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Well, the California Democrats are ready to rumble. According to Reuters, they’re “laying the groundwork” to fight the Trump administration on everything, especially illegal immigration.

The Democrats now have a veto-proof majority in the California legislature and they’re already drafting bills to defy federal immigration laws. Governor Brown just nominated a pro-illegal-immigration extremist, Xavier Becerra, as California’s attorney general. Becerra is daring Trump to “come at us” on immigration.

California Assembly Speaker, Anthony Rendon, a Los Angeles Democrat, is also mouthing off. Defending illegal immigrants, Rendon told Reuters: “We are telling the next Administration and Congress: If you want to get to them, you have to go through us.”

We’ve seen this kind of defiance from Democrats before. When Democrat-run states’ Jim Crow laws were outlawed, Democrats stood in schoolhouse doors declaring there would be segregation forever, despite federal law. Now California Democrats openly demand illegal immigration, forever.

In fact, furious Democrats in so-called sanctuary cities all across the country are swearing to defy the law in order to keep illegal immigrants from being deported.

Now, this isn’t a civil rights issue; it is a Constitutional issue. As Obama Democrats never tire of reminding us, the Executive branch of the federal government has broad authority over immigration. Not the states, not sanctuary cities. Democrats want to rumble? Fine and dandy. Bring it on, right now.

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