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RUSH:  Now, Fareed Zakaria GPS works at CNN, and he’s got a show on Sunday morning called Fareed Zakaria global positioning satellite.  Fareed Zakaria GPS.  Let me see if I got any sound bites on this.  Oh, we do, we have at least one.  Grab sound bite number 13.  Let me set this up with this.  Fareed Zakaria GPS, two-hour tribute to Barack Hussein O last night on CNN called, “The Legacy of Barack Obama.”  And here is just a portion.  This is about 40 seconds of Fareed Zakaria GPS, his conclusion, The Legacy of Barack Obama, and his conclusion, the reason Obama never really took off is this. 

ZAKARIA:  During his eight years, the Democratic Party has suffered a historic series of defeats at the state and national levels, putting them in the worst position they’ve been in since the 1920s.  Was that Obama’s failure, a lack of political skill?  Perhaps.  Though it is equally likely than the currents were stronger than any one person could shift.  In recent years America has gone through enormous economic, technological, political, and cultural change. And in some parts of the country there has been a backlash to that change and to an African-American president.  It remains unclear whether the country was ready for Obama’s vision.

RUSH:  So we have eight years of abject misery, disappointment.  I mean, nobody, nobody, this is obvious, folks, even Fareed Zakaria GPS here, there’s nobody that’s running around doing a victory lap or lap dances about how great these past eight years have been.  There’s nobody running around on the Democrat side talking about how wonderful, how magnificent, how progressive, how good anything the last eight years has been.  

The theme is: Obama was so far ahead of his time, he just so way ahead, nobody could keep up with him.  He was so far ahead of everybody, nobody could even understand him.  He was just ahead of his time.  It remains unclear whether the country was ready for Obama’s vision.  Well, it clearly wasn’t ready for Obama’s vision, but you see, that’s not because Obama’s vision was bad.  No, no, no, no.  It’s not because Obama’s vision was wrong.  It’s because the American people are stupid jackass deplorables, is why the country was not ready for Obama’s vision.  

And then there was this passage here from Fareed Zakaria GPS.  “In recent years America has gone through enormous economic, technological, political, and cultural change. And in some parts of the country there has been a backlash to that change and to an African-American president.” 

So what is he talking about here?  What enormous economic change has there been?  Positive?  There hasn’t been any.  The enormous economic change has been, but it hasn’t been positive.  The enormous economic change is 95 million Americans not working. No wage increases that you can find in the last ten years. Most of the new jobs created were part time. There weren’t anywhere near enough jobs created to even begin replacing those lost with the Great Recession.  

What technological changes were there?  Government spying?  Political and cultural change?  Yeah, like gay marriage and one-tenth of 1% of the population holding up who can use what bathroom and then boycotting economically states that don’t recognize this kind of convoluted thinking?  This is the kind of cultural, economic, technological, political change the country didn’t want and did not vote for.  And so since the American people didn’t want it and ultimately didn’t vote for it, it’s their fault because the country just wasn’t ready for Obama’s vision.  

Here’s a NewsBusters report on the Fareed Zakaria GPS show.  Zakaria “set his sights on congressional Republicans as he claimed their opposition was fueled by a deep-seeded racism. ‘That fierce, unrelenting opposition, would haunt the next eight years and what began as whispers is now discussed openly,’ [Zakaria] pontificated as ominous music played, ‘Did race play a role in the brick wall of Republican resistance to Barack Obama?'”   Mr. Zakaria, there wasn’t any resistance.  That’s not quite the… 

There was all kinds of resistance.  But not official.  The Republicans announced every year they weren’t gonna oppose Obama.  The Republicans made it clear they were not going to try to stop Obama, not legislatively.  Now, you might have had individual Republicans out on TV criticizing Obama, but there wasn’t any opposition to him.  It’s the exact opposite.  Mr. Zakaria, if you want to bring in the racial component here, what you’re gonna have to admit is that the race of President Obama paralyzed this country.  

It paralyzed legitimate criticism of the president of the United States.  It amplified malcontent operations like Black Lives Matter.  It gave rise to a thugocracy, and nobody had the guts to speak out against it for fear of what would happen to them.  And it’s not just they were afraid of being called racist.  It was what would happen to them by Black Lives Matter or whoever if anybody got wind of what they were saying.  But yet to Fareed Zakaria GPS, the opposition to Obama was rooted in racism.  

originalAnd this is exactly the way they paralyzed any opposition to Obama!  Folks, when you can’t criticize the president… The president’s most powerful man in the world!  When you can’t criticize him — when you can’t have an open discussion of what he’s doing because of his race — that’s paralysis.  And I recognized this was gonna be the case the moment he won the election.  It wasn’t going to liberate us from racial issues; it was going to make things worse, and it did.  

“The first segment of [Fareed Zakaria GPS] was titled ‘America In Black And White,’ in which Zakaria detailed the President’s upbringing and his struggles with race. It gave way to a joyous scene at Obama’s 2008 acceptance speech, but things turned dark quick according to Zakaria. ‘It seemed like a fairy tale beginning but,'” listen to this, “‘at precisely the moment the first couple began swaying on the [inaugural ball] dance floor, the central crisis of the Obama presidency was already taking shape.’ …  

“‘Within half a mile of where Obama and Michelle are dancing and celebrating their great victory, his Republican opponents are wining and dining and plotting his defeat,’ claimed the New Yorker’s Ryan Lizza. Zakaria built off of Lizza, proclaiming, ’15 of the most powerful Republicans in Washington made a pact that night,’ as if they were” this giant conspiracy to stop and oppose Obama.  Even while he’s on the dance floor of the inaugural ball with Michelle (My Belle) Obama!  What I remember is David Brooks talking about the sharp crease in Obama’s slacks and what a great president he was gonna be.  

Anyway, Obama weighs in on this, too, which I will share with you when we get back.


RUSH:  Okay.  So on the Fareed Zakaria GPS two-hour legacy of Obama special last night, back home said, “[A]ttitudes about my presidency among whites in northern states are very different from whites in southern states. So are there folks who whose primary concern about me has been that I seem foreign, the other?” And the president answered his own question by saying, “Absolutely.” So Obama says (summarized), “There are people whose primary concern about me is that I seem foreign, and the white Northerners (i.e., the liberals), they love me. The Southern whites, they don’t.”  Is this the guy that was gonna unify the country?

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