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RUSH:  Darren in Athens, Georgia.  Great to have you on the program, sir.  How you doing? 

CALLER:  Rush, how are you? 

RUSH:  Very well.  Very well.  Thank you. 

CALLER:  Good.  I’d like to tell you my thoughts on the Democratic Party and have you comment on — 

RUSH:  All right.  I’m good at that. 

CALLER:  I share a household with a very — I don’t want to say liberal, because she’s a progressive and she’ll let you know that she is definitely not a liberal, and I believe that there is a difference between liberals — 

RUSH:  We get the picture.  We know exactly what you’re talking about. 

CALLER:  Sure.  And so, you know, they didn’t quit after the election.  They came home mad as hell, and they didn’t stop.  They’re working and things are happening on the local level.  And I think in the next maybe five to eight years, this progressive movement is going to take a hold.  The Democratic Party, as you know, is done, in my opinion, and maybe even to be the detriment of the Republican Party as well because there’s a lot support.  And do you hear a little of that in other parts of the country? 

RUSH:  No. 

CALLER:  ‘Cause it’s happening here. 

RUSH:  Let me square you away on this.  The Democrat Party is no longer a national party.  They have suffered massive defeats at the local level.  There are only five states where the Democrats have the governorship and the state legislature, really only four states.  They have lost over 14 or 1,500 seats — Congress, governor, state legislature, mayor, since 2010.  They are in a world of hurt.  Their agenda as embodied by Barack Obama has been thoroughly repudiated.  

In 2018 they have something like over 20 seats in the Senate they have to defend.  They are in the biggest world of hurt they have been in in my lifetime.  And it was not foreseen.  Don’t hang up out there, Darren.  Stick with me.  It was not foreseen because nobody paid any attention to all these losses they were racking up.  Everybody focused on Obama and how he was getting his way because the Republicans were afraid to stop him or even try.  

One election, the reason why your leftists that you know, your progressives are going nuts is because they’re in the wilderness, they don’t have a bench.  The biggest exciting news about their next presidential candidate is Joe Biden, when he’s gonna be 78 years old in 2020?  But let me tell you what I think the danger point is for us.  It’s one simple thing.  Well, there’s more than one.  The Democrat Party’s fastest way back is illegal immigration.  If we don’t actually do something about this, they’re gonna be back sooner than anybody knows.  

The Democrat Party needs a permanent underclass.  They need to import as many of those permanent underclass, ’cause our economy is gonna start skyrocketing.  Our economy is gonna grow.  I really have great optimistic faith that Trump’s gonna do what he said, because he is who he is.  And his cabinet picks are gonna help him get where he wants to go.  But if he doesn’t follow through on immigration — I don’t mean a wall.  But if we don’t stop this, then the ingredients for the Democrat Party’s rebound are going to be coming into this country every day like they are now.  

If that doesn’t stop then the battle for those people’s votes is going to continue.  Republicans and Democrats are both gonna be competing for them, and how you gonna compete for ’em?  Who can be the best purveyors of government welfare, sad to say, is how you appeal to those people.  At least it has been.  That’s the only reservation I have. Now, you might be saying, “Are you really afraid Trump’s not going to –”  I’m not afraid of anything.  I’m just waiting to see.  Because that’s the, I don’t want to call it pressure point, but that’s the vulnerability.  

There’s another one.  And that’s Obamacare.  Now, I haven’t talked about this yellow light.  I was intending to get into this in great detail next week.  But in case you haven’t heard, there is an argument going on in the House of Representatives among the Republicans about how to do this.  The debate is over do we repeal it and then replace it in two years or three?  The big argument is — ’cause they don’t have a replacement plan right now.  They can repeal it the day Trump gets into office, but what do they replace it with?  So the argument is repeal it but delay the actual repeal, you know, you pass the law that repeals it, but you don’t repeal it for either two years or three.   

Now, if you decide to replace it three years down the road and if you win big, if the Republicans win big in the 2018 midterms… Larry Sabato has a piece in which he said it’s possible the Republicans could have 62 or 63 seats in 2018.  But nobody knows.  I mean, Trump could turn out to be a disaster.  Trump could end up being great.  We don’t know.  The risk of waiting for three years after the 2018 midterms is: What if you lose seats and you’re the Republicans?  So the argument is, “Okay, repeal it, but then set the bomb to go off in two years so that you can replace it before the midterms and use that as a campaign aid.” 

Some of the Republicans in the House are still reluctant to do any of this.  They don’t want to repeal it.  They want to repeal the mandate but leave the preexisting conditions.  This is a potential disaster waiting to happen simply because the Republicans really haven’t changed when it comes to this.  They’re still scared to death of taking away an entitlement from people, and its tentacles have now been interwoven deeply into our society, no matter how unhappy people are with the HealthCare.gov website and all that.  

I’m thinking this whole idea of having something to replace it with is a smoke screen and this two-year, three-year delay… Just repeal it and turn loose the market on this!  I don’t… For me, I don’t understand what this two- or three-year delay is, but it’s the dominant argument now in the House over Obamacare.  So look, I promise I’m gonna get into this in much greater detail. Remind me next week, Snerdley, because this is crucial, the way the Republicans are thinking of dealing with Obamacare now.  

And there’s no real guidance from Trump on this yet, other than we’re gonna repeal it and replace it. But when do you replace it is the question — and with what?  They do not have an alternative Obamacare health care bill.  Now, my thinking is, “Good!  Why should the government be involved in this anyway?”  That’s the problem with it.  The risk is that if they repeal it and don’t have anything to replace it with, then the Democrat solution’s gonna be single payer.  

“Well, let’s just replace it! Let’s just expand it and put everybody on Medicare.”  So this fight is not over, folks, on Obamacare.  And then immigration.  Those are the two areas — immigration primarily. If that’s not actually dealt with and stopped, and if the law on that isn’t actually enforced… I’m not telling you I don’t think Trump is going to do it.  He asked me the question; I’m answering the question.  For this electoral victory to mean something, the key is immigration, folks.  

And that’s why Trump got elected.  All this other stuff? The trade deals, yes, they’re a factor. But immigration, illegal immigration is why he won.  We have to stop this flow of illegals who arguably automatically become Democrats, if we are to have a sustaining victory here.  Now, Darren, before you go, as you know, everybody in the last three weeks gets a free iPhone 7 or 7 Plus.  Which of the two would you prefer to have? 

CALLER:  Well, Rush, I think I’d go with the 7 Plus, with as much accolades that you give it. 

RUSH:  They’re both great.  I mean, I know I talk about the Plus.  The iPhone 7 is a great phone.  You can use it one-handed.  I don’t mean to be talking anybody into or out of things. But if you want the Plus, that’s fine.  What’s your carrier? 

CALLER:  I use Virgin Mobile, which is I believe a Sprint sister company, if I’m not mistaken. 

RUSH:  Virgin Mobile, Sprint.  We’ll find out.  I can tell you right now what it’s gonna be. I’ll tell you, while you’re on hold with Snerdley giving him your address, I’m gonna find out what phone I need to give you Virgin Mobile.  I got you covered.  I just need to find out which one we need to send you, and that will tell me the color options that I’ve got.

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