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RUSH: I caught hell, I caught hell when I was analyzing Trump’s stimulus the other day and didn’t condemn it.  I caught a lot of grief because as a conservative I should oppose all stimulus spending.  And I didn’t condemn it, I was explaining how it might differ from Obama’s and how it might be accepted where Obama’s wasn’t.  But may I make an observation?  Some of the people that are trashing me, you know, Washington types.  They weren’t really trashing.  They were trying to call into question my, shall we say, what?  Purity. 

Remember all of those Obama budget increases?  Every time Obama wanted a budget deal, new reconciliation bill, did any of the Republicans stand and try to stop it?  There wasn’t any push-back on Obama’s budgets, were there?  Not much.  And in this past year, Mitch McConnell announced that there wasn’t gonna be any opposition to Obama at all. 

So the people mad at me for not condemning Trump’s trillion-dollar — which he said was a stimulus over ten years, by the way, and it’s gonna be paid for with getting money from other government agencies.  And there’s plenty of that, by the way.  There’s plenty of waste, fraud, wherever, all over this budget, to go get a trillion dollars over ten years from others without allocating new. 

But my point is, there were all kinds of Republicans who went along with every new dollar Obama spent and some even gave him more money than he asked for in one of his budgets, and they did it to prove to the Big Government voter that they had a heart.  Remember that, Mr. Snerdley?  So all these people condemning me for not condemning Trump’s stimulus are the same people that happily applauded the increases in spending that Obama authorized that the Republicans did not stand in the way of —  just a little hypocrisy.  

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