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RUSH:  We’re gonna go to Columbus, Ohio, with Bill.  I’m really, really glad you waited.  How you doing, sir? 

CALLER:  I’m doing very well, Rush.  Thank you so much.  Mega dittos and Merry Christmas to you and your family.  Longtime listener, 23-years plus, and really just want to thank you for giving us such a dynamic voice.  You’re so important to us, and, again, I appreciate so much of what you do. 

RUSH:  Thank you very much, sir. 

CALLER:  Absolutely.  Listen.  About a week, maybe two weeks, ago, you had a caller on the show that said something to the effect that people listen to Trump but they don’t really hear what he’s saying.  And that’s something I’ve been saying about you for over the last 20 years.  People just don’t listen to what — or the Democrats simply just don’t listen to what Republicans/conservatives say.  There’s gotta be some kind of a mechanism there that does not allow them to do that, outside of their political positions.  What do you think? I’m interested in knowing, what do you think that position is?  How do we get them to the point where they actually hear what conservatives are saying as opposed to just listening to us? 

RUSH:  Well, I don’t think we can.  I think the attitude needs to be: We need to defeat them, defeat them, defeat them. Not accommodate them. Not try to persuade them.  If they come along of their own volition, fine. We accept them.  But they are the epitome of bigotry and prejudice. 

CALLER:  Absolutely. 

RUSH:  They live in a cocoon, and the shelter of the cocoon is lie after lie as after lie after lie that gives them comfort.  They are comfortable in these misrepresentations, distortions, and mistakes about their opponents.  It’s one of the ways in which they feel valid and relevant is to think that all the rest of us who disagree with them are contemptible and mean and all that, and we’re not worth understanding or getting to know.


RUSH:  We have Bill in Columbus, Ohio.  Bill, a little bit more time here to answer your question.  The first thing about your question, you would, I gather, like to persuade them. You would like to open them up. You would like them to hear what they’re missing, correct? 

CALLER:  Absolutely. 

RUSH:  Yeah.  Here’s the thing to realize, and we’ve learned this now.  We didn’t think it.  We feared the opposite.  But we know they’re a minority, Bill.  They’re not running the country. Well, they’re not the majority of the country.  They do own the cultural landscape, but they have been losing elections since 2010.  They have been repudiated.  They are not even a national party right now when you get right down to it.  They are destined for a dismal electoral future in Washington, the House and Senate.  

Why do you think all these people are leaving?  Dingy Harry, a number of them retiring.  They’re in dire consequence.  But the point is we have been living an illusion that is that we’re losing ground, that we’re outnumbered.  It’s not we who are outnumbered; they are.  It just hasn’t looked like it because of the media.  The second thing is, I’ve got so many years of experience now dealing with these people.  The arrogance and the condescension they have toward people that disagree with them is such it’s almost impenetrable.  

Now, you’ll hear people call here claiming they used to be lib and they’ve changed their minds.  That happens, but it happens naturally.  It’s not because I’ve focused on trying to persuade people.  I think while it’s a noble objective to try to help people to see things the right way, this is a different psychological collection of human beings, and they are walled off from anything that’s not them.  

On college campus they’re frightened by it.  They’re called snowflakes and they need safe spaces so they will not have to even hear things that they don’t agree with.  When I say that they are primarily to be defeated and beaten, I mean that in the political sense.  These people nearly destroyed this country, and it could happen again.  You know, one of the reasons — and I’m so glad you called for inspiring this line of thought.  One of the reasons I temper my optimism is that I know how easy it is to become a liberal.  

I know how easy it is to get sucked in by it.  Look at how dominant we were in the 1980s and by 1995 there was nothing to show for it.  Even after eight years of incomparable economic growth and optimism and can-do spirit, the Berlin Wall coming down, the Soviet Union imploding and by 1995 there was hardly anything to show for it. So it’s fleeting, and the philosophy of constantly defeating them politically needs to be the battle cry, not to get them to understand us and hear us. 

CALLER:  Agreed. 

RUSH:  Now, with Trump, he doesn’t look at things this way.  That’s not how he sees.  He’s not ideological.  He sees people who, in his world, are right and wrong about whatever issue is in his mind.  But the motivation for why people think what they think I don’t even think is interesting to him.  Liberalism, conservatism, that’s irrelevant stuff to him.  He looks at things in an entirely different way.  

This is another reason why we, as conservatives, have to remain vigilant as we can to the ideological component of what’s going on here, because as it succeeds, we need to be able to tell people why it’s working and at the same time be able to contrast and say why it didn’t work when the liberals ran the show.  This is an ongoing effort.  

originalWe have won one election and these people are never gonna go away.  And they’re never gonna realize they’re wrong.  They’re never gonna admit to you, Bill, that they were wrong.  “Oh, you won?  I listened to Limbaugh for about six months and I figured out how horribly wrong I was.”  They’re never gonna tell you that.  Not en masse, as I say.  Two or three here or there individuals might, but en masse it isn’t gonna happen.  Now, Bill before you go I need to ask you would you like a brand iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus? 

CALLER:  Gosh, thank you so much.  Absolutely, sure. 

RUSH:  What kind would you like and what carrier are you on? 

CALLER:  I have Verizon right now, and the 7 Plus in silver would be great. 

RUSH:  7 Plus Verizon silver. 

CALLER:  Or whatever you have.  

RUSH:  I think in Verizon 7 Plus it’s shiny black or matte black. 

CALLER:  Matte black is fine, too. 

RUSH:  You will love it.  I guarantee you will love it.  It’s unlocked.  What kind of iPhone do you have now? 

CALLER:  We have a 6. 

RUSH:  Okay, fine.  Your SIM card in that 6 just put it in this phone and you’re up and running.  You don’t even need to take it to the Verizon store all right? 

CALLER:  Thank you so much. 

RUSH:  Hang on.  Get your email address and your shipping address so we can FedEx this.  And it’s 256 gigabytes of storage. 

CALLER:  Thank you so much again. 

RUSH:  Top of the line iPhone 7 Plus.  Don’t hang up so Mr. Snerdley can get your address. 

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