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RUSH: David in Prunedale, California.  Great to have you on the EIB Network.  Hi. 

CALLER:  Good morning here, Mr. Limbaugh.  I’m a longtime listener, been listening for about 28 years. 

RUSH:  Wow.  That’s almost you’re a lifer. 

CALLER:  I first heard you on KFI when I was living and working in Los Angeles. 

RUSH:  Oh, yeah, KFI. 

CALLER:  I’m not sure what year that was. 

RUSH:  Well, that would have been 1989. 

CALLER:  ’89? 

RUSH:  Yep. 

CALLER:  Okay.  My son used to listen to you with me.  I was working nights at the time and babysitting the kids.  Anyway, I called about Rudy Giuliani.  That’s a man I have high esteem for and I love and I really would like to see him. 

RUSH:  What, are you wondering why Trump’s not choosing him? 

CALLER:  Yeah. 

RUSH:  Well, you know, I addressed this — possible reasons — on Monday of this week.  There is the Machiavellian explanation. 

CALLER:  Yes. 

RUSH:  I think that’s actually maybe closer to the actual answer.  Some people in the media saying that Trump was kind of put off by the fact that Rudy was openly campaigning for it and saying that that put Trump in a bad position because then if he chooses Rudy, it looks like he’s been — 

CALLER:  Yeah. 

RUSH:  — not bullied but sort of influenced. It’d look like the choice wasn’t his.  There may be some truth to that.  But I think the answer is a combination of that and the idea that I think Trump might actually believe that he will be better served by people who were not full-fledged supporters during the campaign.  Now, that may not make sense to you at the top, but the Machiavellian explanation for this is thus. 

CALLER:  No, it does make sense. 

RUSH:  Well, it goes like this.  If you’re Trump and you choose somebody who was like Romney, openly campaigned against you and you choose him, you can be pretty much assured that Romney is gonna have to be loyal every day and by deed express that loyalty in order to keep the job.  

Romney is on the outs, his side loses, Trump choosing him revives him. He’s gonna owe everything to Trump, and therefore he will be totally loyal.  If Trump goes out and populates himself, his staff with a bunch of people that were all for him, the theory goes that they’ll never be happy because they’re always think they should have been appointed to something more important. 

CALLER:  Ah.  Okay. 

RUSH:  So it’s a combination of things in Rudy’s case, and I don’t really flatly know, to tell you the truth. 

CALLER:  Right. 

RUSH:  All I can do is speculate here.  The same with Newt.  I mean, there’s a lot of people that you would have expected to be named already but who haven’t been. 

CALLER:  Right.  But Newt was very outspoken for Trump all along. 

RUSH:  There has to be an explanation for it, and I think we’re pretty close to it. Hey, look, before I let you go here, David, what kind of iPhone 7 do you want, a 7 or a 7 Plus? 

CALLER:  Oh, my God.  7 Plus, I guess. 

RUSH:  7 Plus.  Okay.  Who’s your carrier?  

CALLER:  My carrier right now is Verizon, but I also had AT&T. They have a free thing that you can watch on your phone if — 

RUSH:  Oh, yeah, that’s DirecTV Now.  So if you’re an AT&T — 

CALLER:  Yeah. 

RUSH: — you don’t get charged data fees if you sign up for it.  

CALLER:  I’m with Verizon now. 

RUSH:  So which one do you want, take your pick. 

CALLER:  Verizon. 

RUSH:  You want a Verizon.  It’s gotta be black.  So I’ll send you a matte black Verizon.  Do you have an iPhone now? 

CALLER:  No.  I have an old galaxy. 

RUSH:  Now, listen to me now, take the new phone with the box to the Verizon store and your current phone and tell ’em you want your number moved to the new phone.  Tell ’em your phone is unlocked, which they will know, and that it’s a gift. 

CALLER:  Okay. 

RUSH:  And they will set you right up.  Now, don’t hang up so we can get your address to get this thing to you tomorrow.

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