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Last Friday, the Drive-By Media went into outrage mode. Again. This time, over a questionnaire the Trump transition team sent to people who work in the Energy Department employees.

Among the 74 questions was this one: Who, among Department employees and contractors, worked on Obama’s global warming agenda? Specifically, who was involved in the “international climate pact,” where Obama went around Congress?

The whole questionnaire sent the libs into orbit. One Energy employee complained to the Washington Post that the question was “intrusive.” Worse, Trump asked the “novel” questions even before he assumes power.

Critics say Trump is “punishing” civil servants for what they did under a previous administration. Congressman Bill Foster, Democrat, Illinois, says it’s “tantamount to an illegal modern-day witch hunt.” He warns this will have a “profoundly chilling impact” on our “dedicated federal workforce.” Riiight.

I hate to break it to you leftists but in the real world, outside of government, this is standard operating practice. When a new management team takes over, they find out “who does what,” and “who did what.” And this might come as an even bigger surprise but new management usually makes changes. Based on new priorities and vision. Besides, government workers in the Executive Branch agencies aren’t sacred cows. They’re employees, who serve at the pleasure of the Executive.

Now’s a good time for those who are outraged to remember the words of Barack Obama: Elections have consequences.

Folks, it happens to everybody. I was once fired, because the radio station I worked at changed format. And we were playing Top 40 music and we called it ‘Salted Rot & Mold’ instead of ‘Solid Rock & Gold.’ The new owners came in and changed the format to Chinese opera. We were all broomed, it had no matter whether they liked us or not. We just didn’t know Chinese opera, so we were canned. That is the real world.

If you people in government can’t understand that a new administration, that doesn’t have a thing in common with you, wants you out, then you had better learn fast that it’s a new country, it’s a new day. And you better find a way to make good for yourself where you’re not depending on handouts from simpatico leftist who don’t know what the hell they’re talking about.

Can you do it? Can you find a job on your own? Can you make your own living in a real world that does not think what you think is real?

It’s gonna be a big challenge. And we’re all gonna be watching. We hope you make it.

Good luck. 

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