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RUSH: The Democrats now are admitting privately amongst themselves, they are admitting that they lost. Biden is out with a couple of doses of honesty that are going to be really challenging for his buds in the Democrat Party.  Joe Biden in one story here says that he doesn’t think Hillary knew why she was running for president.

“Vice President Biden believes Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election in part because she never figured why she was running for the nation’s highest office. ‘I don’t think she ever really figured it out,’ Biden told the Los Angeles Times in an interview published Thursday. ‘And by the way, I think it was really hard for her to decide to run.'”

If you’re confused by this, just hang in.  I’m gonna close the loop here and make it all make sense for you.  There’s nobody better at translating these people than I am, so just be patient.

“As evidence, the vice president pointed to similar concerns raised privately by Clinton allies in hacked emails that were published by Wikileaks.”  So Biden says if you go to the WikiLeaks Podesta emails you’ll find it’s clear as a bell in there that Hillary didn’t really know why she was running.  But he said it was unfair to only blame her for her loss. “He said Clinton saw a noble purpose in her campaign, feeling an obligation to help pave the way for women in politics just as President Obama did for black people.”

You know what?  May I make a brief departure, an observation here?  I hate to say it, but I don’t think Obama has advanced that cause, to tell you the truth.  It’s a shame, too.  I just don’t think Obama has advanced. And Hillary was not running to be the first female.  I mean, that was the trophy aspect.  That’s not why she wanted to do this, and she did want to do this.  She wanted it so bad she could taste it.  She knew exactly why she was running.  She just couldn’t tell anybody, ’cause it has nothing to do with helping other people. It has nothing to do with making the country better.

There were two reasons she ran:  her ego and her sense of entitlement that it was owed to her.  And the second thing is, look at all the money that she had raised from all of these foreign governments and foreign donors.  She had an obligation to pay that money back vis-a-vis policy considerations if she was president.  She knew exactly why she was running.  Now, they’re trying to take the pressure off her here.  That’s what Biden’s trying. (imitating Biden) “Well, you know, she really never knew why.  It was just expected of her.  You know, she was Bill’s wife, and she’d been first lady all those years, she’d been senator, and she was looked to to break the grass ceiling.  She had so much pressure.  But it was all other people’s reasons for her to do it, not her own,” is what Biden is saying, and that’s just total BS.

She wanted this so bad she could taste it.  She wanted it so bad in 2008 she could taste it.  She wanted it so bad in 2008 and it was denied, she wanted it even more in 2016, she could taste it.  She wanted it so bad she could smell it.  She wanted it so bad she was doing anything she could. She was paying people to disrupt Trump rallies.  Her campaign — it’s in The Politico now — her campaign was intimately aware of the effort to screw with the Electoral College.  It’s right there in The Politico today.

Politico says they didn’t start it, but once it got going, they kept track of it, and they offered advice here and there.  The burden on Hillary, ’cause there was a lack of ability to understand why she wasn’t reaping the fruit of what she felt she’d been entitled to for decades.  That’s what I think.  She felt entitled, she felt owed, she felt it was hers, that she had earned it by virtue of her loyalty to her husband and the party.  And she wanted it for the power and she wanted it for her ideological — this idea that she didn’t know why she was running, don’t fall for this, folks.

They’re trying to offer excuses.  What they’re trying to say with that, what Biden’s trying to say, “Well, you know, she didn’t really have the passion.  If she really had the passion it would be a whole different campaign.”  He’s trying to explain why did she didn’t go to Wisconsin, why she didn’t go to any blue wall states.  “Well, you know, she didn’t really ever figure out why.”

But Biden wasn’t through.  After he talked about the that, then he ripped into the Democrat Party’s elitism and started faulting them for failing to reach out the worker class.  Anyway, Hillary Clinton is not the leader of the movement right now.  That’s the one thing, most presidential candidates, failed ones even, for a time inherit that mantel of leader of the opposition.  But it isn’t her.  She’s not the leader of any movement.  The Obama team is making that clear, and that’s what Biden’s being sent out here to do.

Biden is on the Obama team and he’s going out there and he’s trashing her.  That’s what he’s doing, and he’s clearing the decks so that Obama is known and understood to be by everybody the real leader of the resistance. The dissidents.  And now they’ve got a nuclear arms race.

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