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RUSH: “Outgoing Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid said Wednesday that he ‘did what was necessary’ in 2012 when he falsely accused Mitt Romney of not having paid his taxes for 10 years. Reid was asked about those comments, which he made during a speech on the Senate floor.

This is the guy that started that phony soldier business with me.  This is another sick individual.  And I’m not trying to be charitable when I say they’re sick.  I’m not excusing what they’re doing.  Whatever they are partisanship-wise and uber-liberal, these are sick people.  There is something not right about them to the point that I don’t care who caused it to happen.  It is just something we have to deal with.  So Harry Reid goes to the floor of the Senate and tells this lie.  Do you remember the lie?  He said, “A friend told me that Mitt Romney hasn’t paid income taxes in ten years.”  And he goes on to castigate Romney for being a tax cheat and a rich guy and this is the kind of people we shouldn’t elect for president, doesn’t pay his taxes in ten years but look at how rich he is, and this and that. 

When it’s over, people asked Dingy Harry, “Who’s your friend, who told you this?”  And Dingy Harry says to the media, “That’s not the question. You need to go ask Romney why he hasn’t paid his taxes in ten years.” And what do you think the media did?  They left Dingy Harry’s office and they tracked down Romney and they started asking him, “Why haven’t you paid your taxes in ten years?” 

It was a total lie.  It’s like Dick Gephardt used to do this all the time, member of the House of Representatives from St. Louis, a Democrat, was in their leadership. During, this would have been George H. W. Bush, ’88, ’89, ’90, somewhere in there, maybe it was first year of Clinton, I don’t know.  Tax cuts were being discussed.  And Gephardt’s was one of these guys that had all these imaginary friends that were calling him and telling him what they wanted, like Dingy Harry had a friend here that was telling him Mitt Romney hadn’t paid his taxes in ten years. 

Now, Dingy Harry — this is again tracks back to the media — Dingy Harry can say whatever he wants; the media trusted it, didn’t try to track it down and didn’t question it, just went out and made it out to be true.  Dick Gephardt said, “I’ve got a friend, the friend called me and said, ‘Please raise my taxes.  I’m doing really well now, but if you really want to make me rich and help the country, you’ll raise my taxes.'” 

I said, “Well, who is this clown, who is this idiot that’s calling you?”  And he never could produce a name.  The Democrats have all these little helpers out there, and they have all these little friends, all of these anonymous characters that are always telling them, like Little Dick’s friend, “If you really want to make me rich you’ll raise my taxes.”  That makes common sense. (laughing)

Anyway, we’re laughing, but this is serious stuff!  Harry Reid on the floor of the Senate just makes it up, and now he’s leaving and he is excusing it and praising it, and he’s denying that he lied.  He said, “There was no brazen lies.  What I said is the truth.  There’s the no brazen lies.  I did what was necessary.”  The first time he was asked about this he said, “I don’t care.  Romney lost, didn’t he?” 

Now he’s denying that he told any lies.  I’ll guarantee you what this means.  “I didn’t tell any brazen lies.”  What he’s maintaining here is that he did have somebody who told him that Romney hadn’t paid taxes 10 years.  That’s what he’d fall back on.  But it not only was a brazen lie, it was the epitome of fake news.  And it was fake news purposely intended to interfere with the 2012 elections.  And the Russians were nowhere to be found.

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