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RUSH: I guess Kanye West showed up at Trump Tower today, and the Drive-Bys are all just atwitter and aflutter about this. Apparently what happened was, Kanye West, recently out of the hospital for some sort of mental exhaustion, depression, typical Kardashianitis. Apparently he went back to New York, went into Trump Tower. He wandered in there and Trump heard he was there and came down and met him and actually escorted him out of the building as he left.  So people are saying, “Maybe Kanye’s gonna perform at the inaugural ball. Maybe that’s what this was.” 

Trump’s saying, “I’ve known Kanye for a long time.  I know all these guys,” and he does.  Trump know all these guys.  You know who’s at Trump Tower right now?  Jim Brown and Ray Lewis.  Jim Brown… (interruption) Jim Brown of the Cleveland Browns… (interruption) Naaaaaaah. No! Jim Brown, he’s not that left wing a radical. He’s not as left-wing radical as he could be.  I mean, he goes he goes back… (interruption) Yeah, he’s there with Ray Lewis, and there was some other, maybe an agent or something with them. 

Now, I don’t know if they’re there to meet Trump or if they’re just, you know, tourists, you know, walking in (laughing) and seeing what all the hubbub is about.  (interruption) Kardashianitis.  That’s what I call it.  Kardashianitis.  Kardashianitis.  Kardashianitis.  It seems to afflict everybody.  Anyway, they’re all upset about Kanye West.  I don’t understand what people don’t get here.  Kanye West is the prophet of low-information voters.  Why wouldn’t you want to hang out with Kanye West?  I mean, if you’re Donald Trump and you’re trying to spread your realm and your sphere of influence everywhere, Kanye West — who is the prophet! I mean, he is the king of the low-information crowd, by definition.

If it’s not Kanye, it’s somebody like him.  

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