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We know more about the 24-year-old Tunisian wanted in the killing of 12 people and injuring 48 in Berlin’s Christmas market terror attack.

His name is Anis Amri and he’s one of the 6,000 refugees welcomed with open arms into Europe. We also know that a significant number of these “migrants” trained at Islamic State camps, and fought in Iraq or Syria. They’re terrorists! 

The German warrant lists multiple aliases for the young terrorist, three different nationalities, six different names and birthdays. His father told a Tunisian radio station his son left home 7 years ago, and spent four years in an Italian prison for setting fire to a school. The Italian government says he was supposed to be expelled from the country,  but the paperwork wasn’t finished on time. Even with that track record he was released.

So, governmental paperwork failure allowed the “refugee” terrorist-in-waiting to remain in Europe, where he crossed into Germany last year. The rest, as they say, is history.

Are there lessons to be learned? Well, yes.  First: despite promises that “refugees” from war zones where terrorists flourish will be carefully vetted, some slip through the cracks. It’s amazing how that happens. How many is a roll of the dice.

Second lesson: liberals’ lax attitudes toward immigration, security, and borders lead to disaster. This is not debatable, it’s not arguable. The proof is the ever-rising death toll. Still, Europe’s liberals don’t seem to learn. Ours don’t, either. Russians probably made it happen, right? 

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