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RUSH: I was watching the rioting out there, getting the last mental images before returning to the program.

I ran across something yesterday. I mentioned this near the beginning of the program, and I said I was gonna get to it before the program ended, and I’m gonna do it. I’m not trying to put a damper on things. But you know me: Mayor of Realville. I’m rooted deep in reality. And I don’t like to mislead myself. I don’t like to tell myself things are 100% rosy when they are not, but I’m not a negativist, either. I am not a pessimist. I’m an optimist. But I like to know what we’re up against. And I ran across a really lengthy piece at Commentary.

It’s a website, and it was long ago edited (no longer) by Norman Podhoretz, a genuine and tremendous, tremendously smart person. I got to know him concurrently with my friendship developing with William F. Buckley Jr. He had nothing to do with the piece; I’m just telling you who Commentary is. And the title of the piece is, “Will There Be an Internal the Revolt Against Trump?” It’s written by man named Tevi Troy, T-r-o-y, Tevi, T-e-v-i, Tevi Troy. And basically it is a story about “the fourth branch of government” that has just evolved since the country was founded.

It is unelected and cannot be removed, at least by elections. You can’t vote these people out of office. And it is the bureaucracy. Now, you know the nature of bureaucracies. They exist for one reason: To exist. And the things they do are designed to prolong their existence. And part and parcel of prolonging their existence is never really solving anything. That aspect is true of some organizations that are not even bureaucracies. Some will tell you that the State Department, for example, is populated with people that really don’t want there to be a solution in the Israeli-Palestine conflict because then there wouldn’t be any need for “experts.”

There are people tell you that the Reverend Jackson and Sharpton don’t ever really want a solution to the racial divide because if there ever really was a solution, there’d be no need for them. And I think that’s what John Lewis and Jesse Jackson, all these people, worry about. I think they’re really worried Trump’s gonna be successful and there won’t be a need for them. If Trump’s ideas work, do you realize what’s at stake here? If the ideas Trump has, if his agenda actually works, do you realize how much of official Washington will have just been put on notice?

They’ve been telling us only they are equipped to deal with these complicated, complex problems, and they’ve been telling us for as long as we have been alive. And they tell us we need degrees of expertise and experience. “You can’t just walk in off the street and do what we do and solve these problems.” Fact is, the problems never get solved. Now, who is the bureaucracy? We have talked about this before. Look at the IRS is a bureaucracy. Every cabinet department is a bureaucracy. And there are people in all of these bureaucracies who are appointed. Some of them they’re called career appointees.

Some of them are political appointees, which means they leave as presidents leave, and presidents repopulate. But there are permanent positions in all of these bureaucracies. And because of the nature of things, the left has populated these bureaucracies year after year after year after year with people who cannot be removed. So the Democrats indeed lost the election. They don’t have a way of stopping Trump in the House or the Senate unless the Republicans turn tail. But in straight party-line votes, the Democrats can’t stop anything.

And since Dingy Harry nuked the filibuster, they don’t even have that as a weapon. And, by the way, that’s gonna become a strategic thing as to which Supreme Court nominee Trump nominates first. For example, if you want to blow up the filibuster, you nominate somebody the Democrats are gonna trigger it right off the bat with. You want the Democrats… You want them shooting everything they’ve got trying to destroy the first nominee you throw up there. The theory given that you’re gonna get your nominee in and they’re gonna blow everything they’ve got trying to it stop him and therefore after that your nominees are gonna sail through.

So when that all happens, I’ll explain it to you.

Point is, there are people, as we sit here today, in these bureaucracies. They’re everywhere: EPA, FDA, the Department of Energy, the Department of Education. They’re everywhere, and they are — many of them are — these insane, lunatic leftists that nobody can kick out, that nobody can remove. And that’s what Mr. Troy’s story is about: “Will There Be An Internal Revolt Against Trump?” Reagan talked about this ever-growing bureaucracy on a number of occasions. It’s just something to keep in mind, because it means that it isn’t going to be a cakewalk just because the Democrats got shellacked and don’t have numbers to stop Trump.

You know, you’re fully aware of all of these regulations that these bureaucracies release. The EPA just releases tons of them, Fish and Game, all these bureaucrats come up with new regulations out of the woodwork, out of the blue that you have to abide by, that they haven’t come from Congress. They’re not part of laws. And I guarantee you they are uber-partisan, and they are insane just like all these other leftists are. So just keep a sharp eye. There will be a way of dealing with ’em, don’t misunderstand. But you can’t get rid of ’em.

And they’re there.

And the reason that the majority of them are liberal Democrats, is because for liberal Democrats, government is their birthright. Government is what they shoot for. Government is what they aspire to: Running it, controlling it, using it. We Republicans, conservatives, our idea of government is, “Get it out of the way.” Their idea of government is using it against people, using it to advance their agenda against the popular will. That’s why they want government. That’s why they want to control it. That’s why they want to be in charge of it is to be able to use it despite public opposition to them.

Here is Kevin in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. I’m glad you waited, sir. You’re next. Great to have you with us. Hi.

CALLER: Oh, great. Thank you, Rush, for taking my call. Pre-loser update dittos for you.

RUSH: Thank you. Very good, thank you.

CALLER: I’ve been working with union nuclear people here for 20 years, and I’ve never seen anything like this summer with everybody — male, female, young and old — they fully believe in Trump. Hands down, no discussions. They have a hundred percent, and I don’t think those Democrats up there on that dais today on the capitol have a clue. Not one clue.

RUSH: I think they have a hint. Don’t forget, now, Kevin, the Democrats — and we can trace this back to a column that was published in the New York Times written by Thomas B. Edsall, who used to work at the Washington Post and became a Obama campaign character. They actively, strategically, purposefully began to throw away the white working class vote as something they wanted to pursue as part of their winning coalition. They had decided that there was a greater opportunity for victory by coalescing all of these oddball minority groups, and they cast aside what used to be their base: The little guy, the white working class, which includes many union people. And I can understand your surprise because these people have traditionally been Democrat no matter what, right?

CALLER: Yes! Yes! Their parents, grandparents, everybody. The families.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: That feeds them. It clothes them. Their whole lives it was like that.

RUSH: Right. The water was Democrat. The air was Democrat. Everything was Democrat. And all of a sudden —

CALLER: It’s gone.

RUSH: Because the Democrats abandoned them. This is the great thing: The Democrats became the party of the rich and the party of the oddball cooks. The party of the rich, the bankers, the Wall Street types, Hollywood, Silicon Valley elites, and the party of the fringe lunatic wackos out there. And that’s the Democrat Party base. They threw it away! It’s fascinating that that happened during the Obama administration. It wasn’t by accident that it happened.

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