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A Note to Free iPhone Callers

RUSH:  Pardon me for a minute, folks.  I just have to say one clarifying thing to people today who have been given brand-new iPhone 7 Pluses.  That’s what the four that we’ve given away today requested.  Every caller this week, last week… We’re on our fourth week now. Every caller gets a free iPhone or iPhone 7 Plus, whichever they want. Oh, you know what I want to add to that, Mr. Snerdley?  We’ve got these people’s address.  I want to give them all a subscription to Rush 24/7 as well.  I meant to start that yesterday, and it just slipped my mind. 

We’ve got the data to make it happen, so you give it to whoever can make that happen and we’ll start these people, Limbaugh Letter, Rush 24/7 — one year — plus the phone.  Now, to those of you who have won, the phones that you’re getting are “unlocked,” which means they’ll work on any carrier.  And I told all the people today that the phones will have no SIM card.  It is possible… See, I don’t know how old all the phones here are and I can’t check this without opening them.  I don’t want to open them.  I want you to have them still in the cellophane wrapped, shrink-wrapped boxes, like brand-new. 

They might have a Verizon SIM card in them, and you told me you wanted AT&T.  It’s not a problem.  All Verizon iPhones are unlocked.  They will work on any carrier.  They don’t become locked until you actually make a deal with a carrier.  Well, these phones don’t have any deal attached. So the people that I told today, “Just take the phone to AT&T and tell ’em want your number moved to the new phone,” there might — I don’t think it’s likely, but there might — be a Verizon SIM card, and I don’t want the AT&T people to tell you, “Well this is a Verizon phone! We can’t hook this up.” 

They can.  You just have to tell them.  It’s unlocked, the phone was a gift, and just to put an AT&T SIM card in it and it will work.  I told you all that there’s no SIM card and it’s probably true, but there might be a couple of them that have Verizon SIM in ’em. But it doesn’t matter.  If your gift card has a Verizon SIM card in it, it’ll work on any carrier, unless you sign it up with Verizon, then it becomes locked there.  But before you do that, it will work on any carrier. 

NFL Dumps Pink October

RUSH:  And look at this.  The NFL is no longer going to do pink October.  The NFL’s league-wide commitment to breast cancer is over, but there’s gonna be a replacement.  Instead, individual teams will be able to choose their own cancer cause to support next season. 

The NFL has informed its teams, in a league-wide conference call, that pink October — it was a three week period in October in which teams dressed up the fields, the sidelines, and the player uniforms in pink to raise awareness and money for breast cancer will not continue next year.  

Trump Team to Clean House at Department of Energy

RUSH: Our Morning Update today, folks, was about the Trump administration sending a questionnaire to current employees.  These are federal employees at the DOE, the Department of Energy.  And one of the questions asked: Which of you — I’m paraphrasing — which of you have worked on climate change — it basically asked who among you buys into the Obama version of climate change?  Raise your hands.  Who among you have worked very hard on this area? 

And these employees are having a fit.  They claim that it’s a breach of privacy, and they have refused to provide Trump’s transition team with the list of names of people who have attended various climate meetings.  Bloomberg reported that Trump’s team had sent a questionnaire to the employees at DOE asking about a variety of programs and activities.  Some of the questions asked for a list of employees or contractors who’ve attended United Nations climate meetings, as well as meetings on the social cost of carbon. 

Employees at the Department of Energy said this request was alarming and intimidating and they are refusing to answer.  I need to give you people in the Department of Energy a little lesson on the real world and how it works when we come back and about Regime change.  So hang on for that.


RUSH: Okay.  Energy Department.  Very simple.  The Trump team is a different team.  They don’t believe man-made global warming, and they don’t want secret employees in the Department of Energy undermining them.  This is a mistake Bush made.  Bush left a bunch of Clinton people in office in 2000 to show goodwill, trying to mend fences after Florida 2000. So he left a bunch of Clinton appointees in various places, including the Justice Department, State Department.  It’s never a good idea. 

But it’s Bush’s business, and it’s the way he wanted to do things.  But it’s not Trump.  Trump wants to clear the stable.  He wants people who think the way he does.  It’s his entitlement.  He won the election!  These are appointed positions.  These are government employees.  They are employees, and if you don’t like the way the boss runs, you’ve got two things you can do.  You can either button down and accept it or you can quit!  I’ve told people, “I was fired, been fired…” It might be eight times, seven or eight times. 

One time I got fired in this business — a lot of times — for nothing to do with behavior, insubordination.  I was working at a station that played oldies, and the owner decided he wanted to sell it and he did, and the new owners decided to change format to Chinese opera or some such thing.  We all got fired.  Not because we were bad people, but we didn’t want to play Chinese opera! I wouldn’t have stayed anyway.  What kind of future…? It was not Chinese opera but it was some cockamamie music format that wasn’t gonna take my anywhere. 

And these people were under no obligation to keep me.  Well, you people at the DOE and you resent Trump’s questions to try to find out what you believe and what you think in there? This is his Department of Energy now! He was elected by the people for specific reasons.  He told people what his energy policy was.  These government bureaucrats, in many cases, act like they’re untouchable and that they can’t be forced to do things that they don’t want to do.  It really is a kind of an ignorance of the way the world works. 

Now, some people might be nervous at the Trump questionnaire, trying to find out, “Okay, who among you has traveled to the United Nations?  Who among you have participated in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change?  Who among you have traveled to various climate change and global warming conferences?” They’re trying to weed out the rabble.  I don’t know about… Folks, this is the kind of stuff that needs to be happen.  The Democrats do it when they win!  They don’t leave opponents in positions of power. 

Clinton fired all 93 U.S. attorneys when he took office — all 93 of ’em!  Nobody said a word.  When Bush did it, they all had a cow.  But it’s tradition.  The president puts U.S. attorneys in office that see things as he does, and it ought to be that way at State, and it will be, and it ought to be that way at the Department of Energy and it will be, and it ought to be that way at the Department of Commerce, and it will be.  I don’t care that the media has a cow!  I don’t care that the left and the Democrats have a cow.

I don’t care that young, little tech bloggers and Millennials who think that government is god worry that Trump is gonna get rid of the Department of Energy.  We only have the Department of Energy ’cause Nixon created it to try to curry favor with the left.  The same way with OSHA.  Who says we need a department…? Why do we need a Department of Education, when you get right down to it? Why does the federal government need to be in charge?  That’s why we have states!  “Because we need regulations to rein in killer capitalists.” 

Yeah, right. That’s why.  Hey, look, the idea of big, intrusive government has not gone away, and it needs to be pared way back, and we don’t need people inside government sabotaging and undermining the duly elected president when he comes in. And if the duly elected president wants make sure that he — or wants to try to get rid of all the potential ne’er-do-wells, more power to him!  These are employees!  They’re not bosses.  They didn’t run for election, and they didn’t win. 

Scientists Want to Give Atmosphere an Antacid to Relieve Climate Change

RUSH:  We have some holdovers for tomorrow, such as this.  “Scientists Want to Give the Atmosphere an Antacid to Relieve Climate Change.” We’re surrounded by a special kind, a new kind of stupid here, folks.  There’s just no way around it.

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