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RUSH: President Obama himself is looking childish in that press conference on Friday (impression), “I told… I told Vladimir Putin to cut it out.”  But it’s not just that.  You can’t get talk radio off his mind.  He cannot get talk radio and Fox News out of his head. 

During that press conference last Friday, Obama blamed talk radio for the effectiveness of the Russian hack.  He blamed talk radio for making Russian propaganda effective.  And when Obama says “talk radio,” he means me.  He’s got me on the brain.  I’m living in his head rent free, as is Fox News.  And if you think otherwise, let’s go to the audio sound bites.  This morning on Morning Edition on NPR (impression), the Co-Host Steve Inskeep was interviewing President Barack Obama.  During a discussion about politics in America, the host of NPR’s Morning Edition, Mr. Steve Inskeep asked President Obama, “Is President-Elect Trump right, that political correctness in this country has gone too far?”

OBAMA: The irony in this debate is oftentimes you’ll hear somebody like a Rush Limbaugh or other conservative commentators or, y’know, radio shock jocks or some, uhh, conservative politicians who are very quick to jump on any evidence of progressives being, quote/unquote, “politically correct” but who are constantly aggrieved (snickers) and hypersensitive about the things they care about and are continually feeding this sense of victimization and that they are being subject to reverse discrimination.  It cuts both ways.

RUSH:  All right, does anybody understand what he said?  I think it may require me to translate.  But, see, the left thinks that what you just heard is erudite brilliance.  “You just heard genius.  You heard a brilliant theoretician! You heard a brilliant academic.  You heard someone who is flawlessly able to express himself — mild-mannered, measured, cautious, proper restraint — but is able to nail exactly what he means.”  So the question was, “Is President-Elect Trump right that political correctness in this country’s gone too far?”

And some of the first things that comes to his mind is me. 

“The irony in this debate…” There isn’t any.  What debate?  Political correctness?  There’s no debate about it.  It is way out of whack!  Wait ’til you hear the latest example of it from University of Kentucky.  You won’t believe this.  “You hear somebody like a Rush Limbaugh…” There’s only one, sir. “… a Rush Limbaugh or other commentators, you know, shock jocks, conservative politicians, very quick to jump on any evidence of progressives being politically correct.  But they’re constantly hypersensitive about the things they care about and are continually feeding the sense of victimization.”

Victimization, us?  That is the last thing we are.  What this really means is, the question, “Is Trump right that political correctness in this country’s gone too far?” 

What Obama’s really talking about is that if it weren’t for me and people who do what I do and people like me, if it weren’t for me, they would have gotten away with this.  They would have gotten away with transforming the general thinking of a majority of the country, and political correctness would have become the politics of the day because political correctness is nothing more than censorship. 

Political correctness is cowardice.  Political correctness is itself victimization.  Political correctness is childish, and it’s censorship, and it happens to be one of the primary tools of the left to silence and stifle anything they disagree with and don’t want to hear.  And if it weren’t for me, they would have succeeded.  And so after mentioning me, he then has to talk about how I complain about this or that or the other thing just like other people do. 

I actually don’t know what he means here when he talks about hypersensitive about the things they care about, continually feeding the sense of victimization.  All I do is tell people the truth.  All I do is deconstruct what people like Obama say and deconstruct what people like Obama are doing.  All I do is tell people who they are.  And it must be hitting home, and it must be bugging ’em, because usually Obama only mentions my name at fundraisers because mentioning my name is one of the fastest ways to get deranged leftists to write checks. 

But he’s bitter and he’s angry and you would be too if you were him.  The grand plan was after eight years — and don’t doubt me on this — the grand hope was that after eight years the American public would beg Obama to somehow find a way to stay, even if it took amending the Constitution.  Eight years ago the grand design was a liberal, leftist government in permanent residence forever, in perpetuity, that was so popular and so loved and so demanded, Obama himself was going to be so popular that people would be begging him to find a way to stay. 

Instead, he’s leaving and people are happy and optimistic and filled with hope for the first time in eight years.  It’s got to be very sobering for somebody as self-impressed with themselves as Obama is, for somebody with the ego he’s got, for somebody who believes his press clippings when the Drive-Bys talk about how brilliant and erudite and genius he is, and nothing that he’s done has worked.  Well, from his standpoint it has.  But it has put the country in a state of decline.  It has weakened America around the world, and when America is weakened, the world is more endangered and out of control. 

And that is exactly where we are.  This idea, this grand idea of United Nations-led globalism with climate change being the issue that united the nations of the world into a giant series of tax increases and a reduction in the standard of living and therefore making everybody more dependent on government, that was the grand dream.  That was the big hope.  And it’s crumbled.  It has fallen apart in an embarrassing way, and the woman that was to carry the torch has been sent packing to the woods of Chappaqua.  And they can’t deal with it. 

They have been living in fantasy land for all eight years lying to themselves about how popular they are, lying about how beloved they are, lying about how much the American people appreciate them.  And the first chance the American people got to signal we want to go somewhere in a different direction, they took it.  And these people know that they have lost something like 1,300 electoral seats in eight years.  It is a walking disaster. 

I could understand Obama being put out, because this was not the dream.  I mentioned Obama also mentioning talk radio and so forth in his Friday press conference.  This was a question Martha Raddatz, who’s almost still in tears over the election, and she said, “Do the tweets and do the statements by Donald Trump embolden Russia?”

OBAMA:  If fake news that’s being released by some foreign government is almost identical to reports that are being issued through partisan news venues, then it’s not surprising that that form of propaganda will have a greater effect.  It doesn’t seem that farfetched compared to some of the other stuff that folks are hearing from domestic propagandists.

RUSH:  I wonder who that is.

OBAMA:  When a foreign government introduces that same argument —

RUSH:  Wait a minute. 

OBAMA:  — with facts that are made up —

RUSH:  Right.

OBAMA:  — voters who’ve been listening to that stuff for years —

RUSH:  Right.

OBAMA:  — who’ve been getting that stuff every day from talk radio or other venues, they’re going to believe it.

RUSH:  Oh, there it is again!  There it is again!  Voters that have been listening to that stuff for years, been given that stuff every day from talk radio, they’re gonna believe it, fake news, farfetched stuff, hearing about domestic propagandists.  He’s got it in deep for us here, folks.  I’m telling you they’re telling themselves up there we’re responsible.  I know it.  I know it to be true. 

He led off his administration telling Republican leaders in Congress to stop listening to me, that that’s not how things get done in Washington.  He comes into office telling ’em that and he’s leaving office lamenting that they still do listen to me, and he can’t figure it out.

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