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Today the Electoral College will vote to officially elect the 45th President of the United States.

The outcome is not in doubt. The Associated Press tried to reach all 538 electors, and got hold of 330 of them. AP concludes that an anti-Trump revolt is not going to happen. Boo-hoo.

Liberals tried. Electors say their email accounts and phone lines have been swamped. Their mailboxes have been stuffed with handwritten letters. They’ve heard from tens of thousands of Hillary supporters, begging, pleading in some cases threatening them to change their votes.

Some of the harassed electors are not even Trump supporters. But they feel bound by duty, history, party loyalty, and the law to cast their votes for Trump, and reflect the will of their states.

Meet Hector Maldonado, Republican elector. He’s a Mexican immigrant, and an Army veteran who now serves in Missouri’s National Guard. He supported Ted Cruz. He told AP he took an oath to fulfill his duties in the Army, but his first oath, on becoming a U.S. citizen, was to support the Constitution. And he is proud to keep his promises, and execute his oath.

Since the election, the left has held violent protests in the streets, cried and moaned all over Drive-By-Media outlets, and come up with this pressure campaign on electors. After today, it’s time for them to accept the brutal fact they lost. But they won’t. You mark my words, they won’t. 

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