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RUSH: Look at this.  Slate.com: “Donald Trump Is Trying to Take Ownership of the Phrase ‘Merry Christmas’ — Donald Trump spoke at a rally earlier this week, and the front of the podium was a big red sign that said, ‘Merry Christmas, USA.'”  It only stands to reason that a bunch of secular wacko leftists would be offended by this.

I think that’s why Trump did it, in part.  He did it to bring it back.  Christmas is a national holiday.  It is from the religion that established at that the founding of this country. Not official religion; don’t misunderstand me, you stoops in the media.  You know what I mean.  They’ve done their best to wipe Christianity and vestiges of all Christian holidays out of our culture.  Trump is bringing it back and they’re offended.  Ben Mathis-Lilley writes, “So now the phrase Merry Christmas … has been officially weaponized into the partisan slogan of a president elected on a wave of hateful rhetoric about, among others, refugees.”

And he says (this is the end of this little Slate piece), “Truly, it’s what a Middle Eastern Jew who was born in a barn because no one else would take his parents in would have wanted.” 

You know the pope is out today saying something like this?  The pope is equating Mary and Joseph to Syrian and Islamic Jihad refugees, and trying to say that we in the United States better be careful because we might be rejecting the next Mary and Joseph.  They’ve tried this before.  Mary and Joseph used to be representatives of the homeless.  Now they are representatives of illegal immigrants and weaponized jihadists.  


RUSH: It’s a website called JihadWatch.org.  This is the headline: “Pope: Christmas Reminds Us That Jesus Was a Migrant.”  It wasn’t very long that Jesus was homeless. Well, his parents were homeless. 

The homeless used Mary and Joseph to raise sympathy and awareness for the plight of the homeless and tried to frightened people and say, “You know what, if you deny that man and wife shelter, that could be the next Mary and Joseph because, you know, Mary and Joseph were homeless, and the Christ child was born of homeless parents who were turned out by an equally mean society.” 

And now they’re doing it with jihadists.  Now they’re doing it with illegal immigrants.  Now they’re doing it with refugees.  And I’m gonna tell you something, folks.  Besides Angela Merkel and Obama, you gotta put the pope right in there with world leaders who are helping to spread and sanction this whole idea of Islamic supremacism based on the fact that we all need to share Islamic guilt.  Comparing Jesus to the invaders of Europe who are committing all of these atrocities? 

My gosh, the left has just infected everything that it has touched.  It’s a poison.  Christmas reminds us that Jesus was a migrant.  Yeah, I remember when Jesus killed 130 people in Paris.  I remember when Jesus wiped out people in San Bernardino.  And I remember when Jesus attacked the military at Fort Hood.  Yeah.  I remember when Jesus hijacked three airplanes and flew them into the World Trade Center.  What kind of insanity is this?  It’s everywhere, and it’s all because Hillary Clinton lost the election. 

They have all become unhinged, unable to accept it, unable to deal with losing the election.  

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