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“The Russian ambassador to Turkey was shot dead in a photo exhibit. What do you bet when it’s all said and done, it’s gonna be because the Russians hacked Turkey, and Turkey got mad at Russia hacking them, and so they sent somebody out to kill the Russian ambassador, since Russia hacking seems to be the excuse for everything.” 

“We have the best chance in the history of my doing this program, 29, 30 years — the best chance we have ever had — to inform people, to let people see for themselves just who and what liberals are and liberalism is. And it requires staying on offense.”

“Hillary Clinton lost the presidency in 2008, she lost in 2016, she lost the 2016 recount, and she’s gonna lose the Electoral College today. Four times Hillary Clinton has lost the presidency in eight years, a modern American record.”

“The Democrats have become a party that is not national, and it is time to stomp them into the dirt now. It is time to relegate them, in an electoral sense, to political irrelevance.” 

“I have never in my life seen a more petty, childish, bitter, soon-to-be ex-president of the United States. Barack Obama is in fact participating in this effort to undermine the Trump transition, the Trump election, and the Trump presidency.  And it’s unprecedented in U.S. history.  Ex-presidents have never engaged in the kind of behavior Obama is engaging in.” 

“Obama is not only going to reside in Washington and be on call, essentially, with the Drive-By Media, he’s setting up what essentially is going to be a shadow government.” 

“It’s gotta be tough for these people on the left, because some of them are in full-fledged denial and will never, ever arrive at the truth.  But I think a portion of the truth is beginning to creep into some of them, and that is that they aren’t the majority and that this has been an illusion, the last eight years.” 

“Trump knows, and everybody paying attention knows, that we are in a dangerous time and will be until January 20th.” 

“Michael Moore is out there offering to pay electors.  He’s offering to pay them and pay their fines if they will vote for Hillary Clinton instead of Donald Trump.  It’s deranged.  We are witnessing unhinged, deranged lunacy.” 

“Political correctness is cowardice.  Political correctness is itself victimization.  Political correctness is childish, and it’s censorship, and it happens to be one of the primary tools of the left to silence and stifle anything they disagree with and don’t want to hear.”

“This grand idea of United Nations-led globalism with climate change being the issue that united the nations of the world into a giant series of tax increases and a reduction in the standard of living and therefore making everybody more dependent on government, that was the grand dream.  That was the big hope.  And it’s crumbled.” 

“Everybody wants their life to mean something, whether it’s a conscious awareness or not, and that’s why I’ve always known that the way liberals sell climate change works, because they tell people it’s their fault but then they offer them redemption.  You can save the planet if you join us in doing X, Y, and Z, and that gives their lives meaning.” 

“When you find your passion, that becomes your energy source and that becomes what you commit yourself to.”

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