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The Hill reports that Democrats are “grappling” with how to learn the right lessons from Donald Trump’s election. They’re trying to figure out how to avoid taking the wrong lessons into the next presidential race.

Joe Trippi, who ran Howard Dean’s failed campaign, says Hillary could have won if just a small number of voters in key states had voted the other way. So Trippi warns that making big changes could be dangerous. “Everybody can point to something that went wrong, and they’re right,” he says. Since lots of things went wrong, “It makes it impossible to know what the party really needs to do.”

Adding to the Democrat woes, they don’t have a clear leader, once Obama leaves office. Democrats worry that if they try to appeal to the “rust belt” voters who put Trump over the top, they risk alienating their black and Hispanic base.

The “right” lessons Democrats could learn, are obvious. For instance, putting aside “identity politics,” and embracing policies that are good for everybody. Or, abandoning class warfare, and the big-government welfare-state mentality, in favor of policies that would grow the economy for everybody.

Grapple as they might, Democrats won’t learn the right lessons. Because they will never, in a million years, admit the truth. Their problem is liberalism and they are liberals. They are doomed. Forever doomed. Hopefully. 

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