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RUSH: Hey, get this story. Headline: “Prominent Putin Critic Hospitalized After Sudden Organ Failure.” Hmm. What’s this? “One of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s fiercest critics is in the hospital after suffering sudden organ failure, the BBC reports. Opposition activist and journalist Vladimir Kara-Murza is on life support in a medically induced coma, his wife said. She said the ‘clinical picture’ was identical to that of an incident in 2015, when Kara-Murza almost died from sudden kidney failure.”

So a Russian journalist, who is one of Putin’s loudest critics, is in a medically introduced coma, on life support, after suffering sudden organ failure for the second time in two years. Can you imagine what the Drive-Bys will say? Imagine the fake news editors at this moment. This story’s just cleared the wire. Imagine you’re an editor at CNN and you see this the same as I’m seeing it. What do you think their take on this is?

“Oh, wow! Putin killed another opposition journalist?” And they’re thinking, “How long’s it gonna be before Trump does this? Oh, my God, which of us is gonna end up in the hospital with organ failure? Which one of us is Trump gonna target?” Because they think, obviously… You could tell the way this is written that the Drive-Bys think that Putin gave the guy polonium-210! (chuckling) Oh, man.


RUSH: Hey, did you all hear this news, it’s almost being covered up by the Drive-By Media. Have you heard the news that the Hillary Clinton campaign is blaming Obama for her defeat? You haven’t heard that? Oh, yeah. The root of it is the Hillary campaign thinks Obama is largely to blame for not — (laughing) I can’t believe they’re doing this, but it’s true — for not doing enough on Russian hacking. Right there it is, Charlie Rose mentioned it today on CBS This Morning, said, “You have reports, for example, that the Hillary campaign thought it began with President Obama not doing enough in terms of the Russian hacking.”

It’s from this new website Axios, Jim VandeHei, the people that created Politico are off to their new venture here, news like nothing has ever been done before, some such thing. Axios is the name of the website.

Look, if Obama is responsible — and I don’t know why these people — Hillary lost because she was the candidate. It isn’t any more complicated than that. She was a lousy candidate. People rejected Hillary Clinton in 2008, they did it again this year. But if they to want lay this off on Obama, the way to do it would not be to blame him for the Russian hacking and not doing enough there. The way to do it would be to blame him for making the campaign about him.

If I’m the Hillary campaign and I really think Obama’s to blame, I’d go out there and say, “Every time he woke up and made a campaign appearance, it was about continuing his agenda, it was about reelecting him, it was about how we needed to elect Hillary to make sure that he stayed alive. What the hell was that?” That’s what I would say if I were the Clinton campaign. But they’re so fixated on the Russian hack that they can’t get past it.

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