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RUSH: So today is Electoral College day.  However, folks, we may not know the exact count today.  The tradition here with the Electoral College is that they all gather today in their state capitols.  In some states deranged lunatic leftists have actually surrounded statehouses in an attempt to prevent the electors from arriving and casting their ballots.  We may not know the actual count.  They don’t do it all at the same time. 

I don’t know what the procedures are, but there is not a requirement that all the electors show up at their state capitols at the identical hour and cast their votes at the same time.  And it’s also likely that we might not get a full tally by then.  We could.  But it’s a formality.  And it’s a fact the election will not actually be official until January when the next Congress certifies it.  It will be, for all intents and purposes, today.  But the reason I mentioned the House is if by some odd quirk of fate the lunatics are able to deny the Trumpster 270 today, it just means the House of Representatives would elect him on January 6th. 

I imagine that among the left there are many knuckleheads who are harboring the hope and actually believe that Trump could be denied the presidency today.  He can’t.  It won’t happen.  In fact, I don’t expect there to be that many defections.  I think all of this has been hyped by a media that is just itself out of control.  And there’s an aspect of this too that you need to stop and consider. 

While every Drive-By Media outlet is reporting the historical Electoral College vote today and they are reporting various aspects, they are not reporting — there’s a fine line here — they are not reporting the acts of extreme behavior and violence being perpetrated by protesters and harassers.  You can read the New York Times and the Washington Post and watch CNN and all that, and you will not see a single news story, nor read one, about the threats, the death threats about the emails, the hundreds of thousands of emails these people have sent, these coordinated spam attacks.  You’ll not see any of that. 

And the point here is that, for example, if you live in New York City and your only source of news is the New York Times, you have no idea.  If your only source is the New York Times or the network newscasts, you have no idea of the death threats, you have no idea of the acts of potential violence, the threats, the harassment, because the media’s not reporting any of that. 

In a clear demonstration of worse than bias, a clear demonstration of just the fact that they’re not even media, all they are doing is reporting the fact that there is a possibility that Trump will lose the Electoral College vote.  They’re reporting as though this is an historic story, that it is unprecedented, that the nation is so upset that Trump won, that many electors are rethinking their vote.  That’s what the Drive-Bys are telling people, and the left that does not, say, listen to this program or read Drudge or any other website other than the New York Times or Washington Post, they don’t know what’s going on.  They really don’t, folks. 

You sit here and you think it’s widespread, the knowledge is everywhere of the death threats and the protests, no, no, no, no.  This story has an entirely different cast in the mainstream media.  It’s valorous.  It is hopeful.  It is revolutionary.  It is the essence of democracy.  It is conscience presiding over emotion.  All kinds of great things are being said about this.  But all of the negative aspects are being ignored by the Drive-By Media.  They do not want this effort sullied in any way. 

They do not want low-information voters or people to have any idea the depths of depravity and panic that exists on the left.  You know, it’s gotta be tough for these people on the left, because some of them are in full-fledged denial and will never, ever arrive at the truth.  But I think a portion of the truth is beginning to creep into some of them, and that is that they aren’t the majority and that this has been an illusion, the last eight years. 

I think it’s one of the reasons why there’s abject panic out there.  And there’s many reasons for abject panic, but none of them rational.  This is one of the most irrational things I have seen in American presidential politics.  And the irrationality extends to the way the media is giving props to this movement and encouraging it and praising its high-mindedness and its devotion to civics and so forth, when it actually is an outrage and an aberration. 

I have never in my life seen a more petty, childish, bitter, soon-to-be ex-president of the United States.  Barack Obama is in fact participating in this effort to undermine the Trump transition, the Trump election, and the Trump presidency.  And it’s unprecedented in U.S. history.  Ex-presidents have never engaged in the kind of behavior Obama is engaging in. 

And this is accompanied by these tear-jerker stories, one after another about how they’re all gonna miss him.  He’s so smart.  He’s so cool.  He’s so calm.  He’s so measured.  He’s so reverential. He’s so what we want to be like ourselves.  This man is unflappable.  He’s a brilliant intellectual.  When he speaks, we practically have orgasms because of how high-minded and erudite he is and all of this. 

And in fact, Obama is none of that.  He’s a street corner community organizer who is using the office of the presidency here to virtually undermine it.  And one of the predictions that I was the first to make is now materializing, and that prediction was that Obama isn’t going away. That Obama is going to hang around Washington and do everything he can to undermine the next president, particularly if and when the next president tries to unravel any of the gigantic web of deceit and debauchery that Obama has implemented as president. 

And that’s gonna happen, because Trump is gonna immediately start canceling some executive orders and repealing Obamacare.  The agenda that the Republicans — it’s gonna be breakneck pace here.  Obama is not only going to reside in Washington and be on call, essentially, with the Drive-By Media, he’s setting up what essentially is going to be a shadow government. 

Now, I don’t know how that’s gonna manifest itself, or how it will appear, what it’s gonna be, but it’s not just going to be Obama.  There is going to be — and this Electoral College business is the model. It’s the blueprint.  This stuff isn’t gonna end.  The subject matter is just going to change. After Trump wins the Electoral College today, they’re gonna move on to whatever Trump does in his agenda, and they’ll not stop here even before the inauguration. 

And it’s gonna be bought and paid for by George Soros and other Democrat donors, and Barack Obama is going to be the intellectual leader of this movement.  I mean, these are leftists, folks, and these last eight years, in reality, have been an abject disaster.  But to the left, they have been affirmative building the foundation for transforming this country away from that which it was founded to be.  They don’t want these eight years to be a waste. They don’t want these eight years to be erased so that when they get back in power they have to start over again.

So they’re gonna do everything they can to undermine and delegitimize Trump and the Republicans, and the media is gonna be right in there helping them.  You want to talk about fake news? I accidentally saw last night… I don’t know how I ran across this doing show prep.  But apparently at the Huffing and Puffington Post, they have a poll there. They’re reporting on a poll that I think, if my memory serves, is a poll taken by the YouGov people, Y-o-u-G-o-v, YouGov dot whatever org. 

And this poll purports to say that a large majority of Americans do not want Donald Trump inaugurated after learning the Russians hacked the election.  Now, The Politico has a poll out today that says the American people don’t care about this, this is much ado about nothing — and if anything, they’re amused by it and they wish it’d go away.  So there’s a fake news poll out there even that nobody but leftists will see.  And they’re gonna end up… Probably if they’ve seen that, they do think a majority of the American people think Trump should not be inaugurated.

Because he was illegally elected because of the Russian hack of the election.  I saw that last night and thought, “This has to be fake news. This has to be a fake.  There’s no way. There is literally no way.”  If anything, more and more people are behind Trump today than after the election.  Interesting column by Salena Zito today, which I will get to in detail as the program unfolds.  She makes a point.  I’ve thought this myself.  I think Trump won this election last September.  I mean, a year ago.  I think this election…

I don’t think the debates mattered.

I don’t think any of those things that the Democrats threw at Trump mattered like the Access Hollywood video.  I think Trump had this election won a year before the election.  I really do.  I think it was done, and the only people that didn’t know this were professional politicians within the Washington establishment who to this day still believe Trump is going to implode and destroy his own presidency.  But I have always believed that this thing was already over, just based on my being in touch with the American people and my instincts and being able to read things.

And the first sign to me that something was really different was when Trump built his support after saying things that would get a normal politician erased, like (paraphrased), “McCain? I don’t really like — admire military men that get captured.” You know, all of these things: The first debate performance, the Megyn Kelly questions.  When none of that hurt him, I began saying, “This is something. Something’s really, really different here.”  The left will never admit it.  They think the election was stolen from them.  They have not the ability to get into reality in any way, shape, manner, or form. 

But this is a profound thing that’s happened here, this election, and I think they’re gonna hit the ground running.  And as I said last week and I’m gonna continue to say it: I don’t think the political class has the slightest idea even yet what is in store for them.  And I’ll tell you something else, too.  I’m not sure, based on a couple things, that even the Republicans in the House and Senate are ready for this.  I mean, the breakneck pace with which Trump is going to attempt to get his agenda implemented and the techniques and the methods that he will use to do so. 

Let me give you one example of what I’m talking about, and we’ll take a break and come back. I want to get into this Electoral College business just a bit, because this a great day.  Hillary Clinton’s gonna have lost four times after today.  I mean, what a great day this is going to be!  Hillary Clinton lost in 2008, she lost in 2016, she lost the 2016 recount, and she’s gonna lose the Electoral College today. Four times Hillary Clinton has lost the presidency in eight years, a modern American record.  


RUSH:  Correction, correction.  The YouGov poll is this.  Fifty-two percent of… This is the Huffing and Pufftington Post poll.  “Fifty-two percent think the Electoral College vote should be delayed so that the electors can be given intel briefings,” and the question that was asked was a stupid, dumb, incomplete question.  I mean, these people are not even granted security clearances! There’s no way they can be given a security briefing or an intel briefing.  They don’t have the security clearance.  It’s just absurd.  And the way that YouGov got to 52% on this is by asking a really strange question with not nearly enough options from which people could choose.  It’s just another example of how the left and the media are playing mind games with people. 


RUSH:  I wanted to give you some facts and figures and a little history, too, because again, this is crucial.  You think, “Rush, this is going nowhere; it’s much ado about nothing.”  It’s not much ado about nothing!  There aren’t nearly enough people on our side taking this seriously. Not as a self-contained effort to deny Trump, but just what it means about what we’re in store for and who it is we’re up against.  They have been defeated, but they have not been vanquished.  And, by the way, I think that should be our objective. 

This is turning out to be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity really relegate these people to obscurity.  And that means going on offense and staying on offense and not allowing ourselves to go on defense every day as we deal with absurd allegations and media narratives that these people come up with.  They have become a party that is not national, and it is time to stomp them into the dirt now.  It is time to relegate them, in an electoral sense, to political irrelevance.  Liberalism is never gonna be that tiny or small.  Don’t misunderstand here.  I’m not living under false delusions myself. 

But there is an opportunity here to crush these people.  And that’s what they have been doing to us for as long as I can remember.  That’s their objective.  And, you know, this, “Well, we won. We’re gonna be nice guys! We won. We’re gonna reach across the aisle, be nice. We’re gonna be the…”  It’s not time for that.  These people are showing who they are, and they’re demonstrating the threat they pose to this country as founded.  They remain that threat, and they are not going to learn. They’re not gonna have their minds changed.  There’s too much money involved here. 

All of this is many things. Fundraising is a part of what’s going on.  The delegitimizing of the elected president is another thing going on.  The attempt to freeze any implementation of Trump agenda items is what’s going on here.  It’s not enough that they’ve been beaten.  They need to be defeated each and every day.  And as they bring up things that they hope to make narratives out of, they need to be beaten back. Trump’s instincts on this are right on the money.  Trump’s instincts are, he fights back the minute these people do something.  He’ll tweet something out.  His instincts on this are perfect. 

And they are perfectly timed for where we are in the country, because Trump does what everybody who voted for him wishes would happen every time the left pipes up.  Now, let’s go back.  I’ve mentioned this a number of times, and I want to go through it again.  Politico.  This is November of this year, after the election.  This is November the 26th.  The headline:  “White House Insists Hackers Did Not Sway Election, Even as Recount Begins — The Obama administration said it has seen no evidence of hackers tampering with the 2016 presidential election, even as recount proceedings began in Wisconsin.

“‘We stand behind our election results, which accurately reflect the will of the American people,’ a senior administration official told Politico…” So what changed here?  I mean, here you have Obama back on November 26th saying, “Hey, we lost. It’s good. Everybody get with the program here; understand it. The election was not fraudulent.  It was fair and square, and we lost.”  But then Obama in his press conference on Friday did a 180 and did everything but name Putin as the guy behind Moscow’s alleged attempts to meddle in the election.

You know what the funniest part of Obama’s press conference on Friday was?  He said that he personally confronted Putin about the hacking way back in September.  He was at the Group of 20 summit in China, hosted by the ChiComs, and Obama said that he took Putin aside, and he told Putin to cut it out.  And then Obama said, “There hasn’t been any hacking since September, when I told you Putin to cut it out.”  Are you kidding me?  Big, bad, brave Barry Obama confronted Vladimir Putin of the KGB and said (impression), “Hey, Vlad, you want to cut it out? 

“Just cut it out, Bo.  Huh?  Huh?”  And Putin quaked in his boots! (impression) “Okay, Mr. President, vee in Russia vill cut it out.”  Is that what happened?  Because Donna Brazile’s on TV yesterday saying the hacking continued all the way through the election and beyond.  Yet Obama says he told Putin to cut it out!  Just excellent community organizer lingo: “Cut it out.”  But the point is, it’s November 26th that Obama was saying and the whole administration: “Hackers Did Not Sway Election,” as the recount began.  

Now, here’s some facts and figures on this.  The popular vote disparity, Hillary Clinton now I think the latest tabulation has her at plus-2.3 million popular votes more than Donald Trump.  And this is part of the fuel for those who think the Electoral College electors should pause and not vote for Trump because “Hillary won the popular vote! It’s not fair! She should be the president.”  That 2.3 million popular vote advantage that Hillary has came from a single state, and this fact illustrates why we even have the Electoral College.  In California, Hillary Clinton has a greater than four-million-vote advantage. 

In California, Hillary has four million more votes than Trump does.  If you take California out of this election, Donald Trump won the popular vote by 1.7 million.  “Well, you can’t take California out, Rush.  What do you mean?”  I know you can’t.  I’m illustrating something here.  This is part and parcel of why we have the Electoral College.  Hillary Clinton has a four-million-vote advantage in California, the only state… If you take California out… Well, it’s not the only state, but there are so many more votes, California is the only reason she won the popular vote.  Without California, Trump won the popular vote by 1.7 million. 

Well, this is exactly why the Electoral College is set up the way it is, so that one state would not elect the president.  And if, in fact, we did campaign with popular vote being the objective, where do you think the candidates would have gone?  There’s no way of saying, for example, today that the vote would have been the same if the Electoral College weren’t there, because the campaigns would have looked much different.  The candidates would have gone a bunch of different places than where they went. 

So there isn’t any automatic, there isn’t any conclusion, “Well, the popular vote, Hillary would have won.”  No, she might not have won the popular vote if that’s how this election would have been determined.  So the point is that with a four-million-vote majority in California or lead, and a 2.3-million-vote lead in the popular vote, you can say that California is the only reason Hillary Clinton has the popular vote lead here, pure and simple.  And does anybody think that we need to elect a president based on performance in one state?  No. 

The numbers are even more intriguing if you get deeper into them.  For example, there are 55 electoral votes in California.  Hillary has a 4.3 million vote advantage, but Trump still got millions of votes in California.  What if those 55 electoral votes were awarded proportionately and Hillary didn’t win all 55?  What if this and what if that?  So the Democrats and the media are playing this giant what-if game for one simple reason:  Power to them is an entitlement, elections are a formality, and they should never lose.  And especially to somebody like Donald Trump, who they think is a reprobate and a horrible guy. 

Now, if where you live this isn’t the top headline in your favorite news source, then you need to continue finding others.  Because the only headline, the only story that matters today: “Democrats Try To Steal Election By Threatening Electors.”  If that’s not the headline in your local paper, stop reading your local paper.  If your local paper, if your local TV news or whatever does not focus on this story from that standpoint, then your news is worthless.  Your news source, your newspaper is not being honest with you because the headline, the story: “Democrats Try To Steal Election By Threatening Electors.” 

I told you, folks, this is a dangerous time, when people were upset how Trump was making nice with Obama, this is a dangerous time because the people who’ve lost the election are deluded.  They are teetering on the brink of being altogether sane, yet they still control the levers of power.  This is why Trump, did you hear his appearance, his rally in Mobile, Alabama?  He commented on Michelle Obama talking about this is what hopeless feels like.  And he said he disagreed with her, but he really didn’t think she meant that. He extended an olive branch.  People started booing and he said (paraphrasing), “No, no, no, no, I know Michelle Obama. She’s been nice, Melania and I were at the White House, posed for a picture, I really — they must have been thinking about something else.” 

He did everything he could to tamp down, because he knows, and everybody paying attention knows that we are in a dangerous time and will be until January 20th.  


RUSH:  Listen to this.  CNN terribly disappointed when only one protester showed up in Madison, Wisconsin.  Only one.  Here is the reporter from CNN, Rosa Flores, just moments ago.

FLORES:  What we were expecting here to happen today is in the doors that you see behind me are for these 10 electors to come in and vote for Donald Trump because Donald Trump won the election here on November 8th, and that’s what they’re expected to do.  Again, today, officially Karen — now, I shouldn’t say that the wind chill here in Wisconsin is negative 23.  We were expecting protesters outside.  Right now, Carol, there is one brave woman outside.  Again —

RUSH:  Only one protester showed up in Madison, Wisconsin.  Only one! CNN is making excuses because it’s so cold. The protesters intended to show up. There was gonna be a mob.  There were gonna be thousands of them out there expressing what they think about Donald Trump, but it’s 23 below, wind chill, Carol, and there’s only one.  (crying) And Costello was reduced to laughing, which she nervously does at all times. 

Los Angeles Times editorial:  “Electoral College Is Unconstitutional And Should Be Banned.” As I say, if your favorite newspaper today, the lead story is not headlined with something along the lines of this: “Democrats Try to Steal Election by Threatening Electors,” then your paper is not what you think it is.  And the LA Times clearly is not.  Most papers in this country are not gonna run this story the way it needs to be run.  Democrats trying today to steal the election by threatening electors. 

Michael Moore is out there offering to pay electors.  He’s offering to pay them and pay their fines if they will vote for Hillary Clinton instead of Donald Trump.  It’s deranged.  We are witnessing unhinged, deranged lunacy. 

In Pennsylvania from the Philadelphia Inquirer, just as disappointed as CNN just now was.  “Facing a Wave of Calls, Pa. Electors Sounding Unshakable — Thousands of emails land in their inboxes every day. Copies of the Federalist Papers and other books urging political courage are being mailed to their homes. They are even getting phone calls in the middle of the night. Such has been the life of Pennsylvania’s 20 electors for President-elect Donald Trump since the Nov. 8 election.

“On Monday, they will travel to the state Capitol to cast their votes to assign Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes to Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence. … One elector, Ash Khare, said he and all of the 19 others have been assigned a plainclothes state police trooper for protection. ‘I’m a big boy,’ said Khare, an India-born engineer. … ‘But this is stupid. Nobody is standing up and telling these people, “Enough, knock it off.”‘”

And that’s exactly right.  And I’ll tell you who ought to be telling them to knock it off, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton: “Knock it off, grow up, we lost and get ready for the next one.”  That’s where that ought to be coming from, Obama and Hillary.  But they are encouraging this business.


RUSH:  Just a couple more things on the Electoral College and then I want to move on.  Donald Trump tweeted out — properly so, he’s very correct about this — that if his were doing anything like this, if Hillary had won and if his supporters were doing anything like this, they would be blasted. And the Drive-By Media would be doing individual investigations on the people and finding out who they were and who was paying them and they would be running stories that would be an attempt to destroy each and every person trying to get an elector not to vote for Hillary Clinton. 

In fact, we told you about this guy from Dallas, the Republican elector that the New York Times found out about and gave him an op-ed in the New York Times, Chris Suprun, and he wrote about why he can’t bring himself to vote for Trump even though he’s an Republican elector. And it’s been learned from an investigation of WFAA-TV in Dallas that the guy is a fraud, that he has not been a first responder. He was not part of a fire department responding to 9/11 in the plane crash at the Pentagon.

The guy’s making up things out of whole cloth and putting it on his resume, and FAA-TV, WFAA Dallas investigated.  The New York Times has not reported on the man they gave an op-ed to being a fraud.  But if one of Trump’s supporters were doing this or if any of Trump’s supporters were doing it, you can bet that the New York Times and every place in the media would try to find out… Every one of these electors and every protester, and they would be summarily destroyed in the Drive-By Media. 

They would be investigated by Obama’s Department of Justice, probably maybe even put in jail for voter intimidation and hate crimes.  But not Hillary’s people.  And why isn’t that?  Democrats, before the election, were wringing their hands and worried about vote fraud and the Russian hacking and the integrity of our elections.  Why, if this isn’t voter harassment and attempted voter fraud, I don’t know what it is, and it is unprecedented.  Why isn’t there an FBI investigation into this or a DOJ investigation into this?

Why isn’t Obama behind it for the integrity of our elections, for the integrity of our Constitution?  Instead, it’s Obama and Hillary who are tacitly inspiring this, and they need to pay a political price beyond what they’ve paid for this, folks.  I don’t know what the remedy for it right now is, but I’m telling you: These people need to continue to be politically defeated and hammered day in and day out.  We have the best chance in the history of my doing this program, 29, 30 years — the best chance we have ever had — to relegate liberalism, to inform people, to let people see for themselves just who and what liberals and liberalism is. 

And it requires staying on offense.  And that’s what Trump knows.  That’s what Trump is good at.  President Obama himself… Oh.  One other thing.  I mentioned the Huffing and Puffington Post and the YouGov poll.  Here’s the real poll.  It’s in The Politico.  It’s Politico/Morning Consult poll.  There’s “little support” for the effort to intimidate electors into not voting for Trump.  “Voters Show Little Support for Electoral College Revolt.”  It barely even shows up.  And, see, there’s the truth! 

You turn CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, read the New York Times, Washington Post, and you would think that this whole country is focused on the Electoral College and the effort to unseat Trump.  And you would get the impression that a majority of the Americans are in favor of this because they are outraged after having learned that the Russians hacked the election and stole it from Hillary.  That’s the BS — that is the barnyard crap — that they are putting out there.  That is the mainstream media news of the day, and it has been for days: 

“The Russians hacked the election! Trump’s election is illegal and perhaps fraudulent, and the electors need to know this! Maybe even give intel briefings to them so that they can do right and not select Trump today.”  That’s the news of the day, and they do it (as they always do) with this aura that every American thinks the same thing.  They want you to think the whole country is outraged over the Russians supposedly hacking the election, and the whole country is outraged over how Trump won, and that the whole country now wants the Electoral College to back off and either delay or not vote for Trump!

And the truth of the matter is, the number of people who think like that you could put in a phone booth.  It is a tiny, inconsequential number.  And it’s yet another illustration of how the media tries to write the daily script of the daily soap opera that they then pass off as whatever is the news of the day.  There isn’t any news of the day.  All the media is anymore is the Democrat Party’s agenda, the Democrat Party’s political desires and objectives presented as “the news “and also presented as popularly supported by the American people.

And none of it’s true. I think part of what’s happening here is the media is desperately trying to prove to themselves that they can still bend and shape a majority of American opinion.  They failed miserably. They thought they had Trump relegated to the ash heap.  They thought that Hillary was gonna win this even at nine o’clock on election night.  They have been gob smacked and still haven’t come to grips with it. So now part of what they’re doing is reaching out — and they’ve been doing this, by the way, I think since 1988. 

They have been trying to tell themselves that even though they no longer have a monopoly, that they actually do, over public opinion, that they can bend it and shape it and flake it and form it, and that’s part of what this exercise is all about.  And it’s blowing up in their faces.  


RUSH: Sheri in Harrisburg you’re next. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania wonderful.  Hello.

CALLER:  Thank you, Rush.  Hello.  Merry Christmas —

RUSH:  Same to you.

CALLER:  — and God bless you.

RUSH:  Same to you.

CALLER:  One of our electors, one of our 20 electors was recently on our local news, and he’s receiving thousands and thousands of emails, letters, and phone calls threatening his life.  He’s under state police protection right now —

RUSH:  Yeah?

CALLER:  — and they’re taking him back and forth to do this Electoral College vote.  Where’s the DOJ?  I know it’s a federal issue.  Where are these people’s protection?  Why is it falling on my tax dollars and my state police to protect this poor man?

RUSH:  It’s a good point, but I would take it even further than that, as I mentioned mere moments ago. Why aren’t these protesters being investigated for vote fraud, attempted vote fraud and anything else?  We continually hear from Democrats before elections and during campaigns that all kinds of vote fraud is out and the Republicans are gonna cheat or this or that and the other thing, and they’re constantly on guard for it, and now here it is! 

We have publicly viewable, witnessable voter fraud taking place right in front of our faces, and it is being applauded by the mainstream media and Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are encouraging it!  And if these people, if the roles were reversed and if Hillary had won the Electoral College and there were a bunch of people trying to harass and threaten electors into not voting for her, I guarantee you the New York Times would be leading the charge in personally investigating every protester and every elector.

They would be doing everything they could to destroy these people and we would be hearing about how the threat to this constitutional gem should not be permitted, the Electoral College is one of the brilliant creations of the Founding Fathers, and these wanton political attacks are beneath the dignity of our country and our politics, and they should not be permitted.

These people’s pictures would be on the front page, and CNN would be putting them all on TV, and they would be encouraging their neighbors to TP their houses and everything.  But since it’s Trump electors that are being harassed by Hillary protesters, they’re being encouraged.  The real question for me is, where is the investigation into this obvious attempt at voter fraud?

CALLER:  And tampering.  It’s tampering with the voting system by trying to harass —

RUSH:  Yeah, it is, it is.

CALLER:  — and change their votes and threaten their lives.

RUSH:  Yeah, I know.

CALLER:  I mean that’s just horrific.

RUSH:  It is.

CALLER:  Horrific.

RUSH:  Okay.  We’re down to no time here, Sheri, so you tell me your preference of iPhone, iPhone 7 or 7 Plus?


RUSH:  Cool.  All right.  What’s your carrier?

CALLER:  Verizon.

RUSH:  Verizon.  Fine and dandy.  So do you have a color preference?

CALLER:  White, if you have it.

RUSH:  I do. 

CALLER:  Wonderful.

RUSH:  Wait a minute, now.  You got three choices with white.  White on the front and the back is gold, rose gold, or silver?

CALLER:  Silver.

RUSH:  It’s a wise choice.

CALLER:  Thank you.

RUSH:  One of my iPhones, in fact, is silver.

CALLER:  I’ve never had an iPhone.  This is a real treat.

RUSH:  Oh, what kind of phone do you have now?

CALLER:  I have a generic flip phone, so I’m gonna have to learn how to use it.

RUSH:  You’re gonna have more fun than a human being.  You’re not gonna believe what’s possible.  A flip phone?

CALLER:  I know.

RUSH:  The only place those are used are on TV shows now.  Hang on.  We’ll have your address we need to get from you for Mr. Snerdley, so don’t hang up.  

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