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RUSH: Trump just finished the meeting with the tech CEOs at Trump Tower, and this is the sound bite we have from Donald Trump talking about how it went…

TRUMP: (camera shutters throughout) I’m here to help you folks do well, and you’re doing well right now, and I’m very honored by the bounce.  They’re all talking about “the bounce.” So right now everybody in this room has to like me at least a little bit. But we’re gonna try and have that bounce continue, and perhaps even more importantly, we want you to keep going with the incredible innovation.  There’s nobody like you in the world.  There’s nobody like the people in this room. 

And anything we can do to help this go long — and we’re gonna be there for you. And, you know, you’ll call my people, you’ll call me, it doesn’t make any difference.  We have no formal chain of command around here.  And honored to have Gary [Cohn], the president of Goldman Sachs — left Goldman Sachs to do this — and Wilbur [Ross]. Everybody knows Wilbur. They never call him “Wilbur Ross” on Wall Street. They just say, “Oh, it’s Wilbur.'”

RUSH:  So Trump… Actually, I think Trump is… If there’s any kind of an effort here to claim an economic recovery for Obama, Trump’s in there trying to get it for himself.  He’s labeling this economic recovery “the bounce.” He’s claiming it as his.  He wants it to continue, and he told these tech guys, “More importantly, we want you to keep going with the incredible innovation.  There’s nobody like you in the world.”  Can you imagine these guys?

Honest to God, these tech people are all… I mean, they are high-octane leftists.  They walk in there, they’re prepared to think that they’re meeting with a neofascist who — if they say the wrong thing — might put ’em in a camp.  Can you imagine their reaction when they meet Donald Trump and find out, face-to-face, that all he wants is everybody to be great, and he appreciates their innovation?  I don’t know how many of ’em had their minds changed, but I guarantee you there’s a lot of people in that room of these tech people.

I mean, they’re hard-core leftists, and many of them believe all this stuff.  They’re social warriors, Social Justice Warriors, and they walk in there preparing to see some three-horned cyclops.  I guarantee you they had a different frame of mind.  They may not say so.  I guarantee you they do.  And he wants it to be great, to be even greater. “Call anybody any time! Whatever we can do to help you. We want anybody who can help. We’re gonna work so hard for you!” He tells people, “We’re gonna work so hard for you, you’re…”

And I have a sense that he really means it literally.  

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