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Shocker: Berlin Terrorist Spotted at Mosque

RUSH: Tunisian terrorist Anis Amri, who ran the truck into the Christian market, was seen at a Berlin mosque on two occasions during the week before his attack on the Christmas market and then some eight hours after fleeing the scene of the truck attack at about 3:30 in the morning he was seen at the same mosque on closed-circuit video.  And then the guy was seen at other mosques, but they tell us that this terrorism is not about religion.  No, no, no, no, no, they say, it’s not about religion.  It’s just that Christians are being attacked by militant Islamists.  But it’s not about religion.  

Yeah, right.  The guy is spotted at mosques beforehand, in the planning stage, and then back at the same mosque to take a celebrated high five after the attack, but it’s not about religion.  Fictional radical Islamic terrorists, not about religion. It is indeed about religion, as Trump continues to point out.  

Bill Gates: 3 Skills Future Jobseekers Need

RUSH: Bill Gates, U.K. Independent, revealed the three skills that he believes will make somebody successful in the future job market and based on the data that he’s collected.  He said people with three backgrounds will be the most in-demand in the coming years.  Here are the three areas, the three backgrounds, the three areas of expertise that people will need if they are to be successful in the future job market. 

Number one, the sciences.  And what Gates means by that, climate science.  The next area that you will need in the future to get a good job is engineering, engineering as it relates to climate science.  And then economics.  And economics means dealing with the collapse of economies from climate change.  I’m making the climate change stuff up, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a factor in his thinking ’cause they think climate change is everything. 

Those are the three fields that Gates believes you’re gonna have to be proficient in, one of these three, or you’re gonna be out.  And again they are: sciences, engineering, and economics.  

My iPhone Battery Life Has Never Been Better

RUSH:  Okay.  Here’s my other phone.  This is this is my AT&T iPhone 7 Plus, and let me look at the battery settings on this.  Just to give you an idea.  Okay.  It’s still at a hundred percent.  I charged it four hours and 12 minutes ago, and it’s showing 40 minutes of usage.  So four hours and 12 minutes ago, I pull it out of the charger, fully charged, still at 100 percent with 40 minutes of usage. 

I just read on one of the blogs that people with iOS 10.2 are complaining about battery life.  It’s never been better.  For me, anyway.  I read some of this stuff — the media, I don’t care where they are or who they are, they’re anti-corporate, they’re anti-conservative, they’re anti-progress and success it just boggles the mind.  

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