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“As I sit back and I examine the political landscape, it is really striking how pathetic, out of step, marginalized, childish, and whiny the Democrat Party and the Drive-By Media appear.”

“You want to know why so many Democrats are literally insane? They raise them to be. They raise their kids to be insane.”

“It is a fact that if there was any rigging going on in this election, it was the DNC and the Clinton campaign rigging the game against Crazy Bernie.” 

“Do you realize how much of the so-called gospel that is the left and the media has been blown to smithereens here by Trump winning? And they still don’t know what hit them! They have not seen politics like it’s going to be practiced. They have not seen action like it is going to take place.”

“The Democrat Party and the media just look inept. They look irrelevant. They have become marginalized. They don’t even appear to be on the same playing field that Trump is on. They don’t even appear to be in the same league.” 

“What we are witnessing here is a reversal. Everything that used to be is 180 degrees out of phase, and what we are seeing is the Democrat Party doesn’t know how to deal with it when they are on the short end of unfairness. They’ve always had the media on their side destroying Republicans, running interference for the Democrat Party because the Democrat Party and the media are essentially the same.”  

“The Democrat National Committee rigged its own primary. They rigged their own primary and screwed Crazy Bernie. This has been discovered. But nobody seems to be upset about that hack. Nobody seems to be upset about the hack that revealed that information, even the electors.” 

“It’s getting absurd what Demicrats are maintaining now, and these last-ditch efforts to derail what happened are becoming laughable. The Democrat Party has become a standing joke.” 

“The DNC was hacked, and that hack discovered that Hillary Clinton and the DNC had rigged the primary against Bernie Sanders. And there is a thousand times more evidence for that than there is of any evidence that the Russians hacked the election.”   

“Nobody’s alleging Russia hacked the vote and nobody’s alleging that they hacked the count and nobody’s alleging that they hacked the machines. So what did the Russians hack? How did the Russians throw the election to Trump? There’s no way.” 

“I want to be very, very clear on this. I’m not suggesting that there wasn’t any hacking. What I am telling you is the Democrats didn’t lose because of that.” 

“Well, hey, Democrats, how does it feel? We Republicans, this is what we go through our entire lives, being mistreated, treated unfairly by the media. In this case, your case, the media is not the media. It’s the Russians. The Russians mistreated you, the Russians weren’t fair to you, if that’s what you want to try to tell everybody.” 

“You electors thinking of voting for Hillary and you want intel briefings? Maybe you ought to ask somebody to come in and tell you exactly how Hillary Clinton cheated and stole the Democrat nomination from Bernie Sanders. That’s what you need to look at.”

“I don’t have any doubt liberals start teaching their children about the evil of Republicans and abortion when they’re nine or 10. I wouldn’t have any doubt about that at all. It makes perfect sense to me, in fact. I mean, that’s how you raise your kids to be mirror images of you. I mean, you train them early, propagandize them, brainwash, whatever. It’s called raising them.” 

“Democrats don’t tell us why Putin wanted Trump to win, when most people with common sense would think that Putin would like a lackey in office, like Hillary Clinton, who has been on record demonstrating her naivete and dare I say stupidity.”

“Never mind that the Democrat Party has, up ’til now, been in bed with Russia. Russia was a common enemy of the United States, and when a Republican was in the White House, any enemy of the White House was a friend of the Democrats.”    

“The Democrats are finding out what it’s like when a powerful entity, in their mind, is treating one side differently than the other. They can’t handle it, folks. They can’t deal with this kind of adversity, so they claim that this is why they lost the election.”  

“The thing that stood out to me last night was a very short sentence that Trump uttered, and he repeated it two or three times. ‘We’re gonna work so hard for you. We are gonna work so hard for you.’ And I have no doubt that that’s exactly what’s gonna happen.” 

“What explains the liberal admiration and adulation for people like Fidel Castro? And it wasn’t just Castro. They felt the same way about Hugo Chavez.” 

“Democrats can’t survive in any kind of adversity. Look at how they’re crying and whining like a bunch of stuck pigs over the mean Russians.”

“My dad was a huge Jim Brown fan. I’ll never forget being a kid watching the NFL on TV. My dad was blown away by the fact that Jim Brown didn’t wear hip pads, which meant he was a tough, tough guy. It’s amazing what you remember growing up.”

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