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RUSH: Obama’s done it again, folks, from TheHill.com just a short time ago: “Obama Gets Rid of Visitor Registry Before Trump Takes Over — The Obama administration is abolishing a national registry program created to track visitors from countries with active terrorist groups, a move likely intended to send a strong message to Donald Trump just weeks before he takes office.”  This is actually a New York Times story The Hill is repeating. 

Now, this follows the terror attacks in Berlin, which we’re gonna spend some time on today.  Trump, after the terror attacks, went out and called this an attack on humanity and then said that he’s reviving his idea of a Muslim ban.  He’s gonna start rethinking this.  Some think that he had been talked out of it or had relaxed the idea himself, but now it’s getting serious.  And, you know, it’s wise, folks.  Andy McCarthy has a piece today at National Review.  He’s an expert in this stuff. 

And Andy’s point is, this guy in Berlin, yeah, he’s an immigrant, yeah, he’s a refugee, and, yeah, he’s a jihadist, and, yeah, he came in from who knows wherever, and he’s got a record a mile long.  This is a bad guy.  But Andy’s point is, when you allow the immigration of refugees from jihadi areas, from Islamic hotbed areas, they end up living together in enclaves.  Like in France they have a couple of areas and the cops are even afraid to go there. 

In Germany, there are 20 such enclaves where the immigrants, the refugees end up living amongst themselves.  And what happens, if there’s ever unrest there, the cops go in, and what happens is that 40 or 50 men will surround the cop car and threaten them with all kinds of violence to the point the cops don’t even show up.  We’ve heard this. We’ve had people deny it, but we know it’s true. 

Now, Andy’s point is that those enclaves are breeding grounds, that you can have perfectly innocent, fine, wonderful people that come in from, say, Syria or any other war-torn area and you put amongst them a bunch of jihadis, and you’ve got a powder keg.  I mean, it’s a danger when the actual jihadi gets in illegally through one of your open spots on your border. But just as dangerous, if not more so, are these breeding grounds, these enclaves which is where this guy in Berlin came from and where he goes back to hide. 

He’s probably running around free as a bird in one of these enclaves where people are afraid to go.  Belgium has them, Paris has them, Germany has them.  So Trump talks about his Muslim ban, and what does Obama do?  Obama gets rid of the visitor registry.  The Regime has abolished the national registry program created to track visitors from countries with active terror groups.  This is Obama. 

Remember, now, we just had Moochelle (My Belle) Obama on with The Oprah talking about how they’re gonna be so cooperative. They’re gonna be so helpful to the incoming President Trump, unlike the way they’ve been treated.  Oh, yes, unlike the way the Obamas have been treated.  The Obamas have been treated very mean, unfair, and unjust.  But they’re not gonna do that.  They’re bigger people.  They’re gonna be above it so they’re gonna let Trump come in and offer all the assistance they can.

And they’re trying to undermine Trump. Here come these executive orders in perpetuity about no gas drilling, no oil drilling here or there, and now here’s Obama getting rid of the visitor registry?  I don’t know how many terrorists actually sign up on this registry.  I mean, I don’t know how big a deal this is.  You know, Ali Sahib Skyhook shows up from Syria, signs it in, occupation:  Terrorist-in-waiting.  I don’t think it happens that way.  But still, you know, it’s Obama throwing down the gauntlet to Trump, while we’re being told by the Drive-Bys that there’s massive cooperation, the Obamas are big people, great people, way above this pettiness that greeted the Obamas when they arrived in the White House.  

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