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“After eight years Obama comes into office with me living rent free in his head and I’m still there as he prepares to exit.”   

“My little tech blogger buddies, who really literally hate me, are just gonna be beside themselves today. They’re not going to know how to process this. They are going to be confused and angry and questioning the purpose of life, all because Bill Gates compared the Trumpster to John F. Kennedy in a favorable way!”

“I believe that the people in the Washington establishment on both sides are not happy. I know they’re not. I mean, there’s no reason why they should be. An outsider has come in and literally taken control of it and is on the march, and he is redesigning virtually every system they have had in place that first and foremost protects themselves: From the lobbyists, to the elected officials, to the cabinet people, to the bureaucrats in the various departments of government, to the certain aspects even of the establishment media.”

“My theory is that Trump is very much aware of how dangerously and precariously perched the country is. And the last thing that you want to do is irritate and provoke the guy who has control of all the levers of power. And so you go in there and you regard him as a superior, as smarter than you, really, really helpful, talk about how much — now, look, don’t tell Obama. If you tell Obama this, then the ruse is destroyed. Just keep it between us.”

“Trump’s got this summit with all the Silicon Valley CEOs, including the Google Obama guys who are coming in. And I will wager that not all, but a lot of them are gonna come out of that meeting singing a much different tune than they will sing going in.”

“Obama’s legacy is all about race. And I want to go on record. He’s the guy, folks — he is and the Democrat Party are the ones — who made his Regime all about race. His race defined his presidency.”

“Kanye West showed up at Trump Tower today, and the Drive-Bys are all just atwitter and aflutter about this. West is recently out of the hospital for some sort of mental exhaustion, depression, typical Kardashianitis.”

“Race paralyzed so much of this country in terms of criticism and opposition — and he’s president of the United States! Obama is not a dictator. What he wants just doesn’t automatically happen. But nobody had the courage — very few had the courage — to stand up and oppose what he was doing because of the racial component.”  

“Racial strife in this country’s maybe worse than… Well, no. Definitely it’s worse than when Obama took office.” 

“The Democrat Party is a party of identity politics. The Democrat Party is a party that seeks its power by putting its members into groups of victims who have grievances against America, and the grievances are all rooted in the American founding. And there has now been a huge backlash against it.” 

“Rex Tillerson started at Exxon in 1974. It’s the only place he has ever worked, and he didn’t start in the executive suite. He worked his way up to it and had to win a very fierce competition to get CEO after Lee Raymond, who was the preceding CEO, retired.”

“I’d be very, very careful about falling prey to the same things that liberals say about people, and that is rich people are automatically untrustworthy. They love to use class envy and they love to attack the whole notion of trickle-down economics by pointing out the rich are miserly and they don’t share and they don’t give. It’s not true.” 

“Kanye West is the prophet of low-information voters. Why wouldn’t you want to hang out with Kanye West? I mean, if you’re Donald Trump and you’re trying to spread your realm and your sphere of influence everywhere, Kanye West — who is the prophet! I mean, he is the king of the low-information crowd.” 

“Where was all this concern about the Russians when they were hacking the Department of Defense, trying to hack the State Department, trying to hack Hillary’s server? Where where all these calls for investigations? You know, until the Democrats end up losing an election, nobody wants to conduct an investigation to look at what happened.”  

“The world is turned upside down because the Democrats lose an election, all bets are off and we’ve gotta go out and find out why. And it can’t be that they had a lousy candidate. It can’t be that the lousy candidate ran a bad campaign. It can’t be possibly be the American people have had their fill of Democrat failure after failure after failure.” 

“It makes every bit of logical sense that Hillary Clinton would lose. She lost once in 2008 in her own party. She failed to get Obamacare passed. She has written a book that nobody because and nobody showed up at her book signings. There’s no evidence that she has any attraction for a mass number of Americans ever about anything.” 

“Democrats have shown they have the ability to wreck this country’s economy, to doom this country’s future. They don’t see this country in an upbeat and positive way, and we do not need people leading this country who do not love it, who do not believe in it, and who do not think that its best days are ahead of us. We do not need people like that.”  

“I think there’s members of the establishment, both parties, who are biding their time and hoping against hope that Trump bombs. And all this talk about sidling up to him and joining him and thinking he’s great after they talk, I think it’s BS. The establishment’s the establishment.”

“I’m not a person who has problem with oil. I think oil is the fuel of the engine of freedom. The more of it, the better, and we’re nowhere near replacing it. It’s a pipe dream. We need it, and the more of it that we have and control, the much better off everybody is.”

“I will guarantee you that Trump, in listening to Rex Tillerson describe how he has to succeed, what he has to do, I guarantee you Trump was blown away. I’ll bet you anybody would be, to hear what actually is required and necessary to succeed in that business.”

“If you voted for Trump, you voted for a different kind of greatness, a different kind of action, and that’s what this administration is gonna be. My hope is the left isn’t gonna be able to keep up with it. We shall see.”

“I don’t read The Politico except when somebody sends something to me.”

“The idea of big, intrusive government has not gone away, and it needs to be pared way back, and we don’t need people inside government sabotaging and undermining the duly elected president when he comes in.”

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