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RUSH: Let’s go to the audio sound bites.  Reince Priebus took Chuck Todd to school yesterday.  Chuck didn’t know it for a while.  We have I think three bites on this.  This is Meet the Press, Meet the Depressed, as it turns out.  F. Chuck Todd says to Reince Priebus, “Does Donald Trump have confidence in America’s intelligence?”

PRIEBUS:  Of course he has confidence, but we don’t have confidence in the New York Times releasing a report of unnamed sources of some kind of study that itself in the Washington Post said was inconclusive.  To claim that because the CIA had hacked emails of the DNC and the RNC and only used DNC emails, that meant that Russia was trying to influence the election, because the other piece of this, Chuck, was that the RNC was absolutely not hacked, number one. We had the FBI in the RNC.  We’ve been working with the FBI. We’ve had intelligence experts here —

TODD:  Why, let me ask you — (crosstalk)

PRIEBUS:  No, hang on, Chuck.  The RNC was not hacked.

TODD:  Well, then why was the FBI involved?

PRIEBUS:  When the DNC was hacked we called the FBI and they came in to help us and they came in to review what we were doing through our systems, and went through —

TODD:  Right.

PRIEBUS:  — every single thing that we did. We did this for a month, and we were not hacked.  So wait a second.  If we were not hacked, and that is absolutely not true, then where does that story lie?

RUSH:  Right, it’s a great question.  Because the premise is, in this story, the New York Times picked it up, that the Russians hacked both the RNC and the DNC but that they unfairly only used data from the DNC.  “It’s not fair.  It’s not fair.  And it proves that the Russians hacked and that they wanted Trump to win.”  And Priebus is telling him, “No, no, Chuck, Chuck, you’re laboring under a false conclusion.  We were not hacked, which means the story is wrong about that,” which ought to raise questions along the lines of what else in the story might be factually incorrect.  Chuck Todd, still not getting it, though, continued.

TODD:  Not a single person connected to the RNC was hacked. No Republican vendor who had interactions with the RNC network was hacked.  You guys have had a very specific denial that the RNC’s network wasn’t hacked.  That doesn’t mean Republicans associated with the RNC weren’t hacked. That doesn’t rule that out.  Do you specifically rule all that out?

RUSH:  So you see what Chuck is doing there.  So Priebus in the first bite, listen to me.  This is an object lesson on how this works.  You learn this, you’ll learn to spot it down the road, you won’t need me to explain it to you.  So Priebus points out unequivocally and categorically to Chuck Todd that the RNC was not hacked.  This doesn’t compute for Chuck, because Chuck has conducted this interview under the auspices, well, according to a belief that both parties were hacked but that the Russians only released Democrat-hacked data and therefore were wanting Trump to win. 

So Priebus says, “No, no, Chuck, we were not hacked.”  That destroys the entire premise and narrative that Chuck and the Drive-Bys have come up.  So after Priebus says, “We weren’t hacked, Chuck.”  Chuck says, “Really?  Not a single person, no Republican vendor?  Nobody that prints pamphlets and bumper stickers?  You mean not a single person that does anything with the Republicans was hacked, not a single person all across the country?  That doesn’t mean that Republicans associated with the RNC weren’t hacked.” 

He’s desperate, he’s desperate to have his audience believe that Priebus is lying when Priebus says the RNC wasn’t hacked.  Chuck says, “Oh, come on.  Maybe the guys that printed your bumpers stickers were hacked.  Maybe the guys that printed your pamphlets.  Maybe the guys running your phone bank.  How can you be sure, Reince, that you weren’t hacked?”  And Preibus maintained they were not hacked, that the FBI came in.  So Chuck still, still is not quite understanding what’s going on or he does and is trying to salvage it.  Here is the next and final bite.

PRIEBUS:  I don’t know why you’re so hot about this. I mean, the fact of the matter is — 

TODD: It’s not about me.

PRIEBUS:  — you should actually be happy that the RNC wasn’t hacked. 

TODD:  Well, no —

PRIEBUS:  The RNC was not hacked, Chuck.  I don’t know of any employee on any of their own gmail accounts that was hacked. So what I’m trying to tell you the RNC was not hacked, number one. That was the specific allegation that was made in the actual New York Times article.  The article didn’t say affiliates of the RNC.

TODD:  Okay.

PRIEBUS:  No, wait a second, Chuck.  The article said the RNC was hacked.  So don’t be defensive with me.  I’m refuting the specific fact that was made in the article to create this entire firestorm.  And the specific fact, as we’ve been told by the FBI repeatedly, including two days ago when we checked back with them about this issue, repeated the fact that the RNC was not hacked.  So you tell me where this story is at.  Why would the press run with something that wasn’t true?

RUSH:  Because they’re creating fake news!  They create a false narrative that both parties were hacked, but whatever was learned about the Republicans was not used ’cause the Russians didn’t want Trump to lose. They wanted Trump to win.  And so with Priebus telling Chuck Todd, “No, no! We weren’t hacked,” it destroys their entire fake news narrative.  Just destroys it.  So Chuck’s getting frustrated. You heard him say, “Wait a minute! This is not about me.”  It is, Chuck!  That’s the whole point!  It is about you! 

This whole election was about you!  It continues to be about you and everybody else in the media.  It is totally about you!  And what’s becoming clear is that the media is incapable, folks, of changing.  They’re not even able to practice deceit.  They only know one way of destroying Republicans, and they’re engaging in it again here.  And that’s why I’m not speaking lightly when I say they’re trying to Watergate Trump. 

You got Bernstein involved, you got Woodward involved, you got both newspapers: The Washington Post, the New York Times. Trump’s not even in office yet and Bernstein out there saying that Trump is worse than Nixon!  And the Russians hacking the election?  It wasn’t that long ago the Democrat Party loved the Russians!  The Democrat Party loved the Soviet Union!  I’m gonna remind you.  We were the first to, quote/unquote, “break the story” years ago of Ted Kennedy working with the Soviets to undermine Ronald Reagan in an election. 

The Democrat Party and the Soviet communists, the Russians or whatever, they have been blood brothers, and they were as recently as… Don’t forget Obama telling Dmitry Medvedev, “You tell Vlad…” This is the fall of 2012. “You tell Vlad be patient. I’ll have a lot more flexibility after I beat Romney and win reelection.”  He’s talking about getting rid of our nuclear weapons arsenal! This is the regime that’s been in bed with Putin.  This is the regime! Hillary Clinton with that cheap plastic red reset button? 

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