congress at the time, and Clinton brought him and said, “Look,” he was the holdout, he said, “If you vote for NAFTA with me I will make you chairman of one of my committees.”  He folded and went for it. Biggest mistake in the world. And he also said he would do term limits and when term limits came up he said, oh, no, now I realize — 

RUSH:  Wait, who is this you’re talking about? 

CALLER:  Marty Meehan. 

RUSH:  Oh, Marty Meehan from Boston? Right, I remember that guy. 

CALLER:  Yes.  I went high school with Marty. 

RUSH:  And you believed him? 

CALLER:  No!  I wrote letters to his office and told him, “Why’d you do that?” And they wrote me some — 

RUSH:  By the way, you’re from Massachusetts, right?  You’re not a Florida native? 

CALLER:  Oh, I’ve been in Florida since 2000. 

RUSH:  Right.  I could tell. 


RUSH:  You wouldn’t know Marty Meehan if you grew up in Florida. 

CALLER:  Yeah.  No.  But I went to school with him, and he pushed through NAFTA with Clinton, the biggest mistake ever.  I am so happy and so delighted that we finally have somebody — Donald Trump, President Donald Trump, as far as I’m concerned, he’s like a Ross Perot on steroids, and I love it. 

RUSH:  Yeah.  Ross Perot, hand grenade with a bad haircut.  He was a force of nature, too, just like Trump. 

CALLER:  But he knew what we had to do, but he didn’t have the stamina and the strength to — 

RUSH:  No, no, no.  It wasn’t that.  It wasn’t that.  Mr. Perot didn’t actually want to win.  He didn’t think he would, and I predicted this.  When it looked like he was going to, he pulled out of there. 

CALLER:  Yeah, that was — 

RUSH:  His motives were pure.  I mean, his campaigning, his message was pure and it was honest, but his motivations — there were some personal things going on between him and George H. W. Bush — 

CALLER:  Right. 

RUSH:  — which I don’t need revisit here, but I’m not surprised that if you’re a Perotista that you also like the Trumpster.  It would follow. 

CALLER:  Yes.  I switched.  I was a Democrat because my parents told me I was a Democrat.  And I was duped. 

RUSH:  Yeah. 

CALLER:  And then when Ross Perot came out, I switched to independent.  And the crazy thing is, living in Florida, being independent, I can’t vote in the primaries. 

RUSH:  Yeah, well, that does not work so you had to switch parties.  Exactly.  Okay, look, Mike, before you get outta here every caller today and for the past three or four days, brand-new iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus.  Your choice. 

CALLER:  Wow. 

RUSH:  If you want one. 

CALLER:  Yes, please. 

RUSH:  Well, which one. 

CALLER:  That’d be great. 

RUSH:  Which one? 

CALLER:  I guess Plus.  It sounds better. 

RUSH:  What’s your cell phone carrier? 


RUSH:  AT&T.  So you can take any color you want, any color.  There’s gold, there’s rose gold, there’s silver, there is black. 

CALLER:  Let’s go with the black. 

RUSH:  Wonder why? 

CALLER:  Or whatever, any color doesn’t matter. 

RUSH:  No, no, no, that’s fine, that’s fine, that’s fine.  I wonder why everybody’s going with black.  I have kind of steered people there, ’cause it’s the new color.  But if that’s what you want — 

CALLER:  I just want to thank you for your show. 

RUSH:  Well. 

CALLER:  You’re so informative. 

RUSH:  I appreciate that very much.  And I’m glad you’re out there.  I really appreciate it, Mike. Let me remind you now to hang on so that we can get an address to FedEx your phone to you.  It’s gonna be unlocked.  It’ll work on any carrier.  There’s no SIM card in it, so don’t forget that.  

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