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RUSH: I’m gonna begin the hour here with a personal apology, and every time I do this the staff on the other side of the glass starts giving me weird looks and, “What are you apologizing for?”  I want to apologize for my near loss of composure in the first hour of this program.  In my memory there are two or three times in the first hour I was literally on the verge of screaming in here, which I never do. 

I pride myself on having a good governor on these things and always trying to find the humorous and lighthearted aspect of things, but I tell you with Michelle Obama — and I just saw this right before the program. I didn’t know this had happened. I mean, literally two minutes before the program began somebody puts a piece of paper in front of me, “Michelle Obama says we’ve lost all hope.”  It just set me off.  I was already irritated, this whole Russian hacking, I’m just ticked. 

I’ve been ticked ever since Monday having to even talk about this ’cause it means I’m being sucked and roped into it like everybody else is.  It’s one big gigantic bogus piece of fake news because Donald Trump won this election. It was a legitimate election. The Russians didn’t have a damn thing to do with it. The Democrats — here, see, here I’m going again. 

The Democrats lost this election because they deserved to lose this election.  They have presided over the last eight years of misery.  Nobody in their right mind — here I go — would want any more of it.  The idea that Hillary Clinton lost this because there was some sort of cheating, that Vladimir Putin wanted Trump in the White House ’cause Trump is some kind of lackey. 

You wait.  The lackey is Obama.  The lackey is Hillary Clinton.  The lackey is the Democrat Party which thinks the United States is the problem in the world.  They are the people that pose the great threat, not us, and not Trump.  People that want to make America great again, people that want to restore this nation to superpower status for the goodness of the world, for the benefit of everybody in the world.  That’s exactly the proper order of things.  And the Democrat Party simply doesn’t believe that that’s the role for the United States because they think we are the reason for the problems starting with the destruction of the planet and then wherever you go from there you’re just going further insane. 

They deserve to lose.  In a sane, reasonable world, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, and every one of them deserved to lose.  In fact, it was a great reinforcement that common sense still lives and exists in this country. I was near the boiling point when I listened to these crybabies whine and moan how it’s not possible for them to lose, there has to be some chicanery involved, there has to be some cheating involved. It had to be the Russians, and if not the Russians then this new guy in the Philippines. And if it wasn’t him, it’d be Castro from beyond the grave. And if it wasn’t him, it’d be the ChiComs. And if it wasn’t him or who knows, it would be somebody, because Lord knows nobody would say “no” to Democrats, despite the fact that that’s exactly what voters have been doing since 2010. 

The Democrat Party has been shellacked every election starting in 2010.  All it took was two years of Obama, and this country saw the light.  But nobody reported that because the Democrat Party is the media.  This election was legitimate.  It makes sense.  It is entirely warranted by virtue of events.  It is restorative.  It restores confidence in the American people, my confidence in them.  It restores confidence in a number of American institutions.  And in my view, the country has been saved and so that’s every reason to be upbeat and excited.

For everybody, this is a benefit for everybody, including these unhinged lunatics on the left who unfortunately are the product of propaganda and disinformation and indoctrination starting — I mean, for crying out loud, George Stephanopoulos’ 14-year-old daughter, when Trump is proclaimed president, starts running around the house shouting, “No abortion!” A 14-year-old, what are they doing to their kids, much less ours?  Fourteen years old, Trump wins and the first thought of a 14-year-old girl is no abortion.  What must this little kid be taught? 

This is sick.  Every bit of this deserve to be defeated.  Everything about the Trump campaign was up lifting. I realize there are people that don’t like Trump and I realize that there are conservatives who think he’s come along and blown the conservative movement to smithereens.  I’m sorry; that had already happened.  That’s a discussion for a different day.  We’ll get into that at some point, I’m sure, down the road. 

But for now the Electoral College, “We should delay it, we need intel briefings.”  This is just insulting one day after the next in this never ending drumbeat of fake news designed as real news that in itself is a lying presentation of what a majority of American people think.  I’m just sick of it.  And seeing Michelle Obama, “We’re outta hope,” just sent me over.  So I apologize ’cause I — (interruption)  Oh, I know.  I know he’s coming. Is this his final press conference of the — (interruption) oh, the final of the year.  Well, you know damn well what this is gonna be. 

I can predict what this is gonna be. (imitating Obama) “Well, you know what?  I knew the Russians were trying to impact the election all the way back in September. Reports have been that I didn’t do anything about it, but I did.  I told Putin, I said, ‘Vlad, I told you I needed more flexibility. I’d have it after the election in 2012, you didn’t wait, Vlad.'”  Whatever he does, it’s gonna confirm this fake news narrative that’s out there that the Russians did this.  I don’t know how he’s gonna handle it happened while he’s in office and he either tried to stop it or didn’t. 

But, believe me, he’s gonna continue this theme.  He’s not gonna go against his wife.  His wife says it’s hopeless, and he’s gonna continue the theme in his own way.  He’s gonna do what he can to erode confidence in the election outcome.  He’s gonna do what he can to continue to portray Trump as a questionable and dubious, maybe dangerous figure. 

Was this thing supposed to have started already?  When’s it slated to start?  I see the cameras, they’re eagerly waiting for the guy to show up. I can’t believe he’s gonna do this.  He’s not gonna do this and finish it before this program’s over.  That will not happen.  I wouldn’t be surprised if this thing doesn’t start until like 2:45, 2:50, and we’re geting ready for our final commercial break, give away our final iPhone of the day, that’s when he’ll come out there and start or maybe not even ’til after three o’clock.  But I know what we’re gonna get from this guy.  And I know that it’s pointless to get mad about it.  I’m just apologizing ’cause I normally don’t get that, shall we say, loud.  

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