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Doctors Discover Female Brain Changes During Pregnancy

RUSH: I want to share it with you as the program unfolds. But before we get into other things serious, such as there are some doctors at the Cleveland University Medical Center made an amazing discovery. 

This will shock you.  This is a stunning discovery.  They have discovered there are changes in women’s brains while pregnant that prepare them for motherhood.  There are changes in their brains! The Planned Parenthood people are not gonna be happy to hear this, and the feminists and their allies are not gonna be happy to hear this because to them pregnancy is a disease that needs to be treated, and Planned Parenthood deals almost… Well, not exclusively, but rather popularly in the procedure to deal with the illness and the sickness that is pregnancy. 

Now we find out that the female brain — and this is a woman doctor who released this data, I think with another doctor, the New York Stony Brook University. I’m not sure if he was part of it.  He was a guest on TV where this is being announced, but I know the Cleveland University Medical Center, Cleveland University Hospital babe was taking the lead on this and explaining it on TV, that the pregnant woman becomes more attuned to social cues related to her newborn. 

Something about brain chemistry. It changes during pregnancy to prepare women for motherhood.  Psychologically, we’re talk… Not physiologically, but attitudinally, psychologically, and women become more attuned to the social cues related to their baby.  Now, I don’t know what is meant by “social cues,” but I think I could figure this out.  And the way I would interpret this is that these doctors in Cleveland have discovered that nature has a way of preparing women more motherhood that nobody knew existed. 

Women just seem… It’s said that women are nurturers, that women are much better nurturers than men.  Men, you know, they leave the cave, they go out there and slay the evil dragon and all that and they bring the carcass back and the family continues to eat while mom is in the cave nurturing baby caveman and so forth.  So the idea that women are nurturers, I think this may be some of what they’re talking about.  I’m waiting further data on this.  All I’ve seen is the TV interview.  

Deranged UPS Guy in Ithaca Thinks He Killed Trump

RUSH: Folks, have you heard this story from up in Ithaca, New York?  Let me just take a test here.  Brian, do you know what I’m talking about?  Ithaca, New York. Dawn, Ithaca, New York, do you have — (interruption) Okay.  So her mom’s from Syracuse and Cornell is there and that’s a big university, Dawn knows.  Snerdley, you know? So two of the three people on the other side of the glass know about it, but they of course work for me.  That means they are wired in. 

I would venture to say that a vast majority of people, when I say, “Have you heard the news out of Ithaca, New York?”  (interruption) Oh, you don’t know?  I thought you were nodding your head that you did know.  Oh, well, of course everybody knows that Ithaca is.  I was just asking if you knew what happened there.  You don’t know?  Oh, let me tell you what happened there.  A man from Ithaca has been arrested for shooting a UPS driver to death who he thought was Donald Trump.  In fact, after he shot the poor guy, the perp allegedly drove his car over him. 

You might not have seen any of this news since it hasn’t made it out of local media except for one snarky report in the New York Daily News in the “distant New York” section of the paper.  And this guy still claims after all this that he thinks he killed Trump.  He thinks he shot Trump and then ran over him.  And he’s out telling the authorities that that’s what he did. 

Now, we don’t know if this guy is setting up an insanity defense and wanted to rob the UPS truck and shot the driver or if this guy really did think he was killing Trump.  But if this were Hillary Clinton, if there were some lunatic out there that had shot a woman and claimed that he was shooting Hillary Clinton, do you think the media all over America would be talking about it?  And then condemning any and all supporters of Trump and Trump himself for the incendiary rhetoric that he’s engaged in and has inspired this violence? 

Because, remember when Gabby Giffords got shot out in Arizona, they tried to blame me and Sarah Palin.  For Palin it was ridiculous.  They tried to claim that because she’d had a crosshairs icon on her website — and then when something like this happens, Brian Ross at ABC News and others get into gear and try to find out if the shooter happens to be a member of the Tea Party.  But you don’t hear about this story, you’re not hearing about it.  It has not made it into national media. 

But here you have some deranged guy who, to this day, thinks that he killed Donald Trump.  That’s what he’s saying, anyway.  And if some lunatic had done this to somebody he thought was Hillary, can you imagine the uproar?  Can you imagine the wall-to-wall coverage? 

Why did this guy want to kill Trump?  Why did this guy think that he was killing Trump?  What could have happened to make him so hateful toward Donald Trump?  Might it be the Drive-By Media and the Democratic Party?  Could they maybe be held somewhat accountable here for their never ending, constant vilifying of Trump? Just a little think piece.  

Trump Team Questions State Department Spending on Environmental Groups

RUSH: Did you hear that the Trump team…? I love this, by the way. The Trump team has asked the State Department what it spends on international environmental efforts.  First the Trump team sent a questionnaire over to the Department of Energy wanting to know, “Okay which of you freaks over here is attending all this U.N. climate stuff and which of you people are doing this and that,” and it got so much coverage from the Drive-Bys that the Trump campaign apparently “disclaimed” it — since that’s a new word.

The Trump team said, “That didn’t come from us. We are we are pulling back on that questionnaire.” Right.  And yet here’s — and again, this is from the Washington Post so we have to consider this is not true as well. “Donald Trump’s presidential transition team has asked State Department officials to disclose how much money it provides each year to international environmental groups. It’s the latest example of how the incoming administration is reassessing the U.S. government’s approach to tackling climate change…”

This may not be true.  Who’s in the State Department?  A bunch of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama people, a bunch of left-wing ideologues.  And they are just as capable of lying today as they were before the election.  So they call up a friendly reporter, “You know what the latest outrage is?  Trump is now demanding to know how much we spent on international environmental…  This is outrageous!”  And of course the Washington Post has run with it.  So again sharing with you my reaction to this.  ‘Cause who really knows? 

I’m just telling you.  I’ve turned over a new leaf.  When it is the news and political or science sections of the New York Times and Washington Post, my first reaction is to question it and not believe it.  It’s hard to do, too.  Most people automatically believe what they read.  “Oh, it wouldn’t have been published if it wasn’t true.” It’s just a natural human reaction.  But I question everything.  And if I’m proven to be wrong, fine. I don’t mind being wrong in circumstances like this. But I’m finished being fooled.  

Tom Arnold Says He Has Trump Tapes

RUSH:  You know, it’s starting to feel like Friday to me, and it’s only Wednesday.  Have you noticed the news has slowed down now?  The Electoral College… Well, I’m talking about the political news, the Trump-poses-a-grave-threat news.  I mean, there are still a bunch of stories, like Tom Arnold.  Have you heard the latest on Tom Arnold?  Do you know who Tom Arnold is? He’s one of the husbands of Roseanne.  He’s out there saying, “Hey, you know what?  I got outtakes of Trump.  I got outtakes.  I got more outtakes than anyone’s ever heard of on Trump and The Apprentice, and he’s talking racist lingo, sexual stuff.  I’ve got really, really outrageous outtakes of Trump.” 

“Yeah?  Well, why haven’t you used it?” 

“Well, you know, I didn’t think it might have been proper.” 

But they’re not… You can find pockets.  

CNN Discussing NC Bathroom Law

RUSH: CNN is focused on the North Carolina bathroom law.  I would talk about that, but I frankly have no idea what’s gone on. They’re repealing this. I don’t know what was happening. It’s too hard to follow, so I’ll figure that out. But that’s what CNN’s on, that and the Malaysian airliner.  The intense “gotta stop Trump” stuff, they’ve kind of exhausted their emotional reservoir. They’re kind of taking time to build it back up.  So the intensity of this stuff has slowed down a little bit. 

This is more like it is after most elections: The election’s over and things die down, and you’ve got basically a month and a half for the year to end and the intensity really vanishes.  And that didn’t happen this year.  And I’m now sensing it just now starting.  We’ll see.  Don’t misunderstand:  The left is still deluded, they’re still deranged, they’re still unhinged.  They’re just regrouping out there now.  

Anti-Trump Millennials Plan Permanent Trump Protest Area Near White House

RUSH: There’s this from the Washington Free Beacon. “Anti-Trump Millennials Plan to Open Permanent Protest Space Near White House — A group of Millennials who oppose Donald Trump are planning to open a permanent space near the White House next month to protest Trump and to ensure that, ‘he doesn’t succeed,'” as in these Millennials, with the permanent protest area, hoping Trump fails! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!  Now what’s the point of this?  Well, yeah, Rush Limbaugh inspires youth, youth copycats and all that.  But this is the Occupy movement being resuscitated, folks. 

This is just the new version of Occupy Wall Street, is all this is.  It’s going to be bought and paid for by the Democrat Party while they’re trying to look like they’re making nice with Trump on Capitol Hill and while they’re making it look like they’re doing everything they can to get along with Trump, their agents are gonna be out trying to undermine Trump at every opportunity, and now with this permanent protest site across the street from the White House. 

What Trump ought to do is sneak out of the White House one of the nights that he’s there, like at midnight, and go steal their food. Take it back to the White House like they accused Reagan of doing.  Reagan left the White House, walked to Lafayette Park, and stole cans of pork and beans from the homeless when Mitch Snyder and Martin Sheen weren’t looking.  Hee-hee-hee-hee-hee-hee-hee.  So this is made to order for Trump.  These people can’t come up with anything new! 

Everything they’re doing is right out of they are 50-year-old handbook and playbook.  But actually, it may be a godsend for parents of Millennials.  It might get ’em out of the house!  You know, so many of these kids are still living at home with mom and dad, but now the permanent protest site in Washington might get a lot of them out of the house.  Depends on how much they’re being paid to protest.  We’ll see.  (laughing)  These clowns.  

Aaron Hernandez’s Lawyer Says the Russians Meddled in His Case

RUSH: Before I forget, Aaron Hernandez, tight end, New England Patriots, in prison after being convicted for murder. He wants an appeal or something based on the fact that the Russians had something to do with his case.  (laughing) 

Do you realize the Russians are responsible for everything that’s going wrong, thanks to our buddies in the Democrat Party who are apparently every day admitting how the Russians snookered ’em and outsmarted ’em and got into their computer networks and leaked all this stuff.  The Russians have just been running rings around the Democrats, and it sounds so good to other liberals that they’re now saying the Russians are responsible for Aaron Hernandez being convicted of murder.  

By the way, the Russians are ramping up their nuclear program. They are really ramping up one of the developmental aspects of the centrifuges that are necessary for the production of nuclear material.  It has to do with the injection of a certain gas.  Okay.  Here.  “Russian Hackers Stole Millions From Video Advertisers,” according to an ad fraud company.  Russian hacking operation created fake users and fake sites to scam online advertisers out of more than $3 million.  I thought it was Google that did that.  But now the Russians, the Russians have a phony ad agency that’s selling phony online ads to nothing and advertisers paid $3 million to whoever did it. 

Anyway, they’re ramping up their nuclear development.  They’re way ahead of schedule, and what’s fascinating about it is of course Obama told us that because of his Iranian deal, there wasn’t gonna be any nuclear Iran, that he had staved them off.  The point is they are, and have been, speeding up the actual enrichment process that takes them further and further down the road to nuclear weaponry.  

Kerry Not Invited to Syria Peace Talks

RUSH: The headline for this story:  “Kerry –” this would be the haughty John Kerry who served in Vietnam, is currently our secretary of state “– Was So Bad At Negotiating In Syria, He Wasn’t Invited To The Latest Talks — Ambassadors from Russia, Iran and Turkey met in Moscow Tuesday to engage in negotiations regarding the ongoing crisis in Syria, intentionally excluding Secretary of State John Kerry.

“No U.S. representative attended the talks, nor was the United Nations invited to attend. The lack of any Western representation is yet another sign that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, his Russian and Iranian allies will have their way in Syria.”

Can you imagine Trump, if any of this happens, they don’t invite Tillerson, can you imagine what’s gonna happen?  But they didn’t invite Kerry.  

Iranians Ramp Up Nuclear Development

RUSH: Here’s the Iranian story.  And, by the way, it’s from an Israeli news source.  This is not in mainstream media anywhere.  You need to understand that this is not anywhere in mainstream media.  This is an Israeli news source and a small one. 

“Iranian President Hassan Rouhani announced on Monday that he had fulfilled his promise to replace his country’s nuclear centrifuges with the most advanced and modern ones and that the plan to make a nuclear propulsion system operative is underway.” 

This is a New York-based newspaper, but it covers international Jewish- and Israeli-related news.  It’s a very, very small publication.  It is nowhere, this news that the Iranians have sped up their nuclear program is nowhere in the Drive-By Media.  And I’m surprised.  I’m surprised the Drive-Bys are not reporting this, if only so they can blame Iran for the new militancy that’s going on in the Middle East. 

But it shows what a joke Obama’s nuclear deal is in the first place.  I mean, we were told, we were specifically told that Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran would delay Iran using these new centrifuges for 15 years, and then it became knowledge that were gonna delay them ten years. But it turns out it hasn’t been delayed at all and Hassan Rouhani is out bragging about it.  Trump presidency looming; Obama flittering away; the Iranians are flexing their muscles in the interim.  Another example of how we are at a very dangerous moment in time here.  

Politico: Trump Posse Browbeats Hill Republicans

RUSH: This is The Politico: “Trump Posse Browbeats Hill Republicans.” Don’t know if this is true or not, either.  We’ll look into it.  Obama rushes out 11th-hour regulations targeting the coal industry today.  Tell you what that’s really all about and give you proper analysis of that.  


RUSH: Then there is The Politico story that I briefly alluded to.  “Trump Posse Browbeats Hill Republicans.”  This is a story about how the Trump team is really being mean and rude to congressional Republicans and laying down the law to them and telling them how things are gonna be.  It’s just unbecoming, it’s mean-spirited, extremist.  And since it runs at Politico, could be fake news.  We always have to keep that in mind.  

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