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In early January, before Trump was inaugurated, a few dozen protesters stood in the snow across from Chuck Schumer’s Brooklyn apartment. They chanted: “We’re here, we’re pissed, so Dems, resist.”

The ringleader was a guy named Tim Murphy. He said, “This is the time for Democrats to obstruct the way the Republicans have. We need a Tea Party of the left.” Murphy said the Democrats better not help Trump get “one crumb of success.” Schumer assured the protesters that wouldn’t happen. He said, “Watch what we do.”

Well, they’ve been watching, and they don’t like what they’ve seen.

This week, thousands of protesters made their way back to Schumer’s apartment. They’re even more ticked off than they were because Schumer just voted for three of Trump’s nominees. They accuse Schumer of being too willing to play ball with the president. They chanted: “What the [F-word], Chuck?” – and “Show some spine, Schumer.”

These hardcore progressives are the ultimate sore losers. They want total resistance to Trump and they’re not going to shut up until they get it.

Schumer used to mock Republicans for paying too much attention to the Tea Party. He accused the Tea Party of being too uncompromising.

Now he’s got a so-called Tea Party of the left, and his Tea-partiers are telling their main man Chuck You: “Hey Chuck, Chuck You!”  The irony is delicious, isn’t it? The left is not used to dealing with this kind of stuff, folks.

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