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RUSH:  Melissa in New Orleans, great to have you.  Welcome to Open Line Friday.

CALLER:  Well, hello, Rush, and mega dittos.

RUSH:  Thank you very much.

CALLER: (chuckles) I guess I show my age when I tell you mega dittos, right? (chuckles)

RUSH:  Well, no.

CALLER: (chuckles)

RUSH: “Mega dittos” is timeless.

CALLER:  You’re right. Just as you are.

RUSH:  It predates probably the first six months of the program.  It wasn’t part of the original program.  Do you know what the meaning of “dittos” is?


RUSH:  What do you think…? When people call here and say, “Mega dittos,” what do you think they are actually saying?  Just “Hear, hear, Rush! I agree. You’re really right. I just hope you keep saying it because I really agree with you,” something like that?

CALLER:  Something like that, yeah.

RUSH:  That’s not what it means.

CALLER:  Agreeing with you wholeheartedly.

RUSH:  That’s not what it means.

CALLER:  No, huh?

RUSH:  No.  You what it means?


RUSH: I had a call from guy — this is like in the first year of the program — and he was going on and on and on about how wonderful the show is and how much he loved it because there wasn’t anything like it in 1988 and ’89 in all of the rest of national media was the networks and the newspapers.  There wasn’t anything like this back then, and he just kept praising it effusively. So I thanked him and went on to the next call and the first words out of that next caller’s mouth (it was a woman) were, “Ditto to what that guy just said.”  So “ditto” actually means, “I love the show.  Please don’t ever go away.  It’s too important.  It’s too crucial.”  And then part of it also means, “And you’re always right, and don’t stop being.”  But it really more is an expression of gratitude for the existence of the show, which I’m sure you meant as well.

CALLER:  That is exactly what I mean.

RUSH:  Okay, cool.  So there you go.

CALLER: All right.

RUSH: But now you have the exact meaning of it.

CALLER:  I do.  Thank you.  And you’re always informing us, as always.  So my question is: Why do we have a human element in the Electoral College?  Why isn’t it just electronically done when the candidate wins that particular state?

RUSH:  Well, you want an entire history on the Electoral College?

CALLER:  No.  That will take forever, I’m sure.

RUSH:  Well, actually it wouldn’t, but the specific of your question is: Why do we need humans there?

CALLER:  Right.  Because now you have someone to change their vote or what their vote should be as “we, the people” vote for voted for.  You know, if he got 316 electoral votes, and then it changes, how many —

RUSH:  Well —

CALLER:  — electoral votes would have to be changed before the vote was changed?

RUSH:  Well, that would change based on which states pull out.  The 270 is a majority of all the states.  If the Electoral College… Let’s say that Florida did not finish their count and had not certified by December the 19th. Then Florida’s votes would be taken out in total.  So the 270 would then change to 263 or 264.  It wouldn’t remain at 270.  So, look, the reasons why there are people is because there weren’t any computers what the country was founded.

CALLER:  Don’t you think it’s time to update that?

RUSH:  No.


RUSH:  No.  Because it’s not every state that the electors are required by law to vote the way that their people in the state voted.

CALLER:  Hmm.  Okay.

RUSH:  And besides, if you have robots in there, they can be hacked.  (chuckles) 

CALLER: Yeah, we can’t have that going on.

RUSH: They can be tampered with.  No, you don’t want to take the human element out of this.

CALLER:  Okay.

RUSH:  You really don’t.

CALLER:  I just thought —

RUSH:  Let me tell you something: Nothing is going to come of this.  This is part of the ongoing campaign that is brought to you by the Democrat Party and the media (which literally is one and the same) to create doubt.  This whole thing is an illusion.  They’re trying to make you believe — and I think they probably have, if you’re looking for a remedy. They’re trying to make you believe that this thing could be taken away from Trump on Monday, that they’re making really great progress, and that they might need only, like, 10 more. 

So you’re sitting out there getting very worried.  “Oh, my God! We can’t allow this to happen.  We need to have robots in there,” or whatever that automatically votes the way the people in the state did so that it… But that’s not gonna happen.  These people are in fantasyland.  We only know, really, of one elector who’s gonna change his vote. Only one.  And that’s this glittering jewel of colossal ignorance named Chris Suprun from Dallas, who probably is not even a Republican.  We don’t know of anybody else. 

We know of two electors in Colorado who asked — who went to court and demanded — to be released from the law requiring them to vote the way the people of Colorado did, and the judge told ’em to put their head where there isn’t any sunshine.  And so then they went to try to appeal the judge and the judge said, “You know what? If I didn’t know any better, I would say you’re trying to sabotage this race,” and he shut ’em down.  There’s a law professor at Harvard who claims he knows that 20 delegates that might switch.  He doesn’t know anything of the sort.

We also have been told that 59 electors have asked for an intel briefing before they commit their vote.  It turns out that all of them are Hillary voters, so it doesn’t matter.  There aren’t any Trump voters that are wavering except this one in Dallas.  Not that we officially know.  But they’re trying to make you think that Trump could actually lose this and that it’s getting close and that they’re making progress.  They’re lying to you! There’s a rule of thumb here that I have found to be trustworthy over 80% of the time. 

When there is this giant narrative, when there is a singular story out there like there is right now about the Russians hacking the election so that Trump would win — when the media is pumping it and the Democrats are quoting the media and the media’s quoting the Democrats and it’s just like a giant blanket thrown all over the country — don’t believe the story.  It’s made up!  It is a script. I call the daily soap opera.  It’s a false narrative.  Its purpose is to create doubt.

Its purpose is to dispirit.  Its purpose is to create the suspicion that Trump is not legitimate; the election was fraudulent.  It’s all made up.  The bottom line is, you’re safer not believing what you read in the New York Times. I don’t care what it’s about, but certainly that you’re safer not believing anywhere in the mainstream media the general thrust of this story, that the Russians wanted Trump to win and hacked the Democrats and embarrassed Podesta and Hillary and succeeded. 

That story isn’t true.  And it certainly is not why Hillary lost the election.  And there is not a massive wave of Trump electors planning to defect.  And even if they did, it doesn’t matter, because if nobody gets 270 electoral votes, there’s a remedy for this.  The president and vice president are chosen by the House and the Senate.  Well, the Republicans control both parties, and they can only choose from candidates who got enough electoral votes to be in the final — they couldn’t go pick Romney, they couldn’t pick Jeb.  They would have to vote Trump, and the Senate would vote Pence. 

So Trump’s gonna be president.  What they’re hoping to accomplish is that as many people as possible don’t trust it and don’t believe it and think it’s an illegitimate outcome so that Trump will not have a mandate nor any political strength or power to implement his mandate.  And the safest thing to do, believe me, the safe thing to do is not believe them.  I tell you this with 28 years of experience.  This is too convenient.  Look at how this just automatically sprung up. 

The New York Times last Saturday, when the story that the CIA thinks X, now it is the news of the day, now it is the premise of the day, now it is the story, the only story everywhere, other than whatever they’re trying to do with the Electoral College?  It’s unnatural.  It isn’t news. It’s totally manufactured.  It is totally created.  Call it spin.  It’s really fake news.  When you really get down to it, it’s fake news.  It is a political strategy that is being implemented to look like a news story, which is how most of liberalism finds its way into the mainstream of our culture. 

They create news stories, they buy protesters, they buy people who go out and make it look like the majority of Americans think what they think.  They put these stories in the mainstream media, which makes it look like every American agrees with this.  This is how they get what they want.  When what they are and what they want and when who they are is on the ballot, like happened in this election, they lose. 

Hillary Clinton lost because of who she is, because of her track record of failure, because there’s no resume, there’s no record of experience that she’s good or qualified at anything.  She cannot cite any achievements or accomplishments, other than traveling miles and being named after people she wasn’t named after and being told to go join the dogs by somebody at the Marine Corps.  She’s exposed.  She’s exposed as a phony and a fraud and everything that she believes and claims to have done she hasn’t done.  It finally came to light. 

The American people, when had the chance, three times now have said “no” to Hillary Clinton.  The Democrats did it in 2008.  The Jill Stein recount this year and the American people in 2016.  Three times in eight years the American people have looked at Hillary Clinton and said “no.”  And so there must be some explanation for this other than that.  So it’s the Russians today.  And it’s Vladimir Putin, and it’s hacking. 

Now, Hillary is actually telling her donors that Putin targeted her personally because he’s so afraid of her.  We’re dealing with some genuinely sick people here, folks, truly, I’m talking mentally ill.  They’re not all there.  They pose a great danger.


RUSH:  We did offer the last caller an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus.  I was just really long on time and I didn’t have to do it. Snerdley did it.  What kind of phone did she ask for?  Somebody took an AT&T phone?  Amazing!  We got every color and size.  Very good.  So she’ll have that tomorrow. 

By the way, on the Electoral College, just to give you an idea that they are failing and flailing, the latest that the Democrats are trying now, let’s delay the Electoral College vote.  That’s right.  Don Beyer, B-e-y-e-r, of Virginia, posted a statement on his Facebook page saying that the Electoral College vote should be delayed. 

Quote, “Recent, credible intelligence reports suggest a concerted effort by a foreign power to interfere in the outcome. I believe that Electors should be given all information relevant to this interference before they make their decisions and before they cast their votes. Congress must take whatever action is necessary to protect the integrity of our democracy. I call on the leaders of Congress to delay the date of the vote for the Electoral College until an intelligence briefing has been given to each Elector.”

This is not gonna happen.  That’s not the basis on which these people vote.  This is a formality.  It is an honor to be chosen an elector, in most cases.  They don’t get intel briefings.  This is the Democrats flailing away in desperate search for something to hold on to because their world has been yanked from them.  Everything they believe, every lie, every misstatement, every false impression, every aspect of denial that they have been living in brought home to roost in this election. 

They are not the majority.  Their ideas are not loved and adored.  The majority of the people in this country love America, do not dislike it, do not distrust it.  The majority of people in this country do not want our culture further attacked and rotted away.  The people of this country are sick and tired of not having any good-paying jobs anymore.  The people of this country are sick and tired of being told that America’s best days have already happened. 

The people of this country are sick and tired of being told that they’re to blame for destroying the planet and such other nonsense.  And they’ve had their fill of it.  And they told the Democrat in 2008, in 2010, in 2012, and in this election, they told them to take a hike.  And the Democrats simply can’t come to grips with it.  They simply can’t accept the rejection.  They have lied and told themselves they’re loved and adored, and they are effectively royalty in this country. And it turns out that they’re specks of dirt that people want swept away off the front porch.

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