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A bunch of American cities and counties are “beefing up” their legal services. Their mission? To fight President Trump’s policies on illegal immigration, which are expected to include a lot more deportations.

AP reports Chicago has approved a $1.3-million-dollar legal fund  to help illegals avoid deportation. Los Angeles is putting together $10 million, some of that from private donors. Democrats in the California state legislature plan to spend tens of millions on lawyers and other help for illegal aliens.

Here’s how Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel explained the decision to spend taxpayer money to help noncitizens fight the law: “We need to be able to stand by people who are fearful.”

Mr. Mayor. There are a lot of “fearful” people in Chicago, including taxpaying citizens who live in fear of drive-by shootings and gangs taking over neighborhoods. Just recently, Chicago’s teachers were “fearful” when the city told them there was no money for salary increases, and you’re spending on illegals?

There’s fear in Los Angeles and San Francisco, where homelessness is at a crisis stage. Thousands live in cars or public shelters.

Democrats who run these cities, constantly moan about their strapped budgets. Yet, on behalf of people here illegally, they come up with millions of dollars to fight Donald Trump’s promise to enforce our immigration laws. While they ignore the needs of legal citizens, many experiencing hard times due to bad liberal policies.

This is deplorable!

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