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“People tell me how much this program’s meant to them but man, it pales in comparison to how much you have meant and do mean to me and all of us here, the overrated staff and my family. So thank you again. At Christmastime, you have great nostalgic memories of things. I hope yours are great. I hope it’s a wonderful weekend for you. I’ll see you back next year.”

“I am able to bring to you a unique perspective not found in most media, certainly not the Drive-By Media, anywhere where the practitioners of the art are under 35, maybe 40. And what I’m talking about is the new onset of panic over what appears to be a desired nuclear arms race by Donald Trump. I am watching the history of the eighties begin to repeat itself. Those of you that were not old enough in the eighties when Reagan was president, or for those of you not yet born, do not doubt me.”

“You know, folks, I’ve always said that I wanted to get older. I have always been of the opinion that no matter how old I was that people older than I was had more freedom, had more success, were thus enjoying life more. And it’s true.”

“Folks, the Drive-Bys are ticked off that Trump in a 140-character tweet can literally overwhelm and erase whatever they’re doing in 750 to a thousand words or however many they vomit on TV.” 

“Hillary knew exactly why she was running. She just couldn’t tell anybody, ’cause it has nothing to do with helping other people. It has nothing to do with making the country better.”

“Biden is on the Obama team and he’s going out there and he’s trashing Hillary. That’s what he’s doing, and he’s clearing the decks so that Obama is known and understood to be by everybody the real leader of the resistance. The dissidents.” 

“Has the media once, have they once been concerned about a nuclear arms race with Iran? They’ve not, have they? I mean, the president of the United States has actually negotiated a deal that permits the state sponsor of terrorism, largest state sponsor of terrorism acknowledged by everybody in the world, Iran, to ramp up and get nuclear weapons.”

“I’m so glad I didn’t take this week off. I can’t tell you.”   

“Putin has blinked in response to what Trump said about, ‘Let’s have an arms race’ because Putin knows they lost the last one. They can’t keep up with us.”

“What the media has forgotten is that they had nothing to do with making Trump popular, so they can’t destroy him. The media can only break you if they make you, and the media has not made Donald Trump. It’s quite the opposite.”

“We were downsizing under the premise that our nuclear arsenal is what destabilizes the world because in Obama and the left’s view, it’s the United States which threatens all these other nations ’cause we’re so big and ’cause we’re a superpower, because we threaten them, the world is a different place. He’s gonna downsize and make us less of a threat.”    

 “Hillary Clinton ran because of her ego and her sense of entitlement that it was owed to her. And look at all the money that she had raised from all of these foreign governments and foreign donors. She had an obligation to pay that money back vis-a-vis policy considerations if she was president.”

“The last nuclear arms race is why the Berlin Wall fell. The last nuclear arms race is why the Soviet Union imploded. The Soviet Union as a communist citadel imploded. And it was the nuclear arms race that did it because they couldn’t keep up.” 

“The left, it’s knee-jerk. They hear nuclear, first stages of panic, and they start thinking they’re gonna be burnt to a crisp.”

“Here comes Spicer, the new White House press secretary, and he says that Trump is gonna hold the media accountable and he’s going to correct the record. So they are like everyone else on the left, they really don’t know what’s coming their way. They’re starting to get an idea of it. They don’t like it. They still think they’re dealing with an idiot. They still think they’re dealing with a boob. They think they’re dealing with a dimwit that doesn’t know what he’s doing and they’re eventually gonna be able to outsmart him, and he is outsmarting them I can’t count how many times a day. He’s running rings around them.”

“The media thinks with Obama involved everybody’s gonna be fine. Everybody loves us. The nukes respect Obama, the Iranians respect Obama, and so even if they get nukes, ’cause there’s so much respect for Obama they would never launch an attack. It’s stupid!” 

“I thought Trump could win, and I said, I wouldn’t be surprised if he wins in a landslide, and the reason for this is because of my experience with you. I had seen it all before. I had seen the kind of connection that Trump’s supporters have with him because you have it with me and I have it with you.”

“Thank you again, folks. Thank you ever, ever so much, from the bottom of my heart. And I look forward, really do, to being back here very soon.”

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