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RUSH: Orlando.  This is Don.  Great to have you, sir.  Welcome to the program.

CALLER:  Rush, it’s a great honor to talk to you.

RUSH:  Thank you very much.  I appreciate that.

CALLER:  I’ve been listening to you, I mean, since the Challenger disaster, that’s how long it’s been, about 30 years.

RUSH:  Oh, man.

CALLER:  Yeah.  I know that’s not a great anniversary, but, listen, as a Cuban-American Latino, I was born here.  My parents immigrated here legally, I was raised conservative, anti-Castro, you can imagine.  Recently I have to tell you, the reason why I called, I just had a lot of depression and hopelessness from the election and the mainstream media just completely got me to the point where I didn’t even know what I was gonna do, just complete hopelessness.

So I just went back to you, I started listening to you, Rush, and I started, you know, following the Drudge Report, got off the mainstream media. I was feeling like our country was lost and there was no way out, and I just went back to you.  I just wanted to let you know, you were the first fighter.  You fought back against the mainstream media.  You gave me hope then, and I needed it.

RUSH:  Thank you.  Busted up their monopoly is what we did, and I think ever since that happened they’ve been on the warpath.  I think actually I am, sad to say, the catalyst for much of this disunity, at least in media, ’cause once they lost the monopoly, you even hear Obama refer to (imitating Obama), “I love the old days we all had a common set of facts and a common set of information and we could all make opinions.” 

Yeah, of course he did ’cause it was all left wing!  It was all liberal “facts” and this stuff, and of course they miss those days.  Well, I appreciate that because you have a great memory, and I am so thankful that people like you have brains and are smart and are in the audience.  I have got literally no time.  What kind of iPhone, 7 or 7 Plus, would you like to have?

CALLER:  Oh, okay, thank you, Rush.  The Plus is fine.

RUSH:  Tell Mr. Snerdley the color and the carrier that you would like to use because I have got to go.  

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