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RUSH:  Dianne Feinstein says that “Hillary Rodham Clinton is ‘Hurting’ After the Campaign of ‘Name Calling’ and ‘Email Intrusion.'” This is a video from Breitbart.  Wednesday on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) said … Hillary Clinton is ‘hurting’ after the 2016 campaign because of the ‘name-calling,’ and ‘e-mail intrusion,’ she endured.” Name-calling?  Are you kidding me?  Hillary, come on.  You put your pants on one leg at a time like every other guy out there.  The idea that your feelings are hurt?  I’m sorry. 

You know, she does this.  She plays this victim card all the damn time, trying to evoke sympathy.  She started crying one in 2008 when Obama was shellacking her. She was in the New Hampshire primary and started crying after shouting (screeching) “And nobody can tell us that we can’t… (sobbing)” She started crying. Oh, she’s so hurt! Hillary is so sensitive; she feels so bad! She got a question, “How do you keep going?”  It was a planted question.  Nobody asks politicians that.  “How do you do it, Hillary?” said a person in the audience. 

“How do you keep going? All the personal assaults, all the insults! How do you keep going?”  She started crying in her answer and the media thought it was great.  So now Dianne Feinstein’s out, and they’re reprising this.  She’s hurt.  If you ask me, Hillary Clinton did a lot more name-calling than Trump ever did.  If you ask me, Hillary Clinton ran the most vicious campaign in American history.  She didn’t have a message.  Hillary’s Clinton message was that Donald Trump is unfit, Donald Trump is unsuitable, Donald Trump is a neophyte, Donald Trump is a Cro-Magnon.  Donald Trump’s this; Donald Trump’s that. 

That was her campaign, personally attacking Trump as unqualified and unsuitable.  Email intrusion? Are you kidding me?  Email intrusions?  What is she talking about?  She’s the one that invited this.  I thought she claimed that her unsecure, illegal server was never hacked anyway, so what email intrusions?  “Feinstein said, ‘We had a quiet dinner, just the two of us in my hideaway.'” Awww. Aw.  DiFi has a hideaway.  I wonder where DiFi’s hideaway is.  Wouldn’t you love to be a fly on the wall in DiFi’s hideaway?  What goes on in Feinstein’s hideaway? 

“Feinstein said, ‘We had a quiet dinner, just the two of us in my hideaway. I am extraordinarily fond of this woman. I think it is fair to say she’s hurting. She is brave. She is a real professional in the sense of her values, her care, her concern.'” Oh, that’s it. She said she’d done more for children than anybody in the world, that she had cared for children since, I don’t know, the 1970s.  She did a lot of caring; there was a lot of concern.  There weren’t too many people that came forward and said, “I was a child when Hillary Clinton was caring for all of us, and because of Hillary Clinton’s care, I have become it is [blank] that I am.”

There was none of that.  Where are all these success stories?  And Hillary is professional? (chuckles) Yeah, right.  You mean like in not accepting the results of an election, that kind of professional?  Especially when you harped on what a threat it would be to democracy to not accept the outcome of an election?  Yeah, it would have been a threat to democracy if Trump did it, but with Hillary doing it, she’s hurting! (sniffling) She’s in pain; she’s suffering! (sobbing)   She’s… She’s… Name-calling, email intrusions! She’s in pain.  She told me in my hideaway.

“I think all of us know who watched that campaign, it was a very hard campaign for her,” said DiFi.  “The name-calling, the email intrusion, the…” What is that?  What in the world are they talking about, “the email intrusion”?  Well, those weren’t Hillary’s.  Hillary’s name was never mentioned in those emails!  Does anybody remember that, by the way?  In all of those Podesta’s emails, not a single reference to her.  How do you figure that?  Not a single reference!

Those emails had to do with Podesta and the Democrat Party at large, but she was mentioned in them and there were no emails to or from her in this dump.  Has anybody stopped to think about that?  I did.  I noted it and opened it at the time.  I found it extremely curious.  Here’s this Podesta guy. It seems like this guy had no time to do anything but email.  We’re talking thousands of emails that this guy was receiving and replying to and originating, and not one of them mentioned her.  The only email intrusion here is probably the FBI investigation. 

You know what? This is a veiled reference to that dastardly Comey.  That’s what this is.  Here’s what killed her: Comey and Putin and Trump. The triumvirate! Comey, Putin, Trump did her in.  But even her husband, Bill Clinton’s out there (impression), “Yeah, I tried to tell ’em! (chuckling) I tried to tell ’em, ‘Get your butts into Wisconsin and you gotta get to Michigan,’ and you know what? They told me to go pound sand! ‘You’re an old guy and you don’t know what politics are anymore, and you just need to stop bugging us about it.'” That’s exactly what they told him.  At least, that’s the legend. 

The legend is that Bill Clinton was trying to save the day and that nobody there was listening because it was all Huma and that Bill could not penetrate the Huma — excuse me — the wall that Huma had erected around Hillary.  But I can’t read any more of this or I’m gonna start crying.  It affects me just too deeply here.  Well, let me read one more.  Dianne Feinstein from the hideaway: “So I think she has a spine of steel.” Is that why she’s hurting and crying and upset about the name-calling? The spine of steel?  Yeah. 

“So I think she has a spine of steel. I think she’s going to come through this fine. But I think this is really a tough time for a wonderful human being.” Just stop it.  Just stop.  I can’t handle anymore, or I will break out crying.  The sense of entitlement and the expectation that these people have.  Now, the stories about Huma and it being her fault? Let me tell you something, folks.  I have… Because I understand organizations, and I understand people, because I’m in a business that is defined and populated by ego.

Therefore, I have a special understanding and sensitivity.  And just to share with you, from the first moment I learned who Huma Abedin was, which is, I don’t know, not that long ago. Ten years ago, eight? It was when Hillary was running, I think in 2008, is when I first really became aware of Huma and the role she played.  And as I got to know Huma by news accounts and the whole reporting on the Hillary campaign team, one of the questions that I asked myself: Okay, this Huma is being reported as practically inseparable from Hillary. 

Wherever Hillary is, Huma is.  She’s the body person, she’s the chief adviser, the chief confidante, she is the shoulder to cry on, she was everything.  And I would tell myself, there have to be some people in the Hillary camp that are jealous of this and don’t like this.  Because people are people.  And Hillary Clinton, in that universe, is a star.  Hillary Clinton is huge in that universe, particularly as a future president who’s guaranteed to be president.  She’s going to be coronated. 

In the Democrat worldview, 2008 was her turn, and everybody agreed, because of the loyalty she’d shown to Bill Clinton and the party throughout the nineties, that the payback was that she was gonna be the nominee.  And then we know happened, Obama came along and they decided they liked him better than they liked Hillary and that had to be terribly upsetting, but to everybody in her orb, she’s a star. 

You know, anybody that is going to be president someday and is thought to be, they are a star in that group, and everybody wants to be around ’em, everybody wants to be in the tight circle, the inner circle.  Everybody wants to be the number one that matters.  And there’s always somebody who is, and the rest aren’t.  And human nature being what it is, I wondered how many people in the Clinton camp really had long knives out for Huma but didn’t dare do anything about it because Hillary obviously trusted this woman implicitly. 

And what we’re learning now since the campaign has totally imploded, since the Hillary future is over and since she’s not going to be the queen and everything that all of these people in her group spent all of these last years devoted to has just blown up, now the truth of what people in that group have thought of Huma is starting to surface. 

And as is always the case; outside looking in, particularly with media adulation of somebody like Hillary, the reporting on Hillary and her coterie of support staff is one of a big, giant happy family, all united, all loving each other, all focused on the singular objective of getting Hillary into the White House, just total devotion. 

You know that’s not true.  Things are never that way.  There’s always jealousy, and there’s always envy, and there’s always one or two people trying to undermine others, in every group, it’s without fail, folks, without fail, in every presidential.  In a cabinet or whatever group of people around the president. Trump’s advisers, I guarantee you there are people trying to undermine somebody. Somebody’s trying to undermine Reince. Somebody’s trying to undermine Bannon. Somebody’s trying to influence Trump not to like — it just happens. 

But we weren’t told of any of that that went on with Hillary.  There’s a story in Politico yesterday.  Well, these stories are all over the place, about how the Trump inner circle is in total disarray.  Have you seen these stories recently?  I mean, you can guarantee there’s gonna be one every three or four days about how the transition team is imploding, the transition team doesn’t know what it’s doing, they’re off the tracks, that Trump doesn’t know enough about what he’s doing to provide the guidance so people are freelancing.  The Politico is usually where you see these. 

The latest version of this is that Reince Priebus is trying to undermine all of the Trump people that were with him in the campaign and get rid of them and have establishment types take their place within the Trump inner circle.  I don’t believe any of this.  Well, I take that back.  I’m not gonna get into specifics.  And I don’t know anything, by the way.  When I read it, there’s some things I tend to think might be true and others that I know just instinctively aren’t.  But that kind of intrigue is never reported on about, say, Obama.  It was never reported on in the Bill Clinton campaign team or presidential team. It was never reported on in the Hillary campaign. 

The media never tells us of any of this internal sniping and sabotage, maneuvering, undermining, all these things that go on in every group of people.  But now it’s starting to surface.  And this Daily Caller piece: “The Claws Come Out! Hillary Staffers Rip Huma In Shocking Profile.”  You gotta remember, these are a bunch of people right now who thought they were about to be in close proximity to the most powerful person in the world. 

These are people who were about to have a nice, safe, very cushy, high profile, lots-of-potential-fame job in the Clinton administration.  And now they’re not only out of work and failures, they don’t have any avenue left to get where they thought they were going to be today.  They are depressed, they are out of sorts, they’re unhinged, they’re deranged, and somebody has to be blamed for it.  And the long knives are out for Huma. 

Everybody had one job.  The one job was to keep Hillary Clinton vertical so that she could be elected president.  Keep her vertical long enough so she could be elected.  And they all bombed out. 

“Hillary Clinton insiders have turned their backs on Huma Abedin after a devastating election loss. In a shocking new profile published in ‘Vanity Fair’ Wednesday, former advisers ripped into one of Clinton’s closest aides — claiming she enjoyed the limelight a little too much and suffocated Clinton to where she couldn’t embrace new campaign ideas. ‘I really don’t give a [bleep] about what happens to Huma to be honest with you,’ one adviser said. ‘She was enjoying the red carpet and enjoying the photo spreads much too much in my opinion,’ another added. ‘She enjoyed being a celebrity too much.'”

You see, this kind of stuff is always going on.  Also part of this story, somebody’s quoted as being really deeply mad and resentful.  On the day after the election when Hillary did her concession speech in the morning, when she finished the speech, she left the little podium area of the stage and she went to the rope line to shake hands with all the donors who are wondering what the hell they’re gonna do to get their money back, and Huma was right behind shaking the same hands.  And a couple of advisors, “What is she doing on this side of the rope line?  She’s not the candidate, what is she doing accepting thanks and accepting gratitude?  What is she doing?  She has no business following Hillary.”  All kinds of stuff like this. 

Then they start piling on her about her pervert husband and in the emails that she left on her computer that ended up on —  I’m telling you, folks, the change in fortune, the reversal in fortune here, and it’s throughout the Democrat Party, not just Hillary.  It’s the Obama administration, it’s everywhere, and it’s turned them into a special kind of stupid.

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