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“When it comes to immigration and a number of key policy ideas, Alexander Hamilton and Donald Trump are very, very close. These Hollywood waste cases are out suggesting that electors study up on Alexander Hamilton and do what Hamilton ‘would have done.’ Hamilton would be embracing Trump today for much of what Trump is doing.” 

“Democrats keep trying to suck us into this, and, folks, I got no choice. I gotta get sucked in. I gotta let the suckers succeed here in order to obliterate what they’re talking about, but I still resent it. This whole election-was-hacked thing is a full-fledged joke.”

“I’m at a point, folks, where I don’t believe anything. My first gut reaction to anything I see in the news is to question it and to check it myself and to not believe it.”

“232 electoral votes is the fewest electoral votes for any member of the Democrat Party since 1988. Fewer electoral votes than John Kerry in 2004. Fewer electoral votes than Algore in 2000. Hillary Clinton was a horrible candidate.”

“It’s funny because all of these celebrities refer to one Founding Father: Hamilton. It’s the only Founding Father they know! The only Founding Father is Hamilton, and the only reason they know that is because there is a big musical about Hamilton, and so it’s pop culture city.” 

“We have a very disappointed and angry Democrat Party which is still conducting total control over the levers of power. We have a president who has been personally repudiated. His agenda has been personally repudiated in this election. Whether he admits it public or not, he knows it.”   

“It is a dangerously incompetent charge to suggest that the president-elect worked with the Russians to hack the Democrats and affect the outcome of United States election. And that’s what Josh Earnest said from the White House, which means Obama thinks it.” 

“Hillary has her big party tonight at the Plaza Hotel in New York as a thank-you for donors. Do you know who’s paying for this? The donors. Hillary is taking unused money that the donors sent and throwing the party. So the donors are actually paying for the party that Hillary is ostensibly throwing.”

“We’re really at a very, very precariously, dangerous time in America now, because the people that have been defeated have become unhinged, but they still have the levers of power. So Trump is doing everything he could not to provoke them.”

“The Drive-Bys are really, really conflicted by the fact their ratings are up, their subscriber base is up. People are paying more attention to all these media outlets, except for CNN and MSNBC, and they love it, and they know Trump’s doing it, and they hate it, they hate everything about it, and they hate that Trump runs rings around them. But a part of ’em likes it as well.”

“Hillary’s blue wall? It betrayed her. Trump won those three states: Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan. They tried with the recount to prove that there was fraud and the Russians had hacked it. There was no evidence. Trump increased his margin of victory in two of them.”

“Trump feeds the media. And what we’re finding out is it doesn’t matter, they’re gonna make stuff up anyway. Trump knows what their agenda is. Their agenda is to take him out. He knows this.”

“Wouldn’t it just be the most delicious irony of all if it was in fact Democrat whistleblowers who had no desire for Hillary Clinton to get anywhere near the Oval Office who were doing the leaking and the, quote, unquote, sabotage. Wouldn’t that just be delicious, folks. And I wouldn’t discount the possibility.” 

“I know how to listen to Trump. I’ve made a special effort at this, and I know the guy upwards and forwards and back, inside out.”

“Trump has every intention of making this country, without any doubt and question, the greatest place on this planet, in positive, good ways.”

“Do you know in Detroit that there were many more votes counted than were cast? We learned that yesterday. Who runs Detroit? The Democrats run Detroit.”

“Democrats have no ability to laugh at much of anything now, certainly not themselves.”

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