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“Unlike most Republicans who think they can’t get anywhere without at least some favorable treatment in the media or at least less criticism from the media, Trump doesn’t need the media. He’s got his Twitter account and he’s got his rallies.”

“Did Vladimir Putin tell Hillary Clinton to pile up all those votes in California and New York instead of focusing on electoral battleground states? When did Vladimir Putin tell Hillary Clinton to call half the country deplorables? Man, oh, man, oh, man. What power Putin has!”

“This is not a bunch of extremists who are not really part of the Democrat Party mainstream trying to run this recount and trying to intimidate the electors.  This is the Democrat Party.  There is no fringe in the Democrat Party.  They are all extreme, radical leftists, socialists, neocoms, whatever you want to call ’em.”

“I happen to believe that the intelligence community under Obama has been politicized, because I think everything under Obama has been politicized. One institution after another that the American people used to be able to rely on or trust have all fallen, I think, and have all become populated by extreme leftist radicals who are the mainstream of the Democrat Party.”

“We are living in the midst of a giant teachable moment.  This is how it happens.  This is how fake news takes root and becomes the narrative, becomes the daily script of the inside-the-Beltway soap opera written by the Drive-By Media.” 

“This whole business of Russia hacking our election is fake news with the imprimatur of intelligence agencies and the CIA, and it’s brought to us by the same newspapers that took out, tried to take out Richard Nixon.  And if I didn’t know better, I would say they are trying to relive the moment and Watergate Donald Trump.” 

“I will even, on the golf course, do show prep.  If you’re playing with some slow people, have time to check the phone, maybe see something, print it to the printer at work, and you’re done.” 

“How many of you who have paid attention to this story all weekend long and this morning, how many of think the story is that Russian government hacked our election?”

“Folks, concentrated central power and being in charge of it in Washington is all these people know.  There is no crossing the aisle.”

“I got a note from somebody who asked me how did I convince Apple to give me all these phones.  Folks, these are from me.  These are personal from me.  It’s all about sharing passions.  It’s Christmastime.  It’s fun.  Spreading the goodwill.”  

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