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RUSH: Washington Times headline: “Obama Rushes out 11th-Hour Regulations Targeting the Beleaguered Coal Industry.” Now, as you know, yesterday Obama issued executive orders that forever, we were told — in perpetuity — ban offshore drilling for oil and natural gas off the Atlantic Coast, the eastern coast of the United States and north of Alaska near the Arctic Circle. 

You should know that neither of those two areas are even being explored right now.  So it’s not as though existing drilling must be shut down.  But the Drive-Bys made certain to include that this can’t be undone — and, in fact, by virtue of an act of Congress Obama’s regulations in this regard can’t be reversed.  Yes, they can.  Congress doesn’t write laws that take themselves out of the equation on things like this, number one.  They just don’t surrender that kind of power to the executive branch. 

Obama and these people in the media are just out there saying so because they’re goading Trump here.  And so is this story here, “Obama Rushes out 11th-Hour Regulations Targeting the Beleaguered Coal Industry — At the 11th hour, the Obama [Regime] rolled out regulations that cracked down on coal mining across the country, a parting shot against the industry as the president leaves office.”  It makes perfect sense that Obama does this while Trump at his rallies is promising coal states and coal miners that they’re going back to work as soon as he’s inaugurated. 

So what does Obama do? 

Here’s Michelle Obama on with The Oprah talking about how cooperative they’re gonna be, how nobody was cooperative with them, and how so many people said they wanted Barack to fail.  What do you mean, “so many”?  There was only one!  And that was me.  And I still wish that he had not been as successful as he has in implementing the leftist agenda.  That’s what I wanted him to fail at doing, but he didn’t.  So here’s Michelle and Barack, and they’re both out there talking about how, “Well, you know, we weren’t treated fair. 

“We were treated badly, but we’re gonna be cooperative. We’re gonna do everything we can peaceful transition and to help the new president.” And they’re out there sabotaging Trump on the coal miners and now with offshore drilling and stuff.  This is just classic.  And of course the Drive-Bys are right in there talking about what great people the Obamas are, like the Michelle is the greatest first lady that’s ever been, a fashion icon and all these other things, and working desperately hard to be cooperative with the incoming Trump administration. 

Here’s what’s going on.  Obama himself has said he’s not going anywhere.  Obama himself has said that our ideals and our values, when they are under assault, I’m gonna be there.  Meaning when Trump tries to implement anything that involves rolling back the Obama agenda or even implementing something Obama doesn’t like, Obama’s gonna be on TV complaining about it.  Make no mistake about this.  I don’t know how long it’s gonna take him to get into gear, but he’s gonna do it.  Unprecedented. 

Not even Bill Clinton did it with George W. Bush.  George W. H Bush didn’t do it to Bill Clinton.  And George W. Bush didn’t do it to Obama.  In fact, George W. Bush hasn’t said anything about anything, and because he has this reverence for the office of the presidency, and there’s just certain things that you don’t do.  He served his presidency, he left, and it’s Obama’s, and that’s that.  But that’s not how Obama looks at it.  That’s not how leftists look at it.  So what this is… I mean, Obama specifies the coal industry in this story.

At the 11th hour, Obama rolls out regulations to crack down on coal mining across the country.  Well, right after Trump had his Alabama rally last Saturday and previous rallies shouts out to all the coal miners in Colorado, in Pennsylvania, that you’re going back to work and the mines are gonna be open back up.  So the objective here is the moment Trump rescinds these executive orders or regulations, what do you think happens next? 

Take a look at your TV set and the odds are you’re gonna see Barack Hussein O there, and you know what he’s gonna say?  “I’m so sad to see this happen, after all the progress we’ve made in cleaning the air and the water and working so diligent on environmental matters, to see the incoming president not care about pollution and death.”  You watch.  He’s goading Trump into reversing these executive orders.  The way Obama looks at it, he can’t lose. 

If Trump ignores these and leaves them intact, then Obama succeeds in destroying the coal industry.  And if Trump rescinds the executive orders, Obama gets to go on TV and level allegations at Trump for not caring about the environment.  And that’s what’s gonna happen.  That’s what Obama’s setting up with both of these, the drilling of oil off the East Coast and north of Alaska and this coal business. 

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