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RUSH: If you have a chance to watch something, I’m sure after I finish here that Koko at RushLimbaugh.com will go find the link and put it there. I just watched the funniest interview I’ve ever seen.  Jerry Lewis, who’s 90 years old, seven-minute interview with somebody that sounds 18 at the Hollywood Reporter.  The Hollywood Reporter is doing some kind of a feature involving interviews with Hollywood and other celebrities who are 90 year of age and older and they’re asking about it, and Jerry Lewis obviously didn’t want to do this interview.  I watched this interview with him and I was so…

For example: “Mr. Lewis, can you cite for us maybe one of the most memorable stories of your storied career?” 


“Can you tell us how Las Vegas has changed since you’ve been coming?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, when you first began coming here in the 1940s, it was just a dusty cow town.”

“It’s still a dusty cow town.”

“Can you tell us how hard you work now compared to when you were…”

“Just as hard.”

“Well, why do you continue to do it, Mr. Lewis?”

“Because I’m good at it and I like it.”

It was just one-word or two-word answers, and the look of — I don’t know what you’d call it — disdain on Lewis’ face? This is hilarious, and I gather that social media is erupting over this, and there are two camps.  One camp think Jerry Lewis is an absolute creep for behaving this way, and then there’s another camp of people defending Jerry Lewis against people attacking him.  When it’s all over… Lewis obviously doesn’t like doing interviews.  I don’t know why he did this, but he did it, and it was just… It was painful.  And the questions were as generic…

I mean, it was just… I don’t mean to be insulting the interviewer here.  I don’t even know his name so I’m not gonna mention the name.  But when the thing’s over and Lewis knows it’s over, he stands up before they can come take the microphone off of him and says, “Pack this crap up and get out.”  It’s just what everybody who’s ever been interviewed would love to do, because Lewis acts like every question was beneath him, every question was stupid, every question was, “I’ve answered this how many tens of thousands of times in my life. I’m 90 years old.  Can you come up with something I haven’t been asked?”  Which would probably be hard to do. 

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