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RUSH: I want to ask some questions about Vladimir Putin and his competence, because the Democrats and the Drive-Bys are claiming that Putin involved himself in our election illegally. He interceded and his desire was for Trump to win. He wanted Trump and he wanted Hillary to lose.  So I have some questions about some things from the WikiLeaks dump about Democrat meddling, Robert Creamer previously explained hiring — at $1500 per person — people to disrupt Trump rallies and cause violence.

Donna Brazile was giving the questions to Hillary in a series of debates.  But I have questions about this.  Did Vladimir Putin secretly persuade Hillary Clinton to take off most of August?  Did Vladimir Putin tell Hillary, “You don’t need to go to Wisconsin! You got it in the bag. You don’t need to go to these Blue Wall states. You own them, Hillary! Don’t waste your time. In fact, Hillary, you don’t even need to campaign.  Just sit there and recuperate.  You don’t need to even leave your house, Hillary.” 

Did Vladimir Putin drug Hillary Clinton causing her to collapse into a van and have a seizure on 9/11?  Did Putin secretly tell Trump where to go and do his campaign right in the middle of the urban core?  Did Putin tell Trump to make a pitch for votes based on an economic message of jobs, jobs, jobs, and Make America Great Again?  Did Putin do all that?  Did Putin come up with Trump’s campaign slogan?  Did Putin secretly cut a deal with that babe on Saturday Night Live to portray Hillary Clinton to Millennials as an unlikable, power-hungry, humorless, robot politician? 

Did Putin tell Trump, “Go out there and spend all kinds of money and hold all these rallies! You do all these rallies and just get thousands of people showing up at these rallies. You just keep shouting ‘Make America Great Again! Make America Safe Again!'”  Did Putin secretly fund Robert Creamer?  Did he make Obama meet with Creamer and Black Lives Matter all those times in the White House?  Did Putin run out there and tell Democrat Party to base their election on transgender bathrooms and gay marriage and Black Lives Matter and the cops deserve to be shot and all the other things the Democrat Party stood for? 

Did Putin do that? 

Was Putin responsible for the campaign strategy of the Democrat Party?  Was Vladimir Putin responsible for Donald Trump’s campaign strategy?  Did Putin secretly influence this election so Donald Trump would put a bunch of warrior generals in positions of high responsibility in the U.S. military?  You’re telling me that Vladimir Putin wants a bunch of George Patton-type people in our cabinet?  You’re telling me that’s what Vladimir Putin wanted and he cheated this election so that that’s what Trump would do? 

Versus a woman who would continue the disarmament policies of her predecessor, Barack Hussein Obama, who thinks that the nuclear arsenal of the United States poses the greatest threat to freedom in the world and so we had to downsize?  You think Putin wants a Trump and all these great military guys, or would he have preferred to have Hillary who was going to disarm the United States anyway?  This Putin? I tell you, folks, he’s one sneaky, ingenious SOB the way he pulled all this off!  He had to be a brilliant guy for the Clinton campaign to be so special kind of stupid the way they lost this election.


RUSH:  Did Vladimir Putin tell Hillary Clinton to pile up all those votes in California and New York instead of focusing on electoral battleground states? When did Vladimir Putin tell Hillary Clinton to call half the country deplorables?  Man, oh, man, oh, man.  What power Putin has!

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