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RUSH: Suzanne is with us, Wichita, Kansas.  Hey, Suzanne, what’s up?  How are you?

CALLER:  It’s a pleasure to speak with you, Rush.  I just wanted to say I find this imaginary concern by the left really rich, because Obama’s State Department sent two grants, taxpayer money to anti-Netanyahu organizations in 2015 trying to prevent Netanyahu from getting elected.  It was all under the guise —

RUSH:  Oh, yeah.  It wasn’t just that.  It wasn’t just the money.  Obama sent people over there to run the campaign of Netanyahu’s opponent.  That’s interfering in a foreign election, isn’t it?

CALLER:  And there’s no outrage from the left on that.  And nor was there an investigation by the CIA.

RUSH:  No.  Well, there won’t be.  Obama was doing what they all supported.  They hate Netanyahu.  That’s a good point.  I’m glad you remember that.  Hey, Suzanne, this is the fourth week in a row now where every caller gets a brand-new iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus.  Would you like one?

CALLER:  Yes, I would actually.  It’d be for my husband.  His birthday is Christmas Day.

RUSH:  Cool.  Okay, 7 or 7 Plus?


RUSH:  And what carrier?

CALLER:  Verizon and we’ll take any color.

RUSH:  You got it.  Hang on.  We’ll get your address and you’ll have it tomorrow.  But don’t tell your husband. 

CALLER: Thanks.

RUSH: Are you gonna wait ’til Christmas Day to give it to him?

CALLER:  Yes, I am.

RUSH:  So is he not listening now?

CALLER:  He shouldn’t be. (laughing)

RUSH:  Good.  We hope he’s not.  So what kind of phone does he have now?

CALLER:  He has an iPhone 4.

RUSH:  iPhone 4.  Okay.  Just to give you a little heads-up. He’ll have to take this phone and make sure keep it in the box, take the new phone with the box and your current phone to the Verizon store to get the number moved because the SIM card in his iPhone 4 is too big for the new iPhone 7.  It won’t fit.  So you’ll tell them that the phone is unlooked, which the Verizon people will know, and that it’s a gift and —

CALLER:  Okay.

RUSH:  — they’ll set you all up.  So we’ll send you a pretty one, and it’ll have 256 giga.  Apple just released iOS 10.2 today, which is big, so stand by.  Mr. Snerdley will get your address here in just a second.


RUSH:  Just got this.  Josh Ernest… The White House is in on this now.  Ready for this? Josh Earnest, the White House press secretary… In fact, before… Let me find… I’ll get back to the Stacks of Stuff here.  Yes siree bob.  Back in November: “The Obama administration has defended the integrity of the presidential election despite fears of Russia attempting to undermine the vote.” This in TheHill.com on November 26th, my friends.  For those of you in Rio Linda, that’s about three weeks after the election was over. 

Again, TheHill.com going back here in time: “The Obama administration has defended the integrity of the presidential election despite fears of Russia attempting to undermine the vote. A statement of confidence in the election as ‘free and fair from a cybersecurity perspective’ came Friday as some liberal opponents of President-elect Donald Trump pushed for recounts in three states. In its statement, the administration blasted Russian-directed hacking and release of emails from Democratic groups over the summer, according to The New York Times.

“‘Nevertheless, we stand behind our election results, which accurately reflect the will of the American people,'” said the statement from the White House. November 26th. “The administration said it was ‘confident in the overall integrity of electoral infrastructure’ and that the ‘elections were free and fair from a cybersecurity perspective.'” This is Barack Obama and his administration back on November 26th.  That’s not even a month ago.  They were defending the integrity; they’re claiming that everything was fine and aboveboard; the Russians did not succeed. 

And yet Obama is now ordering a review of Russian election-related hacking! So what are you to believe?  Even this now has become politicized, and look how the wheel has turned.  In the last debate between Hillary and Trump, when Chris Wallace asked Trump if he would abide by the election results, Trump said, “I’ll let you know when they happen.  I’m gonna wait and see what happens.  And, yeah, if everything’s fine and dandy then, yeah. But I’m not gonna commit to you today.”  And remember how Washington erupted at that?

“Trump was undermining the integrity of elections and this is just not done! It’s another example of this rube Trump, this bull in a china shop, not knowing anything, on the verge here of destroying the sacred, sacrosanct American electoral system!  Does he have no shame whatsoever?”  And now look.  Hillary Clinton swearing she would abide by the results, and then even in her concession speech saying she was going to abide.  But now look at the 180. 

Now guess who is it that’s not accepting! Guess who is it that’s trying to undermine, guess who is it that’s challenging the sanctity of American elections?  Why, it’s our good old buddies Barack Obama and the Democrat Party on down. And today Josh Earnest in the White House in the press briefing, a reporter said, “Does the White House have a position on if the Russians were attempting to interfere with the election, what their motives were?  Was it to actually help elect Trump or was it just to create chaos?”

EARNEST:  The president-elect didn’t call it into question.  He called on Russia to hack his opponent!  He called on Russia to hack Secretary Clinton.  So he certainly had a pretty good sense of whose side this activity was coming down on.

RUSH:  Are you kidding me?

EARNEST:  The last several weeks of the election were focused on a discussion of emails that had been hacked and leaked by the Russians.  These were emails from the DNC and John Podesta.

RUSH:  That has never been confirmed that Russia had these emails and leaked them, and Trump did not encourage Russia to hack Hillary.  You know what this is?  Wait a minute.  No, it’s not that.  It’s not them just trying to help Hillary save her whatever.  They’re trying to overturn the election.  You had better take this seriously.  They are trying to overthrow this election result.  They are trying to delegitimize it.  They are trying to get these electors out there pressured into not getting to 270 for Trump. 

Now, if that happens, it goes to the House and the House would vote. You don’t know with McCain and Grahamnesty up there trying to influence votes. They’re in the Senate, I know.  But this is about much more than just trying to protect Hillary’s reputation for having been humiliated.  She’s lost the election three times now in eight years.  This is an out-and-out lie.  I mean, Trump didn’t call for the Russians to hack Hillary.  What this is… This was hilarious, by the way. 

The question was being asked if the Russians had hacked and where are Hillary’s missing 33,000 emails.  Do you remember?  There were 33,000 emails of Hillary’s that were missing, that she deleted!  And then somebody came along… It was alluded during the campaign that somebody had them and that WikiLeaks was going to be releasing them, and then a story came out that this Kim Dotcom guy had them or somebody had Hillary’s 33,000.  Trump was asked about it.  He said, “Maybe the Russians can find ’em.” 

He was cracking a joke! 

“Maybe the Russians can find her emails.”

And the reaction… These people in the Democrat Party — the media, the left — have no sense of humor, folks, especially when the joke’s on them. When you’re making fun of what they do and say, when you mock them, they can’t take it. They don’t get it.  They’re not funny people anyway.  They don’t laugh and smile by nature! They’re constantly scowling and running around in various degrees of outrage and angst and anger.  So when Trump said maybe the Russians, it was a throwaway. It was brilliant. It was a fabulous… 

I remember laughing myself silly over it here. 

In fact, I even used the line in a little press release announcing that I had agreed to do this for four more years.  I said, “I want to be on the air when the Russians find Hillary’s emails.”  I want to make sure, and (chuckles) I still do.  That’s what Trump said.  So here comes Josh Earnest, the White House press secretary, claiming that Trump asked the Russians to hack Hillary’s emails!  That’s how they distorted Trump’s joke, his line.  But, again, ladies and gentlemen, I’ll remind you here of this November 26th story.

Josh Earnest: “The president-elect didn’t call it into question.  He called on Russia to hack his opponent!  He called on Russia to hack Secretary Clinton.  So he certainly had a pretty good sense of whose side this activity was coming down on.”  November 26: “Obama Admin[istration] Defends Vote Integrity After Hacking Fears — The administration said it was ‘confident in the overall integrity of electoral infrastructure’ and that the ‘elections were free and fair from a cybersecurity perspective.'”

Now, it may be that some of this is aimed at salvaging what little is left of Hillary’s reputation, but don’t make any mistake of what’s really going on here.  They are doing their best to destroy the Trump presidency before it begins so that it never has any legitimacy.  I don’t think they believe…  Don’t misunderstand.  They don’t think they think they can oust Trump as the president-elect.  They don’t think they can get Hillary elected.  They would love if Trump didn’t get to 270 and the Electoral College if they were able to intimidate enough electors.  

They would love that.  They love it if the House of Representatives has to elect Trump.  Can you imagine the story then?  “Trump loses popular vote, Trump loses the Electoral College, and the Republican Party shamelessly installs him as president against the will of the voters anyway,” and he starts out as totally illegitimate.  That’s what their objective here is.  And whether or not you think they can pull it off is not the point.

They are trying to, and it doesn’t matter.  The media is going to portray Trump as illegitimate anyway.  That’s what this is all setting up.  The truth be damned.  This is fake news for a purpose.  And it’s gonna be up to Trump to continue to do what he has been doing and just going over their heads and continuing to tweet about them and exposing them as the frauds that they are, as the architects of fake news. 

But it’s gonna be an adversarial relationship because they’re not gonna stop ’til they get Trump impeached, folks.  There isn’t gonna be any unity over this.  There isn’t gonna be any kumbayas.  There’s not gonna be a point in time where the Democrats are gonna grow up and realize they lost and it’s time to start refocusing and looking at ways to win in 2018 and 2020.  This is gonna be all about destroying.  David Brock’s already out there raising money for this express purpose. 

Did you see Brock is now raising money for the Democrat version of Breitbart.  They did the talk radio version of Rush Limbaugh in Air America and it bombed royally.  And then they spent a lot of time trying to create the Democrat version of Fox News at MSNBC and CNN.  Didn’t work.  And now Brock admits they’re trying to create the Democrat version of Breitbart News.  Wait a minute.  I thought Breitbart News was bad.  I thought Breitbart News was part of this white supremacy movement.  Why would you want to replicate Breitbart News? 

These people are just all over.  But they’ve got one objective, folks.  They lost.  They can’t come to grips with it.  They’re never going to come to grips with it.  They’re never going to accept that they were rejected because of their policies and who they are.  They are going to tell themselves over and over again to the point that they believe that it was stolen from them.  They’ll come up with the most outrageous, egregious, humorous lies that nobody in their right mind will believe, except they will; and they’ll conduct their affairs accordingly.  This election was stolen from them, the Russians hacked. 

Need to ask, what’d the Russians hack?  There are two things in a vote.  You’ve got people that vote; you got people that count.  What was hacked?  Was the count hacked?  Doesn’t look like it because the recounts in these blue wall states hasn’t gone well.  Trump’s ended up gaining votes.  So I guess you want to say that the election was hacked on the ballot side, on the casting vote side, right?  Is that what you want to say?  So how did that happen?  Not enough dead people in Chicago showed up, too many dead people in California showed up, how does it work? 

This is all about discrediting and destroying Trump.  Folks, concentrated central power and being in charge of it in Washington is all these people know.  There is no crossing the aisle.  These are the same people that complain about gridlock. Well, everything they claim that they want is BS.  These are the ultimate dividers.  They do it on purpose.  They’re gonna continue.  Just mark my words.  


RUSH:  Aventura, Florida.  This is Francisco.  Francisco, greetings, and welcome to the EIB Network.  How are you?

CALLER:  Pretty good.  Good afternoon, Rush.  How are you doing today?

RUSH:  Very well, sir.  Thank you much for the call.

CALLER:  Okay.  I have a real issue with all these things that the Democrats have been doing.  I don’t think they’re taking in consideration at this point the kind of problem they could create. When you talked about the relationship of the United States with Russia, you know, there are two histories.  There have been problems — [unintelligible] that started with a heck of a lot less than this.  I think it should be a little bit measured.  I cannot believe that they’re going to do something like this, accusing — we’re not talking here about Guatemala or Venezuela; we’re talking about Russia, for God’s sake.  And we are [unintelligible] foreign power which —

RUSH:  I really don’t think — look, I know what you’re saying, Francisco.  You’re thinking that this haphazard talk accusing and indicting the Russians, it’s unseemly and it’s unprofessional and should not be occurring in public.  It’s the kind of anti-diplomacy that could cause the Russians to be publicly humiliated, get really, really mad —

CALLER:  Correct.  Correct.

RUSH:  — and then really, really go out and do something.

CALLER:  Yeah.  And that’s a problem.  If somehow these people are able actually to take Donald Trump out of the way and they are —

RUSH:  You know it?  Francisco, what you’re pointing out is this is actually a good point.  The fact — you’re right about that, and the fact the Democrats are doing it is proof that they do not really think the Russians did this.

CALLER:  Correct.

RUSH:  The dirty little secret is this whole thing is made up.  They don’t think —

CALLER:  Correct.

RUSH: — the Russians did this.

CALLER:  Correct.

RUSH:  They wouldn’t be doing this.  Plus, don’t worry, because Putin and Trump like each other.  So if Putin gets mad, Trump will be able to talk him off the ledge.  Send Tillerson over there.  Yeah, everything will be fine.  Hey, look you want a new iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus?

CALLER:  Absolutely.  Thank you very much.

RUSH:  Who is your carrier, who is your cell phone carrier?


RUSH:  AT&T.  So do you want a big one or a small one, a 7 or a 7 Plus?

CALLER:  7 Plus.

RUSH:  7 Plus.  Right on.  Color wise I’ve got everything.  What color do you want?

CALLER:  Black, if you have it.

RUSH:  All right.  I’ve got it.  So I want you to hang on.  Apple just released iOS 10.2 today.  It’s a big release.  It’s got some new emoji which matters a lot to people, strangely.  They do.  It’s got a new TV app that is awesome.  It has three new wallpapers, a whole bunch of stuff added to it.  Your phone will need to be upgraded.

CALLER:  I thank you very much. Actually, I’m going to give it to my daughter because today is her 14th birthday, so that’s gonna be her birthday present.

RUSH:  Well, in that case, maybe she’d want, depending on how big her hands are, you can have either one you want, but she might want a small one.

CALLER:  You might be right.

RUSH:  I don’t want to talk you out of anything.  I’m just trying to be helpful.  Most people, like I had somebody send back a Plus, just too big, which I don’t understand.  I think it’s the best phone ever made in the world, but does she use a phone now, does she use it one-handed?

CALLER:  Yes, she uses the five-inch.

RUSH:  She can’t use this one-handed.  If that’s a big deal to her, the Plus will be too big.

CALLER:  Yeah.  Shouldn’t be a problem.

RUSH:  I tell you what.  I tell you what.  We’ll send you a 7 and if she doesn’t want that, she wants it bigger, let us know, we’ll replace it.  But in the meantime, hang on so Mr. Snerdley get your address so we can have it out to you tomorrow.  

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