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RUSH:  No, I really mean it.  Look, I know I’m going out on a limb saying so because it’s really early and it’s life.  I mean, there’s all kinds of unexpected things that are gonna happen that nobody can predict.  But, I mean, just sitting here right now and digesting everything there is to digest, and if the trend that we see keeps going, I think we are primed for a genuine economic recovery that’s going to lead to economic growth that millions and millions of people have never experienced in this country. People of a certain age are simply not old enough to have experienced it or were too young when one was happening. 

And I think people are gonna be shocked, people are gonna be stunned, especially after eight years of being told that the best days of America have already happened and that it’s a new era of globalism and that we must manage this new position in the world of the United States, which is one of decline, and become a good corporate citizen. This idea of a superpower is not productive to the planet, it’s destabilizing, United States is guilty, guilty of destroying the planet, destroying the climate, guilty of imposing itself on foreign countries, guilty of theft of resources.  

I mean, you name it.  This has been, for the last eight years at least, and for Millennials these are prime years of their lives.  You take a person 30 years old, 22 when Obama became inaugurated, these are formative years.  These are years that will tell them and provide a foundation for what they think life is.  They’re gonna be shocked.  They’re gonna be blown away by what’s possible. And it could be revolutionary in terms of how the American people learn what they’re able to learn about such things as economic growth and individual and corporate freedom and liberty and so forth.  

And the contrast between a very active, punitive government versus a very active and friendly government, ’cause I don’t think this government’s gonna get any smaller, not measurably.  Meaning we’re not gonna get rid of cabinet agencies, but they’re gonna get smaller if Trump has his way.  They’re gonna be much less prominent.  They’re going to be much less invasive. And to whatever extent they exist, they’re going to side with the American people.  And that means in many ways siding with people that hire the American people and generate economic growth.  

Now, as I say, this is not a full-fledged guaranteed prediction because there’s too much that we don’t know that is going to happen that cannot be foreseen and can’t be predicted.  But I’ll tell you this.  I have never felt one day of optimism in the last eight years with the leadership in Washington, DC, from the White House.  I have not felt any optimism with Obama.  I haven’t felt any optimism with the Republican leadership in Congress, because there wasn’t any serious opposition to Obama.  And it’s been not fun.  Nobody wants to be a pessimist.  Nobody wants to get caught up in pessimism.  Well, I see nobody; a lot of people are happily miserable.  I’m not one of them.  

I’m a genuine optimist and I want reasons to be, and I want to everybody else to be.  I want everybody enjoying things.  I want everybody being and doing the best they can, and that’s not what this government, that’s not what this administration has been about.  This administration, that doesn’t even enter their thought process.  To them, individuals are flawed and fallible and have to be governed against, protected, shielded. 

It’s not been a good eight years.  And it certainly hasn’t been an eight years where you felt optimistic about things that were happening policy-wise or anywhere, culturally, I mean, you name it.  So I think the opportunity for a stark change in attitude, in economics and just in a number of things, it’s already on the move, it’s already happening.  

You know that question that I cited to you when I knew the 2012 election was over. They had the exit polls at five o’clock, the question “cares about people like me” and it was Obama won that 81 to 19 over Romney. How do you think Trump would do on that question right now?  It would be off the charts.  And remember with Obama, with every failure, “Well, at least he’s trying, at least he cares, at least he’s trying.”  

Do you think they’re gonna afford Trump the same kind of forgiveness?  No way.  They’re not even gonna give him the credit for trying.  They’re not gonna get it for the longest time.  I meant what I said at the close of the previous hour:  The left and its money-producing apparatus, the fundraisers — you believe this?  Hillary Clinton is having a thank-you party and Obama is doing a farewell tour.  

largeYou haven’t heard about that?  Obama’s gonna go out and try to be Trump.  He’s gonna do three farewell tours somewhere in January.  But Hillary, on the 15th of December, so a week from tonight, has a party for all of her donors.  Ah, no.  I’m not correct on that.  It’s not all of her donors.  Only the biggest ones.  

The bundlers. The people who put together a lot of donors and the people that donated a lot, they’re doing it at one of the — well, by reputation, one of the most ostentatious and luxurious ballrooms in all of Manhattan, the Plaza Hotel ballroom, but it only holds 450 people.  And I’m wondering if you even have to donate to get into this party.  Oh, I know they’ve paid for it through the nose one way or another and they’ve got nothing to show for it.  And Hillary’s out there asking for more!  

I mean, a party for fundraisers?  What do you think it ultimately is going to be?  So it’s just fun for me to look at the contrast here ’cause while Obama doing nothing got the credit for trying and was never held accountable for all of the misery and all of the failures, Trump is gonna get nowhere near that kind of treatment, and the fund-raising apparatus of the Democrat Party is gearing up right now to stop Trump every day.  

The Democrat Party, it’s obvious, only knows one way to win, and that is opposition research, and that is destroying the opponent.  The Democrat Party does not know — and this last campaign showed it — they have no idea how to go out and extol the virtues they represent and get people feeling good and voting for them.  The only thing they’ve got — look at Hillary’s campaign was Trump is not fit, Trump is unsuitable, Trump is a Nazi, Trump is a misogynist, Trump is a racist.  

They do not have an ounce of optimism in their substance, in their essence, in their existence.  And it’s gonna be contrasted every day because these people are not getting it.  They are in obstinate refusal, denial of what they see.  And for me it is enjoyable as it can be to witness.  

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